How to learn to draw arrows on the eyes


Arrows as an element of makeup have been around for quite some time, and they begin their countdown from Ancient Egypt. There, the oriental beauties carried out even lines in front of their eyes, but they did it not for beauty, the arrows had an exclusively religious character. In ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred creatures and the arrows imitated the cat's eye slit. At first, the arrows were drawn not at all in black, but in turquoise. This color was obtained by mixing lead ore and green copper. And only after a large amount of time black became the classic color of arrows.

Black arrows quickly gained their popularity among fashionistas. The peak of their fame falls on the period of retro films with Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn and to this day, the girls are trying to repeat their make-up with arrows. In this dexterous paparazzi, it was noticed that in many respects the secret of the beauty of these actresses was associated with the arrows - they drew attention to the eyes, hid traces of wrinkles and gave the actresses a special charm. Marilyn Monroe, for example, said in her interviews that she had never left her home without drawn arrows. The shooters were also popular in the Soviet cinema, only the image of a girl seductress from "The Diamond Hand" is worth something.

How to learn to draw arrows in the eyes?

The shooters are now very common makeup, the young ladies are trying to repeat it themselves or go for help to the stylist. It is not difficult to draw them, the main thing is to get a hand and know some tricks.

How to draw arrows?

In order to learn how to draw arrows on the eyes, one should know what means can be used for this.

  • If you need bright expressive arrows, then you need a liquid eyeliner. It is sold in cosmetics stores in bottles with a thin brush or in the form of markers. Its disadvantage is a thin line and fast drying, so for beginners it is better to start drawing arrows with something else.
  • Considerable experience is required when using a compact liner. Such an eyeliner is a powder-like product, which is applied to the eyes with a slightly damp brush. Compact eyeliner leaves bright, but not so defiant arrows, unlike liquid eyeliner.
  • The liners are cream and gel textures and are much easier to apply, the brush slides smoothly over the eyelid line and the arrows are even and clear, and it is much easier to correct them. When applying this liner fit a flat synthetic brush with a rough edge.
  • For beginners in drawing arrows perfect eyeliner. This is the hardest and most sustainable means. The pencil is not smeared and in case of unsuccessful application it is easy to correct. A more solid pencil is suitable for shooters, but kaial pencil is too soft and it is better not to use it for shooters.

How to learn to draw arrows in the eyes?How to learn to draw arrows in the eyes?

The color of the liner is now allowed any, if it is, of course, in harmony with your clothes and makeup. Just do not forget that color eyeliner should not be darker than the carcass.

How to draw arrows on eyes?

Beginners better start learning to draw arrows in front of a pencil. Pencil gives more possibilities in the variations of makeup, they can draw clear arrows or opposite them to shade. You can immediately use a pencil and liner, with a pencil you outline the outline of the future arrow, and only then with a liquid eyeliner you will give the arrows a brighter and more spectacular appearance.

Pencil before make-up should be well sharpened, start to lead the arrow from the inner corner of the eye, and you can draw an arrow in two steps from the middle of the eyelid line to the outer edge, and then from the inner angle to the middle. This technique will facilitate the makeup of shooters for beginners and visually open their eyes. If the line you have turned out fuzzy and smeared, then it can be removed with a cotton swab with a cleansing cream. Only cream is better to take with a non-greasy base, since the high content of oil in the cream may moisturize the skin too much, and the repeated arrow will be smeared.

How to learn to draw arrows in the eyes?

How to learn to draw arrows in the eyes?How to learn to draw arrows in the eyes?

Liquid eyeliner is more difficult to apply, but also more effective. Before applying such an eyeliner, cover the eyelid with powder or matte shadows so that the eyeliner lays more evenly. Hold the brush a little on its side and do not press it strongly against the skin; eyelashes should be painted after using the eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner should be applied in two stages, first draw a line from the inner corner to the middle of the century, then bring the arrow to the end of the eyelid line. Give the eyeliner about twenty seconds to dry - do not touch the eyes and do not actively blink. To lay the lower eyelids liquid eyeliner is usually not used, since it will look too defiant.

Secrets of drawing arrows

There are no strict limitations in drawing arrows; they can be made thin or thick, pale or intense. Arrows can adjust the non-ideal shape of the eyes:

  • Owners of small eyes can use a light-colored eyeliner, drawing a line along the upper eyelid line.
  • For round eyes, use a dark pencil and draw lines along the upper and lower eyelids, and then feather the outline of the eyeliner.
  • For girls with close-set eyes, in order to broaden the view, a line should be drawn 1/3 of a century closer to the inner corner of the eye; the same line can be drawn along the lower eyelid.
  • With convex and wide-set eyes, the line is conducted along the whole eyelid line.

Rules of drawing arrows on the eyes

  • There are some simple rule for drawing beautiful arrows: line arrows gently thicken from the beginning of the line to the outer corner of the eye. If you fail the lower eyelid, then the line should be weaker than in the upper eyelid.

How to learn to draw arrows in the eyes?How to learn to draw arrows in the eyes?

  • To learn how to draw beautiful arrows in front of your eyes, you need your hand to not shake and keep confident. To do this, put a mirror on the table and rest your elbow on the table. Also, when applying the arrows slightly stretch the skin of the eyelids so that the eyeliner does not slide.
  • Draw the arrows closest to the lash line to prevent open space between the lashes and the arrow. Point the arrow at the end of the line up slightly.
  • The arrows usually paint after the shadows are applied, and after the arrows a layer of ink is applied.

Arrows fit any woman. With a few hand movements you can make a fatal lady from a modest woman, and from a serious person a flirty fashionista. Experiment and you will definitely find the perfect arrows for yourself!