How to get rid of burrs on the fingers


Burrs on the fingers spoil the appearance of nails. They may indicate that the person does not like to care for themselves. In addition, they can be a sign of health problems. Therefore, you need to find out the cause and do everything to make your nails and fingers look perfect.

Causes of burrs

Causes of burrs

The causes and treatment of burrs - that should be of interest to each owner. The main culprit of this problem is the lack of proper skin care and the habit of nibbling the nail plate. Play the role of cleaning, chemicals that are used almost every day in everyday life. Often housewives forget that it is necessary to use special gloves in the process of working with such substances. As a result, the skin that surrounds the nail plate, dries, becomes coarse, cracks appear.

The reasons may be more serious. Burrs can be a sign of abnormalities in the body. For example, with a lack of vitamins and trace elements, such problems are common. What vitamins are missing with burrs on the fingers? These are retinol, tocopherol, vitamin B5, rutin, biotin, ascorbic acid.

Burrs occur in diseases of the digestive tract, dysbacteriosis. It is noticed that men face this problem more often than women. This is due to the fact that men's skin is more prone to roughness and dryness. Moreover, many men believe that only women should care for their skin.

Effective treatment

Many people, when they detect a burr, tend to cut it off. Because of this, it gets deeper. If you tear the burrs from your fingers, healthy skin tissue can be damaged. So there is an abscess on the skin, there is an inflammatory focus. If time does not get rid of burrs by effective methods, the nail cushion can become inflamed, like the whole finger.

How to get rid of burrs on fingers at home? The main methods - regular care, that is, manicure. Before you do it, you need to pre-steam the skin in the bath. It is best to add a little bit of essential oil. Can be used and vegetable. After parsing with nail clippers, the burrs need to be cut. Do not tear the skin or pull it.

How to get rid of burrs on fingers at home

Rough skin can be removed with a sanding file. But after this process, it is important to treat the skin with a disinfectant. Peroxide can be used.

To combat burrs and prevent their occurrence can and should use oil. In finished form, they are sold in pharmacies and regular stores. This is a very good and effective tool that should not be neglected.

The most common method are baths and masks for hands. Baths on the basis of oils are very effective, have a good effect on the skin, improving its condition after the first use. They can be used every day.

Beautiful skin near the nails brings joy to the eye. With such neat fingers, it is pleasant to touch loved ones. Therefore, you need to regularly and with care take care of your hands and nails!