How to get rid of sunburn


The fashion for a pale skin tone has long passed, and now all women are eager to get an even chocolate tan. Such a tan is considered a sign of sexuality and style, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible to get just such a tan, which we dream of.

Sometimes after sunbathing in the sun, it turns out pretty ugly, and any desire to appear in such a way to the street disappears. It is not necessary to wait until the tan comes off by itself - this can be a rather long process, try to get rid of sunburn yourself.

Cosmetic procedures for getting rid of sunburn

Sunburn with spots of beauty doesn’t add to us and we want to get rid of it as soon as possible, but if you are afraid to take responsibility for the result of the procedure, you can contact a specialist for help. Currently, the following procedures are used for tanning:

  • Chemical peeling will help get rid of sunburn, as it contains fruit acids, which can remove the top layer of skin with melanin. In very extreme cases, trichloroacetic acid is used together with the peeling, and it penetrates into much deeper layers of the skin, unlike fruit acids. Almost immediately after chemical peeling, the skin becomes puffy and crusty, and after such a serious impact, it takes at least ten days to restore the skin.
  • Laser therapy - the effect of the procedure is to emit waves that destroy melanin in the skin. To completely get rid of sunburn, it usually takes several procedures with an interval of 3-4 weeks, after which the skin will become noticeably lighter.
  • Photocorrection is used not only to remove age spots and sunburn, but also to rejuvenate the skin, since this procedure smooths fine wrinkles, stimulates the production of synthesis and elastin. For a noticeable effect about 3-4 procedures are required.

Photocorrection and laser therapy are not cheap procedures, so it is worth thinking carefully before deciding on them. You may be able to remove the effects of an ugly tan at home, and remember that it is best to take care of your skin in advance and protect yourself with protective creams during sun exposure. Also do not forget that excessive tanning always negatively affects your skin, small wrinkles appear, so it is better to get a not so dark tan than to diligently remove it.

Tanning with peeling

Your task now is to remove the top layer of cells and then your skin color will become close to the original. First, try to wash yourself well and thoroughly, lie in a bath with foam, use hard washcloths and even if this does not help, start to scrape off. The skin should be rubbed with effort, but do not overdo it - pain should not be. And the best thing to do is to go to a bath or sauna and wait until the skin has evaporated and then the tan itself usually peels off easily.

Folk remedies for getting rid of sunburn

  • Parsley is a good tool for getting rid of sunburn, it also removes fine pigment spots from freckles. It is not difficult to make parsley infusion, you will need half a liter of vodka and 3 tables. tablespoons chopped parsley. Fill the parsley with vodka and leave to infuse for two weeks in a dark place. After which the infusion can be stored in the refrigerator. Wipe the places where you want to remove the tan several times a day. The infusion of parsley can not only help to cope with a strong tan, but also protect against strong sunlight. Before going out on the street, wipe with parsley lotion, which is prepared in the proportion of 2 tables. spoons on a glass of boiled water.

  • Dairy products - one of the most popular means of getting rid of sunburn. For these purposes, you can take milk, kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt or kefir. Apply milk to the skin and wait about an hour, then rinse. You can use the mask recipe - cottage cheese is mixed with rice flour to obtain a thick paste. It is better to lower the hands in a milk bath, and to smear the rest of the body with sour cream or kefir, then after 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water, while rubbing the skin a little. To get rid of sunburn and give skin tenderness use the following mask - take a glass of milk and add 3-4 unroasted almond nuts and let it brew for 10-12 hours, then chop the nuts in a meat grinder or blender and apply on the skin. Hold for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water.

  • Lemon has long been known for its whitening properties, but it contains an excess of acid, which can burn the skin and be careful with it, especially with burnt and sensitive skin. But completely abandon the lemon is not worth it, since it is a very good tool. In order not to irritate the skin with lemon juice, lubricate the skin for a few minutes, and then go to the bath and gently wash the juice with warm water. On face lemon juice can be applied only in diluted form with water as a percentage of 50:50.

  • The most common cucumber will help to remove excess tan from the skin. This simple tool can also whiten the skin of the face. It is very simple to apply, first clean the skin, and then wipe it with a half cucumber. After rubbing the skin abundantly with cucumber, wait 15-20 minutes, then rinse. There is another recipe with cucumber - take in equal proportions cucumber juice, lemon juice and turmeric extract. Spread the mixture over the skin, support for 15-20 minutes and rinse. If the tan is especially dark, repeat the procedure every day until the skin brightens.

Tanning with baby oil

Baby oil will help to easily get rid of sunburn, while not causing any harm to the skin. Oil can be applied to any part of the body and its components will immediately begin to act, as it contains a substance that eliminates excess tanning in the skin. Baby oil should be applied before the bath, and if you add a cup of sea salt to the bath, then while taking a bath you can scrub your skin and finally get rid of sunburn.

Do not forget that any procedure for removing tan removes the top layer of skin and after that it needs special nutrition and protection, therefore, actively use moisturizing cream and body milk.