How to glue stickers on nails


In the general image of a woman, a manicure plays a significant role, and you can express your creative personality in it, changing the color combinations endlessly, selecting patterns and design. However, not everyone has enough time or skills to paint their own nails, and then specially prepared stickers come to the rescue. Depending on their type, they can be either a single accent or a full manicure.

How to glue water stickers on the nails?

How to glue water stickers on the nails?

How to glue water stickers on the nails?

To date, the consumer has been offered 2 types of stickers on the nails: waterborne ones intended for slider design and appeared for quite some time, and photo design stickers. Each of the options has its own characteristics in application and wear, which you should definitely take into account if you want to get a high-quality and durable manicure. However, the use of any of the types of stickers is quite simple and focused on the consumer, who does not have high-quality skills in nail art.

Water stickers for a slider design - a product rather known and intended for creation of accents on separate nails. A thin film (often transparent) laid on a white cardboard can have both a small pattern and spaced out across the entire length and width of the intended nail. Due to this, it is convenient to fix it even on children's nails, especially since such a design is much safer than drawings with acrylic paints. To remove the film from the cardboard, it is enough just to slightly moisten it with water - for this, the selected section is cut off for 2-3 seconds. it is placed in a container with cold water, after which it is immediately removed, is deprived of excess moisture with a lint-free napkin and is applied to the nail. Trying to pull the film off the cardboard with your hands is fraught with its rupture.

Due to the fact that water stickers for the most part have a translucent base, in the manicure procedure it is important to choose the shade of the base lacquer: it should not argue with the color scheme of the pattern applied to the film and should not merge with it. Masters recommend choosing either contrasting tones, or the most neutral - jelly beige-pink, flesh-colored. On a white substrate, the picture will look brighter, but only if it is not made in white.

As for gluing stickers of this type on nails, there are no particular difficulties in this algorithm: the main thing is to use a base and topcoat. The substrate is necessary for the primary adhesion of the sticker and adhesive backing, while the top layer is for sealing the design. It is not necessary to wait for the base coat to dry: the varnish should be slightly sticky, but not smeared with a light touch. When working with the gel, the label should also be laid without removing the adhesive layer. On acrylic, it should lie down after partial polymerization of the material, and, it will not be possible to move it - the probability of dissolving the sticker is high. It is recommended to fix it with gel (1 layer) or classical varnish (2 layers). A layer of transparent acrylic on top of the sticker can not be placed. It is recommended to straighten the sticker with a wooden stick, laying it flat and moving it from the center to the edges, thus expelling all the air bubbles. The duration of wearing water stickers rarely exceeds 7 days, but among their advantages, professionals point out resistance to deformation and tears.

Stickers igel-varnish - simple and beautiful!

How to glue stickers on varnish?

How to glue stickers on gel polish?

It is recommended to use photo design stickers for gel polish. In this situation, they act as the main color layer, since such stickers are a more dense plate, having the form of nails of different widths. As accents, they are no longer used - this is a full-fledged manicure, which is very difficult to fix with ordinary lacquer - it has a thinner coating and a low degree of protection, and the latter plays an important role in photo-design manicure. The main problem is that stickers of this kind are very afraid of water, and contact with it in everyday life is inevitable. A simple varnish already for 2-3 days of socks begins to peel, as a result of which water falls on the lower layers of the manicure. Gel Polish, when properly implemented technology will not allow this to happen.

Before placing the stickers on the nails, they need to fit to your individual width. The length can be removed already in the process. The base gel lacquer coating is thinly applied in 1 layer, dried for 60 seconds (UV lamp), and the adhesive layer is not removed from it. The sticker must be placed, practically without making an indent from the cuticle, to be smoothed with a wooden stick, also working from the center to the edge. To make it easier to remove the sticker from its backing, it is recommended to use tweezers. If the length of the sticker turned out to be more than necessary, the remainder is bent over the free edge, it is pressed and sawed at 100/120 grit. At the same time, the file should be kept perpendicular to the end face, and in no case should it be tilted at an angle. The finishing layer of gel polish is applied denser than the base, and with the obligatory careful sealing of the ends. Dries 120 seconds if working with a UV lamp.

Manicure Tips

How to glue stickers on nails: photo and recommendations

How to glue stickers on nails: photo and recommendations,

  1. Before using the labels, if they are located on the entire nail plate, a classic manicure is always performed, in which a lot of attention is paid to removing pterigia. This is especially true for stickers with photo design, which are often already full-fledged manicure and stacked so that they consistently affect the bare nail. The elimination of the pterigia provides a flat nail plate, the grip of which will be as faithful as possible. And the accidental hit of a foreign element under the edge of the sticker will lead to the emergence of "pockets", as when building up, and will reduce the durability of the manicure to "no."
  2. If the sticker is not a small design, but should cover the entire nail, place it so that the indent from the cuticle and side ridges of 1-2 mm is preserved: this will guarantee that there will be no detachment and the sticker will not leave the nails in a few hours . Moreover, if you are afraid that you will end up with a manicure, which already looks like a week or more, due to this distance, just before applying the sticker, move the cuticle and side rollers as far as possible with the pusher or wooden stick. After 20-30 minutes they will return to their place and close the created indent.

Manicure with stickers of various types: options

Manicure with stickers of various types: options

In manicure, nail stickers are quite self-sufficient and practically do not tolerate other design elements next to them: fimo, sculpting, rhinestone. Depending on which pattern you have chosen, the base color of the lacquer is selected, if it is visible at all from under the sticker. But the most striking look stickers with a 3D-design, decorated through the "aquarium": sealed in a dense layer of transparent gel or acrylic. In the case of the latter, it is important to remember that, unlike varnish, it does not stretch along the nail, but is trampled: this will not allow the sticker to deform.

The easiest way to come up with and reproduce a manicure with photodesigned stickers: they do not require additional tweaks, in most cases being a complete idea. But with water stickers, you can go for experiments: in particular, this refers to stickers-accents. For example, small white flowers placed on the ring finger, deserve additions in the form of stems and leaves, which are displayed with an acrylic paint of the corresponding color and a thin nylon brush.

Simple black and white stickers in the form of geometric shapes, stars, hearts and other elements will gain individuality if the space inside them is filled with colored lacquer, bouillons, glitter, acrylic paint. But do not forget to necessarily overlap such a design with a thick layer of top: otherwise all the decorative stuff will quickly fly off the nail and pull the sticker.

A lace that is not widening its popularity, being wide, can turn a simple French manicure into an elegant and unusual. It is enough just to place the lace patch on the growing edge of the nail and bend it, if necessary, along the line of a smile. Excess length is eliminated by sawing, the sticker is sealed with varnish.

Stickers for nails - salvation for girls who want to diversify their manicure, but do not have the skill to painting or other complex designs. Working with them is simple and easy, the result depends only on the manicure's fantasy, and the firmness, with the right technology, will be equal to the firmness of the varnish applied under them.