How to learn to weave a spikelet


"Spit with a fist" - this is how in ancient times described thick and healthy hair. Today, not many can boast such a head of hair. And, nevertheless, long and beautiful female hair is an essential attribute of girlish beauty and undoubtedly, one of the favorite male fetishes.

Such things as weaving of spikelets or French braids can be learned at a very early age. Surely all of you, as schoolgirls at recess, made each other hair. Pigtail - a very common way to remove hair. So, if you know how to weave a pigtail, then you also have a spike, no doubt. This is because the spikelet is simply a longer braid that starts from the top of the crown itself. Today, a simple pigtail or a spikelet cannot be surprised by the jaded beauties, give them a few spikelets, and even figure braided on his head. And all this, if desired, can be realized. Perhaps, for this you will need outside help, because you will not make complex spikelets on your own. BUT a simple spike at home can be built by any girl herself.

How to learn to weave a spikelet?

Rules weaving classic spikelet

  1. To begin, sprinkle your hair with water, just a little bit, so that they are more docile. Just do not need to water them heavily with water, it will only ruin your future spikelet.
  2. Gather the hair from the front of the head, as well as from the top and sides.
  3. Divide all hair into three equal parts. Start weaving a spike as high as possible.
  4. Spikelet weaves, as already mentioned in the same pattern as the braid. First you need to start weaving a simple braid.
  5. The next movement is to add an additional side strand to the right strand, holding the rest.
  6. Now the thickest right strand is interlaced with the middle one. Then we repeat everything with the left side. And we do this until there is 10 centimeters left until the end so that you can secure your cone with a rubber band or a ribbon. By the way, the ribbon is woven into the hair is also quite simple. All that needs to be done is to weave a ribbon with the right or left.

How to learn to weave a spikelet?How to learn to weave a spikelet?

Variants of weaving spikelet

  • The spikelet, which is native to girls with long hair, can be quite unusual and extremely attractive if you experiment a bit. This, of course, you will succeed only when you learn to weave a regular spikelet. And, as practice shows, it is not difficult at all. There are many more options for how to make a spikelet unusual.
  • The most common option will be with two spikelets. They can be put into "free swimming", can be put together at the end, decorated with a ribbon or a beautiful barrette. Two spikelets trudge according to the simple scheme described above. You just have to use your sense of composition and evenly divide the hair, and there it’s already a small matter.
  • You can also try to weave these two spikelets, the option of combining may appeal to many girls who have never worn such a hairstyle. It looks very nice and neat at the same time. To turn the "spikelet merge", just braid two spikelets on the sides of the head, and weave them either into a braid or into the same spikelet.
  • Now, when you can already do quite a lot in the area of ​​"weaving", do whatever you want with your spikelets. Remember Yulia Tymoshenko, try to braid a spikelet, like hers, if it suits you. Yes, even if it does not work, you will be able to weave your girlfriends or mother, make your relatives and friends beautiful - also great happiness.

How to learn to weave a spikelet?

How else can you braid a spikelet? You know the algorithm, but how you decide to place a spike on your head is all your imagination. There are various patterns that are obtained from spikelets.

Figures from spikelets

  1. You can braid yourself three spikelets, if the hair is enough. It looks amazing.
  2. There is another beautiful option. It is more complicated than all previous ones, but much more spectacular. You will need to braid about 6 microcollets from the very beginning of the head, and then collect them in small rosettes of hair. One rosette should consist of two spikelets. Thus, you should have three roses and six spikelets on your head.
  3. You can begin to weave spikelets not from the zone of the bang, but from the middle of the head. You can get a very beautiful hairstyle, especially the top view. The remaining hair is woven around the perimeter of the head, you can weave a ribbon that will make you even more attractive.

All complex cases only seem complicated. All you need to do is to find yourself a model with which you will weave all sorts of ears or become it yourself. No matter what picture of the spikelet will be on your head, the most important thing is that it always looks neat. And, as you know, a good haircut attracts attention in the first place.