How to lay a bang on one side


We decided to update your hairstyle? Just want a change here and now? Or maybe tired of wearing a bang and you decided to let her go, and now you are in doubt, what to do with it while it grows? The most acceptable and most winning option - side to side It fits almost everyone. If you want to experiment with a hairstyle, you can safely choose a form of bangs so that it can be combed to the side. This is more convenient in terms of styling, and will have a positive effect on appearance. Growing model bangs will also save this method of laying.

Choose a tool for laying bangs to the side

The modeling spray is the best fit - this is a universal remedy. Good helpers will also be styling foam, gel, light cream: who you like, depending on hair type and season. For very naughty or curly hair suitable clay for styling. This tool is quite strong fixation and, unlike wax or cream, does not give the hair fat and the effect of "hanging icicles".

Unfortunately, there are no strict rules about the correct choice of laying means for each of us separately. Therefore, it is often necessary to try a lot of different foams, gels, creams and other things in order to find one’s own that is suitable especially for you. But let's not get upset! We have guidelines for the right choice! So we know that hair, rapidly becoming greasy, are contraindicated in creams and similar emulsions for styling. But for dry hair type cream is the best choice.

Undoubtedly For all types of hair, it is best to start the search with the most light-textured products. Due to this, the hair will retain its purity, natural look and shine much longer. On the bang enough to put a drop of money. In this case, it is better not to abuse.

Laying the bangs to the side: the secrets of success

When we applied styling products to clean damp hair, we can proceed to the styling itself. Hair dryer, hairbrush, hair dryer, ironing - who loves what more. Fortunately, this is not fundamental.

  1. If you decide to stack your bangs with a hair dryer, then direct the air stream from top to bottom.
  2. To add volume to hair, in the process of laying, raise the bang with your hand and dry the hair at the roots, but already directing the flow of air from the bottom up.
  3. To form a hairstyle, you can comb or hands to give the appearance of a slightly mischievous look.
  4. At the end of the styling, do not forget to blow the hair with a hair dryer in cold air mode. This will give the hairstyle additional fixation.
  5. Regardless of the styling tools, there is excellent advice for those who do not want a laid bang to crumble during the day. You just need to sprinkle it with varnish and lightly touching, smooth with a brush.

It should be noted that the long bangs "hide" the face along with its shortcomings. The short one, on the contrary, will open and attract the views of others to your lips. So, if you choose a short one, you need to remember the perfect appearance of the lips.

There is nothing difficult in laying bangs on one side. Everything is done fairly quickly. And this is a big plus not only for those who do not have enough time for themselves. The season of scorching heat comes, when there is absolutely no desire in the forty-degree heat even to stand for half an hour every day under the hot air emanating from a hairdryer.

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Bangs quite firmly occupy their place among the fashion trends and, as is known, are not going to leave it. So experiment and implement your wildest fantasies, especially since it does not make a lot of work!