How to increase eyelashes at home


Eyes - a mirror of the soul, which needs a beautiful setting. Only thick and long eyelashes make the look fascinating and deep. Unfortunately, the nature bestows such wealth on just a few. But, knowing how to grow eyelashes at home, you will be able to even turn very thin and sparse hairs into a spectacular frame of shining eyes.

Can I lengthen the eyelashes at home by myself?

How to increase eyelashes at home?

You can extend eyelashes yourself, in a comfortable and familiar home environment. The whole difficulty lies only in the fact that it will take a lot of patience and accuracy, as well as plenty of free time.

The extension of the eyelashes of a highly qualified specialist is an expensive procedure, to which one can safely add on the price for the subsequent correction and removal of artificial hairs. Therefore, to build eyelashes at home is a good way to save a decent amount.

The extension refers to the process by which your own eyelashes are lengthened by imposing artificial hairs. In their structure, they are very similar to the real, so they look natural.

What cilia is better to use for building?

Before studying the methods that describe how to lash your eyelashes at home, you should carefully prepare the materials and tools for the procedure. All hairs are made of artificial materials, and their names indicate only a category, but not origin.

Eyelashes like silk

Silk Cilia

Silk cilia are very thin and soft, their diameter does not exceed 0.1 mm. They are perfect for blondes, they look very natural and do not make their eyelids heavy. But, alas, do not suit the owners of dark and thick on the nature of the eyelashes.

Mink eyelashes - natural beauty

Mink eyelashes

Artificial hairs create the effect of natural makeup. They have a larger diameter (0.15 mm), therefore, those who have their weak and thin eyelashes will not work.

Sable look

Sable look

Artificial cilia with a diameter of 0.25 mm. They have a dense, glossy structure - due to this, they look bright and impressive. Great for giving additional volume to owners of strong and thick natural eyelashes. Because of the dense structure they hold not as long as practically weightless silk ones.

Silicone eyelashes - new beauty market

Silicone eyelashes

More recently, a new product appeared in beauty salons - silicone eyelashes. They differ in diameter and structure, hairs are light, elastic, shiny. Silicone eyelashes do not bend or wrinkle, they do not make the eyelid heavier. They do not need mascaras, since they initially have a natural color and a noble shine. Silicone fibers are safest for women wearing contact lenses. In order for artificial hairs to look natural, they should be selected according to the curvature of their natural eyelashes.

Beam method of lengthening and increasing the volume of eyelashes

How to learn to build eyelashes at home so that they look natural and pretty? Start simple. The use of artificial beams is the easiest way to increase eyelash volume and develop certain skills.

Pluses beam method:

  • volumetric "doll" eyelashes;
  • quick result;
  • cost savings.

Cons of the beam method:

  • artificial hairs last 2-3 weeks;
  • not subject to correction (old bundles completely remove and glue new ones);
  • you can build up no more than 3 months in a row.

Materials required for the procedure:

  • 10 eyes with eyelashes are sufficient for 1 eye (use 3 long, 3 short and 4 medium bunches);
  • glue;
  • g-shaped tweezers;
  • glass or strip of thick paper for glue;
  • silicone lining for lower cilia;
  • lotion or tonic without alcohol.

Beam method of lengthening and increasing the volume of eyelashes


  1. Defat eyelashes with eye care; cover lower eyelashes with special patches.
  2. Apply some glue to glass or paper.
  3. Begin to glue the longest bunches from the outer edge of the eye.
  4. Dip the base of the beam in glue, spread your eyelashes and apply artificial to the skin of the upper eyelid. Do not forget to follow the direction of the bending of the eyelashes, fix them in the correct position.
  5. Visually divide the upper eyelid into 3 parts and fill one with long eyelashes.
  6. Glue medium and short bunches in the same way, separate glued hairs with a needle.
  7. First glue all the eyelashes on one eye and only then go to the other.
  8. When finished, make sure that the cilia are glued symmetrically on both eyes.

Minuses per student method:

  • your own eyelashes can cause great harm;
  • There is no puppet look effect (although for some it will be, on the contrary, a plus).

Materials will need the same as for the eyelash beam extension. The number of hairs depends on the final result. If you plan to make an incomplete volume, then about 20-25 cilia of different lengths (long, medium and short) will be needed for 1 eye, 2 times more for a full eyelash, and 50 or more for 3D effect.

Instructions for eyelash extensions individual hairs:

  1. Wipe eyelashes tonic for degreasing, cover the lower eyelids with a lining. Prepare glue.
  2. Initially, glue 25 cilia of different lengths to each eye. Start from the outer corner of the eye. Glue a few long hairs, then a few short, then medium. Then go back to the long - then the result will be more natural.
  3. Take a long eyelash for a sharp tip. Dip the opposite edge into the glue. Gently spread your eyelashes, leaving the one you will lengthen. Artificial hair should be from the skin of the eyelid at some distance (1-2 mm).
  4. You must attach the eyelash so that it forks at the end.
  5. Stick cilia in a chaotic manner, make sure that the "native" hairs do not stick together, make smooth transitions along the lengths.
  6. Sticking eyelashes on one eye, go to the second. At the end of the work, check the symmetry.
  7. If you are doing a full volume or 3D effect, try, sticking to your free eyelashes, to retreat from the previous place of extension.
  8. When creating a 3D volume, new cilia are glued to the already modeled ones and divide them so that at the end there are 3 tips.

Now you know how to increase eyelashes at home. The glued hairs do not need to be tinted with mascara, but if such a need arose, do not use waterproof cosmetics. And in order to preserve the obtained effect as long as possible, use light cosmetic products for eye care, avoid steam baths for the face and do not forget about the need for adjustment.