How to learn to walk beautifully

You can often see such a picture on the streets - a beautiful, well-groomed girl with impeccable makeup and styling goes, but you should look at her walk, as all her virtues are lost against the background of this big minus. A beautiful walk is a true art that any woman should own., if she cares about the impression she makes on others. The gait is also a powerful tool in the conquest of men: it is worth a girl to effectively go near the man he liked and she definitely will not be ignored.

Ugly gait: walking errors

In order to learn how to walk, you need not only to memorize a model walk, but also to figure out what are the main mistakes when walking.

  • Stoop or hunchback, so called this unpleasant phenomenon. The stoop is of two kinds, when a woman lowers her shoulders and her figure resembles a bent hook, because of which she can even visually decrease in height, and the most beautiful figure will not look if a woman slouches. And the second type of stoop is when a woman tilts her head too much while walking and her gait looks like that of a goose.
  • Bouncing steps. A woman with such a gait will immediately notice in the crowd. Her body bounces as if on hinges, and if she is still wearing heels, then this generally turns into a ridiculous sight.
  • Shuffling or mincing steps. Look closely at your shoes, if the shoes are periodically broken taps, it means that you do not fully lift your legs, and maybe even drag them like the elderly. How to fix it? Very simple - lift your foot above the ground completely, and do not cling it to the pavement. A seeding gait also doesn’t paint a woman, it can be corrected if you make sure that the steps are more leisurely and smooth, and it is desirable to raise the leg from the hip so that the steps are normal length.
  • Deerfoot is another common mistake when walking. It looks like a woman's legs are slightly tucked inside or out. It is very easy to check, if you are kosolapit, then your shoes will be erased either from the inside or outside, but uneven. Sometimes this is caused by the deformity of the foot, in which case you should consult a specialist to prescribe treatment.
  • Wide swinging hands can spoil the impression of even the most beautiful gait. To discipline yourself while walking, put your hand in your pocket or purse, and the second hand will take the position of the second by itself.

  • Feet may be buckled due to inept wearing of high heels. And if we also add to this the unnaturally protruded buttocks, the body too far in front, the spectacle turns out to be rather strange and frightening. This gait can be obtained if a girl rises abruptly from small to very high heels or has never worn heels at all and then decided to wear them. This may be due to weak leg muscles. How to deal with it? Start small. First, put on low, steady heels, and then, having learned to confidently walk on them, you can move on to higher heels.
  • Ottopyrenny belly - even owners of a slender waist can stick out a belly when walking, that it will look rather ugly. Type air in the chest, pull in the tummy, but at the same time try not to protrude the buttocks. At first it may be a little familiar, but after a while you will even stop noticing such a position.

Secrets of the perfect beautiful gait

To learn to walk beautifully, it is not necessary to follow an example from professional fashion models, because the podium is one thing, and everyday life is quite another.Proper walking is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, it is also taking care of your body. The disadvantages of gait have already been described, and now you can talk about how to achieve a perfect gait and safely demonstrate it.

  • Stand in front of the mirror and critically examine your posture, you can even stand with your back to the wall, with perfect posture your heels, buttocks, shoulders and neck should touch the wall. If you have noticed minor flaws in your posture, then it's time to take up your cultivation.
  • A very good way came to us from the East. The women there wore jugs of water on their heads and therefore always had a graceful gait and excellent posture. You can replace the jug with a book of medium thickness and walk around with it for about 10 minutes in the apartment. Your task is to maintain balance, and gradually you will get used to exactly this position while walking.

  • It is also important not to strain while still controlling your posture, try to get the feeling that this is your usual natural posture. When the body is tense it immediately affects the posture, and the gait depends on the posture and from the side it looks as if a stick is nailed behind for even posture.
  • Do not forget that during walking, the first leg is fed first and then the whole body. If everything is done in the opposite direction, then the walk is obtained with jerks, and in fact a beautiful walk is distinguished by smoothness and grace. Ideally, one step equals the length of your foot without a shoe.

How to learn to walk beautifully: away complexes

If you watch the girls passing through the streets, you will notice that sometimes a beauty will pass by externally, but with a bowed head and a hunched back, and behind it will be followed by a not so spectacular girl externally, but with an open gaze. Who do you think will attract more attention? Of course the second girl, because she is confident in herself, unlike the first lady.

So youto learn to walk beautifully, one should develop inner confidence. Well helps to imagine yourself in the role of the representative of the cat family, watch these animals, so they know exactly how beautiful it is to walk. Try to walk, not thinking much about the correctness of your gait, but at the same time feel your body as much as possible, enjoy every step you take.

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Successful and ambitious girls will never neglect such important elements in creating their image as a walk and will make every effort to learn to walk beautifully!

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