How to iron a leather jacket


When the autumn cold weather comes on the street or vice versa - the early spring thaw, many begin to take out leather jackets from the cabinets. Such clothes are very practical, because the skin does not go out of fashion, and creating a winning image with this wardrobe detail is easy! The only unpleasant surprise can be folds on a leather jacket.

For smoothing outerwear there are several methods:

How to iron a leather jacket?

  1. The easiest way is to simply hang the jacket on the hanger and leave it like this for a few days. If the skin is thin, it will be enough for 1-2 days, and if it is thicker - 3-4. In order to shorten the hanging time of clothes, you need to hang it in the bathroom and take a full bath of hot water. Under the influence of steam, the skin smoothes out within a few hours, it will only need to be regularly wiped with a dry, clean cloth to prevent moisture from accumulating. This material does not like long contact with liquid;
  2. In order to smooth the leather jacket, you can apply the method that is practiced by sellers of leather products. To give the goods crumpled after transportation a neat appearance, they use steamers. If you do not have such a device at home, a simple iron with a steam function will do. The most important thing is that the skin can be exposed to steam from a distance of at least 10 cm, otherwise the thing will be damaged.

Is it possible to iron the skin with an iron?

There is another method of smoothing a leather jacket, but only experienced people prefer to use it. In this situation, you should be sure - which skin can withstand such a test. For example: nappa or planje is too thin, for it such an ironing will be the last.

In general, ironing leather goods is the most productive way, but it requires certain skills. If you have any doubts - if you can properly iron the thing, then it is better to hang it hang or iron the steam.

For ironing with an iron, turn off the steam function in the device and set it to the lowest temperature. You will also need heavy wrapping paper. If you don’t have one, you don’t need to replace it with a cloth or paper that is not very thick - it will definitely spoil the thing.

The jacket should be ironed as quickly as possible, never holding the iron anywhere, and also should be closely monitored so that it does not touch the skin anywhere. After ironing, you should not try on the thing immediately: you need to hang it on the hanger and wait about 40 minutes for it to cool down.

How to iron a leatherette jacket?

How to iron a leather jacket?

Unfortunately, artificial leather items lose their original appearance when inadequately stored, crumpled. Hot iron is not an assistant here, because clothes after such ironing can be torn at all. But there are other methods by which things from leatherette re-acquire their original appearance:

  • As well as a leather jacket, a leatherette item can be hung on the fitted hangers and left in this form for several days. If it does not fully expand, its appearance will improve in any case;
  • Using a simple spray bottle, wet the jacket on the inside. For this thing you need to turn inside out and spray water over the entire surface, but not too copious: the liquid should not drain during drying. Now the jacket should be hung on a hanger, gently straighten the folds and dry in the shade;
  • Again, the method used to smooth out leather jackets: pour hot water into the bathroom and hang the jacket there, periodically wiping it with a dry, clean cloth so that it does not get very saturated with moisture, and then dry it;
  • Turn the jacket inside out and spread it out on an ironing board. Iron set to the minimum temperature and turn off steam. Then gently iron the jacket through the towel, the main thing is that the arrows do not form on the sleeves, for this you can use special plates or fold the towel and stick it into the sleeve;
  • If the bends were formed only in the area of ​​the sleeves or the lower part of the product, then only these places can be processed. To do this, the jacket should be turned inside out and hang on the hanger. Now you need to warm up the iron and steam the dented parts of the thing. In this case, the device should be kept at a distance of 10-15 cm from the product. By the way, releasing too much steam is also not recommended. After this treatment, the product should be dried;
  • Another good option is to handle the thing with a cloth dipped in glycerin. Repeat these manipulations should be several times - this will make the skin more elastic and soft. Then you need to hang the clothes on a hanger and let them straighten themselves. But before the procedure, such actions should be done on a small section of the jacket, because the clothes can react unpredictably.

Care for a leather jacket: the main principles

How to iron a leather jacket?

Leather jackets are stylish, comfortable and, which is also important, expensive wardrobe items. If you want to keep your thing in perfect condition for many years, then it requires proper care. First of all, you should pay your attention to the coat hanger on which the jacket hangs. Pick up the hanger should be under the weight of the product so that the shoulder seams do not deform, you should give preference to models with wide shoulder pads.

It is also not recommended to store such a jacket in plastic covers, because the skin must breathe. The wardrobe item can be covered with a bag of linen or cotton fabric. And it is better to hang at all in a dark cool closet.

Any clothes are subject to dust settling on it, which should be removed from leather products using a damp cloth.

In addition, leather clothing has a thin protective layer, so too often it is not recommended to be cleaned. Before the first exit in new clothes, it can be treated with a special water-repellent impregnation - this will protect from moisture and dirt. And if, after all, a stain appears on the jacket, then after such treatment it will be easier to clean it.

Gasoline, acetone and other solvents can not be used to clean leather products, they degrease the skin, it is better to do this with plain water or soapy water. Too hard to rub the product is not necessary - it will cause harm. And if the stain does not appear, then you can purchase a special stain remover for the skin. Salt deposits from the skin should be removed on time. For the prevention of leather products can be wiped with glycerin, in particular - cuffs and collars, from this they will shine better.

It is better not to wear such jackets under the pouring rain, and if you did get hit by a rainstorm, you should wipe the jacket with a dry soft cloth and then dry it at room temperature. Only hang on hangers it must be away from the heating elements.

Colored skin tends to lose its original color from contact with direct sunlight. It is better to store clothes for a long time in direct sunlight.

Ways to bring a leather jacket in a neat appearance are very simple. Take care of your clothes properly and then it will serve you for many years! If trouble has occurred, and your jacket is wrinkled, use any method of ironing that is most convenient for you.