How to get rid of paint on your hair


We all want to look especially and irresistible. To become so, we use all the cosmetics that modern companies can offer. Most often we try to drastically change our appearance by dyeing your hair a different color. But not always, unfortunately, it turns out what we wanted or promised us. If you don’t like hair color after dyeing, don’t despair, you can safely get rid of the dye on your hair.

How to get rid of unsuccessful hair bleaching?

If you had a bad hair bleaching, which caused your hair to turn yellow or red, you will be helped to correct the situation by dyeing your hair with soft dye without ammonia. At the same time, the color of the paint should be lighter by 1 tone of the shade that you wish to receive. After 2 weeks, due to the structure of bleached hair, it is necessary to dye a second time. Coloring bleached hair, start at the back of the head, then just start coloring the roots, and apply paint on the tips at the very end.

Get rid of the dark paint on the hair

Natural masks, which muffle hair color, will help to get rid of dark colors. These include masks made on the basis of butter and kefir. Oil can be used flaxseed, burdock or almond. Mask spread over the entire surface of the hair. After that, wrap the head with a film or put on a plastic bag, and then warm it with a terry towel from above. Leave on for 3 hours, and then rinse with warm water. These masks will strengthen your hair and make dark color disappear in a few days. Apply them on hair 4 times a week for the night.

Flushing as a way to get rid of dye on hair

For a quick procedure to get rid of paint, you can carry out the procedure of washing the paint off the hair. Flushing is the process of removing paint due to a special compound called a wash. These compounds can be purchased at specialized stores. The most popular ones are “Remover” from Dikson, “Coloroff” from Estel. You can apply it on your hair until it becomes light, and you will be able to dye it in the color you need. The wash is applied for 40 minutes to dry hair. Then thoroughly washed with running warm water and moistened with balm after. Follow the instructions during use. Use the wash more than 1 time per week is not desirable. Remember, flushing will not make your hair lighter than they were.

How to get rid of hair dye with soap?

From the paint on the hair, you can use soap. Laundry soap - quite an aggressive tool, but if you follow some rules and take care of your hair after, in just a few tricks, you will get rid of the unfortunate hair color. First you just need to wash your hair, then lather your hair with soap. Leave soap on hair for 4 minutes and then rinse. The paint will begin to gradually go. Laundry soap on the hair for a long time can not be kept. If the color is too dark, make 4 treatments. To restore the shine of the hair, you can rinse them with a weak acetic solution. And then apply a protective hair cream.

How to get rid of persistent dye on hair?

In order to wash off a very resistant paint, you will need to make a decoction of chamomile or use lemon juice and water. It will take several procedures until the paint finally disappears from your hair. You can rinse your hair in water with lemon juice. For this you can also use a decoction of chamomile. It will not only help get rid of dye from hair through several rinsing procedures, but at the same time strengthen your hair and make it stronger and give them silkiness and shine. Together with natural masks - this is one of the most benign methods to get rid of paint without damaging the hair structure.

Getting rid of tonic hair

Many women prefer to use a special tonic for hair coloring instead of dye. But its use can not guarantee that the hair color suits you. Often, the color turns out to be completely different from what you had hoped for, if the hair was previously colored or bleached. To get rid of tonic, you will need a wash or anti-tonic. You can use a mask of burdock oil. Keep it for 30 minutes, then wash it off. Repeat 3 times. Also you can help ordinary shampoo for unpainted hair. Wash your head in a row several times until the paint starts to go off the hair.

How to get rid of the paint on the hair folk remedies?

Folk remedies will also help in getting rid of paint. One of these tools is a mask of kefir and honey. For this you need a glass of kefir and 3 tbsp. spoons of honey They need to be mixed and applied to damp hair, spreading over their entire length. Leave the mask on for 3 hours, then rinse with warm water. 3-4 times a week is enough.

How to protect hair after getting rid of paint?

After the soap, use oil masks and kefir masks. They will help to moisturize the hair, return them strength and shine, and finally restore the natural hair color. Washing away paint, apply balm-rinse on hair. Cream can be applied to wet hair. To reduce the harmful effects of getting rid of the dye on the hair, for a new dye, use a paint without ammonia. Be sure to increase the number of hair care procedures so that unsuccessful dyeing and its subsequent rinsing will not spoil your hair.

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Try to carefully choose a hair dye, but if all the same hair color turned out to be not the one you wanted, you can correct this situation.. It is enough to use the above tips, natural ingredients and tools that you have on hand, and your hair will become beautiful again and will get the color that you need to create your style.

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