How to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, which causes a lot of trouble for their owners, not only of aesthetic nature, but also makes complexes about white snow on their shoulders and clothes. In addition, dandruff is a disease and requires proper treatment. Dandruff is caused by a fungus on the scalp, which creates favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria. Causes of dandruff can be very different: overwork, poor ecology, unbalanced diet and taking certain medications, but only the doctor can tell the most accurate reason for the examination.

You should not succumb to various advertising tricks and run to buy the advertised shampoo, the best thing they can do to get rid of dandruff for a while, but do not eliminate the very reason. And after several applications, dandruff reappears, since such shampoos eliminate only external dandruff, but do not eliminate the fungus itself.

In order to know how to deal with dandruff correctly, you first need to determine what type it is and then begin treatment.

Dandruff is dry and oily, this is due to the intensity of the sebaceous compartment on the head. Dry dandruff is formed on dry scalp and is caused by insufficient moisture. Sebum is not excreted in the right amount, but the cells continue to divide at their normal pace. Because of this, dead cells accumulate in the hair roots, which are visible to the eye and fall off. All this is often accompanied by itching and irritation of the scalp, and the hair can break, fall out, and lack shine. On oily scalp there is oily dandruff, but with such dandruff, the particles do not crumble, and because of excess sebum they stick together in flaky lumps. Owners of oily dandruff often have impaired respiration of hair, hair follicles, and skin can itch and redden.

The fight against dandruff should occur from inside and outside. For external treatment, special shampoos and hair products will be a good method, except that it is better to buy them from the pharmacy and not from the store. As follows, read the composition of the shampoo when buying. Medicated shampoo should include components such as selenium and zinc. These substances fight bacteria on the scalp; medical tar can also be part of the shampoo. You can ask the recommendations of a cosmetologist about the choice of a good medicinal shampoo.

For many years, people have been using proven and effective methods to combat dandruff at home.

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Fat dandruff control:

- An excellent tool would be washing the hair after shampoo with a decoction of onion peel. To do this, 50-70g of husk should be poured into boiling water and wait half an hour. But be careful, the bow may slightly dye your hair a yellowish-golden shade.

- Take one tablespoon of dry nettle and pour two cups of boiling water, wait one and a half to two hours, after the process. The resulting decoction as it should, rub in the roots of the hair, put on a cap on the head so that the roots get warm and hold the mask for half an hour. After the hair, do not wash off, and dry as usual.

-Take the crushed calamus rhizomes, fill them with one glass of boiling water, boil the mixture on the fire for about half an hour. Then strain and let the broth cool. Rub into the hair roots every day until you notice improvement.

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Dry dandruff control:

You buy calendula tincture from a pharmacy and mix it with castor oil in equal quantities. Liquid rub into the roots for an hour and a half before washing. Apply this mixture with every shampooing.

-For this recipe you mix two raw yolks with lemon juice (one small lemon is enough), add a couple of drops of burdock oil, you can castor. Use the mixture every other day.

- You will need one tablespoon of crushed onions, 1 tablespoon of burdock or castor oil, all this is mixed with two tbsp. spoons of vodka. Regularly rub the mixture for an hour before washing the head.

But do not forget that hair is a kind of indicator of the health of the whole organism as a whole, and depends largely on nutrition. Help to get rid of dandruff products containing the necessary vitamins. Include in your diet: fish, bananas, carrots, walnuts, liver, cheese, tomatoes, you can additionally take brewer's yeast. By taking all measures to combat dandruff, you will soon be able to say goodbye to her forever.

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