How to give hair volume

What do we mean by beautiful hair? First of all - it is shiny, thick and voluminous hair. But what about the owners of thin and weak hair?

First, let's deal with the concept of thin hair. Hair can be thin by nature, and can be thinned by external factors.. If you have never been distinguished by a thick head of hair as a child, your parents also have weak hair, then most likely you will not be deceived by nature, and you will have thin hair throughout your life. A thinning of hair can occur for various reasons - from dyeing, curling, poor nutrition, stress and lack of vitamins in the body. But thinning is temporary, and if the cause is eliminated, the hair will regain its previous density. If you used to have thick hair, and now are weak and lifeless, then your hair has become thinner. By the way, the Slavic type of girls is characterized by thin hair, so the majority of our population has thin hair.

Thin hair care

So, you have determined that you have thin hair, but you do not want to put up with it, but you want to amaze everyone with the beauty of your hair. Here it is necessary to act in two directions: to prevent even more weakening of the hair and to choose the right care for them, and the second is to mask the thinness of the hair with styling and means.

Thin hair can not be dyed more than once a month, but it is better to replace permanent dyeing with toning and highlighting, or even switch to natural dyes - Basma or henna. Always use nourishing masks and hair balms. Also, permanent hair wearing gum on the hair spoils the hair - this can cause the hair to fall out and break off.

Thinned hair care

It is very important what you wash your head. Now on sale a lot of shampoos, which are abundantly foaming and washing the protective film from the scalp. The composition of such shampoos will include: sodium sulfate, lauryl, ammonium sulfate - these substances only irritate the skin and exacerbate hair problems. To avoid this problem, use baby or non-sulphate shampoos. Recent shampoos foaming slightly, so be sure to use them with air conditioning. Thinned hair do not subject to frequent coloring. Use vitamin complexes specifically for hair. Tyrosine-rich foods such as bananas, almonds, dairy products, pumpkin and sesame seeds are very useful for hair. Use hair and homemade masks for hair restoration. The cause of thinning hair may be hypothermia, so in cold weather, do not forget to wear a hat.

How to add thin hair volume?

Blond hair visually adds volume to a hairstyle, but black and monochromatic colors visually make the hair more thin, so ask the master to use several shades on the hair when dyeing. With thin hair, it is better to do multi-level haircuts, and the optimal length to the shoulders. You should not do a haircut with hair below the shoulders and one length, so your hair will look even thinner, and your hair will fall out under the weight of its own weight.

Useful tips for adding volume

It is necessary to start styling like this - tilt your head forward so that the hair hangs down and let it dry, but not completely. To create a basal volume, the hair should be dried, highlighting the middle strands and directing a stream of hot air at them, just make sure that the stream does not fall on the scalp. Namely, for the volume it is necessary to grab the strand with a comb and raise it, direct the jet from the roots to the ends, then lower the hair and dry it again with an air jet, and lift the strand to the top at the roots with a special round comb for styling. Having processed one strand, finished work on it, having covered it with cold air - so the strand will cool and lock. So work with each strand, start from the bottom layers, strands that get in the way can be stabbed from above. The effect of this hairstyle will be visible immediately. Particular attention is paid to the strands of the face, they create the whole look of hairstyle.

Want even more volume? Then you can use woolly. On wet hair, apply mousse or foam to increase the volume. But do not overdo it with the tool, and then the hair can be weighed down. Then dry them as described above, tilt your head and beat your hair with your hands and immediately fix them with moderate varnish. Next, select the middle strands, comb them with a narrow comb with frequent teeth from the base of the roots, but do not comb them along the main length. Carefully scoop all the strands, both lower and upper (the only way to achieve the desired volume).

Now popular is a service like hair extension. Yes, the volume of hair, she, of course, add, but I do not advise to do it, especially with thin hair. Under the weight of the capsules, your own hair may thin out and fall off at the roots, so that, after removing the hair that has been added, you may then miss your own. Much less problematic to use tress. Tressy is a strand of hair that can be imperceptibly attached to your own hair and give the hair the desired volume and length. Tress are artificial and real hair. When buying tress it is important to pick them up to match. Their advantage is that they can be removed and reattached at any time.

Even with thin hair, you can make elegant voluminous hairstyles and surprise everyone with well-groomed hair. Show care and love to your thin hair, and they will respond to you in return.

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