How to get your hair color back


For several years, many girls ruthlessly poison their hair with dyes, not caring about the health of their hair. But lately, naturalness is in fashion and everyone started to return their natural hair color, but they immediately realized that it was not so easy to do it. It is not only because of fashion that there may be a desire to return the natural color, under the influence of dye hair deteriorates a lot and when there is a choice - healthy and natural than dyed and damaged, it is undoubtedly better to choose the first one. In addition, the majority of Russian girls have different shades of light brown hair color and this color is unjustly offended all the time, calling it either mousey or faded, although it is light brown that gives nobility and elite, in some cases it can be corrected with natural dyes.

So, your task is to return to your own hair color. But everything is not so simple, many pitfalls await you here, especially if you need to do this as soon as possible. If you have been painting for a long time, and more than three days have passed from the moment of painting, then a little disappointment awaits you, you cannot restore the natural color. The only thing you can do if you do not like the result of dyeing is to seek help from a hairdresser and he will change the shade of your hair and correct the errors of unsuccessful dyeing. But if less than two days have passed since the painting, then you need to act immediately. The paint penetrates the cuticle within two to four days, during which time you can try to correct the flaws. Hot water and oil masks can help wash fresh pigment out of hair.

But if everything was so simple, then no one would have suffered with such a problem for a long time. As a rule, the desire to return the natural hair color occurs after many years of dyeing, when the dye has finally entered into the hair. Attempts to grow your hair color are very long and lead to a bad mood, who will like to walk with grown roots that are striking. What to do in this case?

Paint close to natural color

You can ask such a question to the master, so that he will pick you the desired shade, looking at your grown roots. This is a new coloring, but what can you do, you can ask to use the most gentle paint. If your roots are not yet mature and it is difficult to understand what your native color is, take a look at your natural eyebrow color and select the desired color from them. Only this option is suitable for bleached girls with natural dark hair color. It will be much easier for them to dye their hair darker than for painted brunettes to return to shades of blond or blond shades. A one-time lightening in this situation will not help, and repeated dyeing can turn so damaged hair into a miserable sight. What then to do?

It should be explained in detail to the master what shade you need and then he will give you the procedure of washing the hair. Usually in one procedure you will not return the original color, then it is carried out several times with a break of at least a week. The wash is not harmless to hair, but a competent master conducts it sparingly and much less harm than in the case of bleaching. Then, after washing the hair dyes in the desired light shade, but it should be borne in mind that after washing the dark pigment may still remain in the hair and then the paint will not take you. Therefore, it is very important to choose an experienced master who will accurately select for you the number of washes.

Growing by highlighting

This method, of course, does not give such a quick effect as the first, but then it is more harmless to hair. This method is also ideal for the return of a light shade of hair. All that is required of you is to regularly light your dark hair with light feathers, without affecting the regrown roots. At first, the contrast between dark and melirovanny hair can be very noticeable, but gradually this transition will become less noticeable, melirovannye strands on the head will be more, and after a while the dark color will be replaced by a light one and you will not need to be more melima

Washing with the help of folk remedies

Such methods are not as effective and the more time has passed since your first dyeing, the less chance you have of returning the natural color, but you can try, in any case there will be no harm, on the contrary, you only strengthen your hair.

Lighten colored hair can help decoction of chamomile or water with the addition of lemon juice. Well washed paint from the hair warm vegetable oils - burdock, olive, linseed, almond, jojoba. Carefully spread the oil over the entire length of the hair. Then put a warming hat on your head and wrap a towel over it, keep such a mask on your hair as long as possible for at least several hours, and if you don’t go anywhere, you can keep it for a whole day. After that, rinse hair well with a restorative shampoo. It also helps to bring out the color of the mask from kefir or yogurt, which should be left overnight.

Short haircut

If your hair is in poor condition, washing or re-dyeing can permanently ruin your hair, then you can make yourself a fashionable short haircut and not have to wait long for your hair to grow back. And during the growing up period, hair growth can be accelerated with various shampoos and folk remedies; hair growth is enhanced by pepper masks, dimexid masks and many others. In that case, if you do not go short haircuts, then you have to be patient and grow your hair without using any chemicals. The right hairstyle can hide regrown roots, the main thing is not to wear straight loose hair, but to tangle the hair, lift up or remove the rim.

Naturalness adorns any woman and is valued much more by the male sex than the hair that has been burned and dried out with paint, so do not be afraid and return your native hair color.