How to gradually braid the french braid itself and others


Not only what hairstyle compares versatility with the French braid. Beautiful styling looks great at a party, and in the office, and on a walk in the park. It is not necessary to have very long hair - medium length is enough. You only need to know all the nuances of how to braid the French braid, and your arsenal will be replenished with another cute hairstyle for any occasion.

How to braid a French braid?

The French braid is a special way of intertwined strands that capture the entire length of the hair. This style keeps for a long time and does not lose its shape even after a few hours. A pair of loose strands does not spoil it - on the contrary, it gives a special charm. This hairstyle got its name, most likely due to the fact that her idea belongs to hairdressers from France. However, for certain authorship is not installed. However, in every corner of the world, any hairdresser will understand what is being said if you ask him to braid a French braid. Especially since for its execution no intricate tools are needed. A fairly fine hairbrush and barrettes or elastic bands to secure the hair.

How to braid the French braid itself?

How to braid the French braid itself?

The French braid is convenient not only because of its practicality, but also because it can be braided by itself. The only question that you need to find out for yourself is what kind of hair to weave, clean or washed a couple of days ago. By the way, hairdressers do not have a single approach to this issue. It all depends on how you prefer to work with hair. If the hair is clean, it is necessary to apply foam on it so that the hairstyle keeps its shape.


  1. On the back of the head choose a thick strand.
  2. We divide it into 3 equal parts.
  3. We throw the extreme strands in turn, crosswise to the central one.
  4. After 2 interlacings we begin to add thin locks to the side parts.
  5. We extend the weaving to the neck and fasten the strands folded together with an elastic band or a ribbon.

Weaving does not necessarily stop at the base of the neck, you can continue to the tips.

Original hairstyle from two braids

Even such a conservative hairstyle, as two braids, can be diversified and turned into the original version, if you use the technique of weaving the French braid.

How to braid two French braids?


  1. With a fine hairbrush we divide the hair into 2 parts into a parting.
  2. We fasten one part with an elastic band.
  3. In the working half of the hair, we take a thin strand, divide it into 3 equal parts and begin to weave them - we put the side parts alternately on the center.
  4. After 2 interceptions, we begin to add thin strands of remaining hair.
  5. At the end of weaving fasten tape or rubber band.
  6. For the second half of hair repeat steps 3-5.

Stylish braid on the contrary

How to braid the French braid on the contrary?

French braid with reverse weaving looks very unusual and especially beautiful - on thick hair. To complete it you need only a little more time and attention.


  1. Choose a strand of average thickness on the back of the head.
  2. We divide it into 3 parts and begin to shift the side under the center.
  3. After 2 interlacings we add from the sides to the outer parts along a fine strand.
  4. We continue to weave to the desired level, fasten with a rubber band or barrette.

French braid from the tail: a phased master class

If it is inconvenient for you to braid your braid from loose hair, you can do it by first collecting hair in a high tail.

How to braid a French braid in stages from the tail?


  1. We select a strand of medium length from the tail and divide it into 3 equal parts.
  2. We begin the reverse weave, winding the side strands under the center.
  3. After a couple of interceptions, we begin to weave the remaining hair evenly from 2 sides.
  4. The resulting hairstyle is fixed with a rubber band or barrette.

Elegant braid on the side

How to braid the French braid on its side?

There is a version that originally the French braid was called a hairstyle, in which the weaving began from the temporal part of the head and went diagonally to the ear. This styling looks very elegant, but requires careful weaving, as unevenly trapped strands can spoil the entire impression of the hairstyle.


  1. We take a small lock of hair from the forehead.
  2. We divide the strand into 3 parts, begin to weave, placing the outer parts on the middle. Or under the middle, if you want to make a back braid.
  3. After the first interlacing we add a thin strand on each side to the side parts.
  4. The end of weaving is fastened with a rubber band or barrette.

Unusual braided ribbon

Having mastered the technique of weaving the French braid, you can add decorative elements, such as ribbon. The French braid intercepted in the middle of each weave with a ribbon looks very unusual.

How to braid a French braid with a ribbon?


  1. We fix the tape under the back of the hair with the help of invisible.
  2. Separated from the occipital part of the strand of medium thickness, divided into 3 parts.
  3. We get the left strand under the right and put it on the tape.
  4. Now put the left under the right.
  5. We intercept a working lock with a tape from above.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5, adding strands of loose hair to the desired level.
  7. Fix the hair, tied the ribbon.

With the help of ribbons, you can make an original hairstyle from a French braid for long hair.


  1. Make a parting in the middle, we grab 1 of the hair with a rubber band.
  2. From the working half of the hair we separate the strand, divide it into 3 parts.
  3. In the middle strand attach the ribbon so that about 15 cm left free.
  4. We weave a ribbon, combining it with a strand. For this we cross under the central side parts. We do not forget to add free strands to them every time.
  5. Having reached the end of weaving, we catch the braid with an elastic band.
  6. We take the second half, weaving into it the free end of the tape.
  7. Repeat steps 2-4.
  8. Now cross the 2 braids between each other and fasten the tape under the hair.

A braid of such a variety is an excellent variant of a hairstyle for every day for those who do not love or can not afford loose hair, but are not in a hurry to part with the length. And having learned how to braid the French braid in different ways, you can be sure that the styling will always be original and neat even without bright accessories.