How to glaze hair at home

The number of different services offered by hairdressers and luxury beauty salons is growing every day. Particular attention is paid to a variety of hair care procedures, because regardless of the haircut and color, a woman wants to have healthy shiny curls. Special attention deserves the glazing of the hair.

Over the past decade, something has just appeared: elution, biolamination, phytaleamination, illumination, glazing. Under all these names hair lamination is hidden. Change only some of the points in the technology of hair care. The idea of ​​glazing is quite new, but it has already managed to deserve considerable interest from Russian women.

What is the procedure of glazing hair?

This technique involves applying a special composition to the hair, the task of which is to cover them with a thickening protective film. Thus, the hair cuticle is visually aligned and sealed. As a result, lively shine and smoothness. In addition, the glazing agent contains various beneficial substances: jojoba oil, ceramides and similar elements. Hair is filled with it from the inside and restored.

After the glazing is done, the degree of electrification of the hair decreases, problems with scratching disappear. In addition, it is a great way to keep the pigments inside, if you immediately coat your hair with a glazing compound after a change or color change.

This service is especially recommended for women with curly, as well as susceptible to dyeing and highlighting hair. Also curled through the numerous external factors glazed curls.

There are 2 types of this procedure: transparent glazing and tint. In the second case, a color booster is added to the composition, allowing it to affect the shade of the hair. In contrast to the usual staining, it does not allow to darken or brighten dramatically. Another plus - the amplifier does not cause such harm as any other dye. This is a great way to change the temperature, which is especially necessary, for example, blondes, who quickly have an ugly yellowness.

There are no contraindications to this procedure, unlike other areas of lamination, there is no. This applies even to allergies, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Such high availability is due to the lack of ammonia and other heavy components in the glaze that cause negative reactions in the body.

How to glaze hair at home?

For the implementation of the procedure of glazing hair at home, there are at least 2 ways. The first is the manufacture of a glazing composition from natural ingredients. The effect usually lasts until the next shampooing, but at the same time it costs little and has a good composition, which cannot be said of "chemistry".

The second involves the acquisition of special professional tools used by the master in the salons. It provides the most lasting result. The disadvantage of this option is in its cost and, often, in the complexity of the purchase of all components. Not every city has these products commercially available, even in professional stores.

The first thing to consider is carrying out the procedure through the use of the American professional cosmetics Matrix. Glazing hair here will require the presence of a ammonia-free dye and a special lotion-activator for this kind of paint. And he, and others belongs to the lineup COLOR Sync.

In addition, you need to purchase shampoo and conditioner containing silk vitamins. This will help fix the result as much as possible.

The technology works as follows:

  • Unlike usual coloring, you should definitely wash your hair before glazing. Better shampoo for deep cleansing. Wet hair is dried with a towel.
  • In a ceramic container (or any other, but not metal) are mixed and brought to a uniform consistency lotion-activator and dye in equal proportions. Their volume depends on the length and thickness of the hair. The means for glazing hair from "Matrix" 90 ml in each tube and bottle. This is enough for thin hair up to the shoulder blades with an average density. For a short haircut, this amount is divided by 2 times.
  • The mixture is applied on slightly wet and combed hair at an active pace. First on the roots, and then on the entire length. Be sure to evenly distribute it across the strands. The most convenient way is to produce it with a brush, and after that, to carry a comb through the hair with frequent teeth.
  • According to the instructions supplied with the package, the waiting time is 20 minutes. During this period, as well as when coloring, the head does not need to be wrapped up. Hair should have good ventilation. After applying the composition, it is required to comb them with your fingers and “beat” a little, without pressing it to your head.
  • After 20 min. hair washed thoroughly, but without the use of shampoo. Then they are processed by air conditioning and after 2 minutes. rinsed again under cool running water.
  • Hairdressers are advised to use the ColorCare line of the same brand for the dyed hair after washing the hair with the Matrix hair glazing procedure. This will reduce the risk of rapid washing out of the cuticle "glaze".

Making a glazing compound with your own hands

As mentioned earlier, at home hair glazing can be done with the use of available tools. The base is gelatin powder. He is the main source of keratin. To it are added oils that promote care from the inside, as well as high quality apple cider vinegar - the main fixative of hair color and luster. If they are not painted, this component can be not added.

For shoulder-length hair, 200 ml is required. cold water, which dissolve 2 tbsp. gelatin. On a water bath, the mixture is heated to obtain a perfectly uniform consistency. There also pours 1 tbsp. jojoba oil and 2 tbsp. flaxseed oil. It should be allowed to cool to room temperature, but not to allow gelatin to thicken.

It is better to apply the mixture with your fingers, because it is too viscous for a brush. You should also comb the hair, but unlike the technique with the use of chemicals, here you need to wrap your head with a film and a warm towel. After application, wait for 20 minutes and remove the glazing with cool water. No need to use shampoo!

Reviews of the procedure

Women who received the service in the salon, or conducted the procedure themselves, in their responses about hair glazing told not only about the final result, but also gave some interesting and useful tips. In particular, when performing the method at home, it was necessary to first make a nourishing mask, and then proceed to the procedure. This was due to the fact that all substances that are obtained from the mask, will immediately be sealed with a glazing compound. So, there will be a healing effect.

In the reviews about the glazing of the hair, the photos attached by women are truly impressive. Representatives of the fair sex in one voice say about the appearance of elegant shine, which is difficult not to notice. It is comparable with what appears after dyeing, but lasts much longer. In addition, the tips of the hair are soldered. It also increases resistance to external negative factors: sunlight, excessively dry or humid air, hot appliances such as tongs, irons and a hairdryer. Thickening of the hair is rarely seen, in comparison to that of the glazing. In contrast, there is no apparent volume at the roots or a pronounced therapeutic effect.

According to the comments, the effect lasts up to a month. The factor determining this period is the frequency of washing the head and the quality of the composition that was used during the work. Here, the masters unanimously do not recommend to wash their hair daily, because in this case, after 10-14 days, all efforts will go to "no."

The procedure for glazing hair is more cosmetic and will not be a solution to internal problems. However, the visual and tactile sensations after its implementation are forcing more and more women to use this hair care technique. After glazing, your curls will become more well-groomed in appearance and will surprise those around you with a healthy shine.

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