How to get rid of comedones

Comedones are small black spots on the skin that are caused by accumulation of dirt and sebum in the pores. At a time when sebum only begins to accumulate, it becomes like a subcutaneous white nodule. But in the process of interaction with oxygen, a chemical reaction occurs, so the pores darken. Get rid of this defect can be at home.

Often the cause of the comedones are - acne. If the activity of the sebaceous glands is too high and the sebum is produced in large quantities, then acne begins to form. There are other causes of comedones:

How to get rid of comedones?

  1. Violation of hormonal background. If the skin is prone to the formation of acne and testosterone levels are high, then it begins to produce too much sebum, while the dead cells do not have time to peel off, and therefore fill the pores;
  2. Genes. If the patient’s relatives have problems with acne, there is a risk that he will also suffer from this problem;
  3. Mechanical irritation of the skin;
  4. Cosmetics on an oil or fat basis;
  5. Some medicines. Quite rarely, but there were cases when pharmacological agents provoked acne;
  6. Humidity and pollution. Harmful particles contained in the ambient air accumulate in the pores;
  7. Stress. In difficult periods of life, sometimes there is no time to look after oneself, and in fact it is improper skin care and non-observance of the elementary rules of personal hygiene that contribute to the formation of this kind of rash.

How to get rid of comedones at home?

In rare cases, comedones can be squeezed out, but you should not neglect the rules of personal hygiene. To begin with, wash your hands and face thoroughly. After steaming the problem area, preferably over a herbal decoction, but not too hot! It is better to steam out the skin gradually, because until it is moisturized, the temperature is not so acutely felt.

After opening the pores, eels can be squeezed out. No need to make a lot of effort, because if the steaming procedure is followed, then the black dots will be easily squeezed out.

Those comedones that are not amenable to light mechanical movements, it is better to try to eliminate it again. Upon completion of the procedure, the face should be well wiped with a special disinfectant lotion and washed with cool boiled water.

  • You can also apply a mask, it will soothe the skin. It is made from egg white with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice, then moisturizing nourishing cream is applied. For the next 2 days you should refrain from using cosmetics and products that contain alcohol, especially if there is redness.
  • A good remedy for comedones is a homemade mask of salt and soda. But it can be done only in the case when there are no acne and inflammations on the face. For its preparation in equal proportions, you need to mix the salt and soda. Wash your face with hot water and powder a little with a damp cotton swab, putting the mixture on problem areas. There is no need to rub the skin! After some time, you need to wash your face and apply a nourishing cream on it. Often such a procedure can not be performed, it will be enough once a week.
  • Rice mask for the face - another tool to deal with black dots. To do this, rinse with ¼ Art. round rice, pour boiling water over it so that it completely covers the cereal. Then the container should be covered with a lid and left to swell overnight. In the morning, grits should be kneaded to the consistency of porridge and applied to the face.
  • Mask with gelatin also helps to get rid of black dots. 1 tbsp. l gelatin must be mixed with 1st. l milk, then heat until the mixture resembles glue. After the mask has cooled down a little, it should be applied to the skin with a soft brush, wait 10 minutes. Then abruptly remove the resulting film from the face. After this mask you need to apply a nourishing cream.

How to get rid of comedones?

You can also eliminate black dots with the help of traditional medicine:

  1. Kefir. Due to the fact that it incorporates acids, is an excellent tool in the fight against comedones. Masks from it are useful for combination and oily skin. Kefir should be applied for 20 minutes on problem areas of the skin, then rinse;
  2. Hercules mask with the addition of kefir. Mix with kefir 1 tbsp. l ground hercules flakes to a thick slurry. You can add a couple of drops of boric acid and a pinch of salt. Apply all this to the skin for 20 minutes and rinse;
  3. Tincture of calendula and honey. 1 tsp. honey and 1 tsp. calendula stir in 1 tbsp. boiled warm water. This solution must be wiped face 2-3 times a day;
  4. Parsley finely chop and squeeze the juice. With this juice, you need to wipe your face for two weeks 2-3 times a day.

How to get rid of closed comedones?

A closed comedo is called a pore, which is closed and has fat in it that does not go outside. As a result, a white but not inflamed head is formed. Of course, it is better to prevent the appearance of such defects than to treat them. To do this, if you detect a tendency of the skin to the occurrence of such problems, you must start proper care.

You can try to get rid of closed comedos with the help of drugs, for example - skinoren, differential. They act simply - they make the skin thinner, so the pores open and do not clog later. But the result will appear after 3-6 months of regular use.

Well deal with acne rash means that reduce the top layer of the skin, and it is - clay and peeling with fruit acids, badyaga. At least once a week it is worth making masks with clay or peeling. Do not interfere with doing weekly scrubs and washing your face with a special tool, but by no means soap! By the way, it is better to wash with a special sponge, it is a kind of scrub.

Such procedures will have an effect after weeks, or even months. For quick results, it is better to perform mechanical cleaning of closed comedones in a beauty salon or at home, and then fix the result with meticulous care.

If you have acne - no need to worry, it is quite fixable! Follow the rules of personal hygiene, make cleansing masks and choose the right cosmetics that will benefit your skin!

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