How to get rid of bruises under the eyes


Bruises under the eyes are often evidence of serious health problems, but this is only half the trouble. They poison the lives of many women and do not allow them to fully feel confident. To start a comprehensive fight against bruises, one should determine what caused their appearance.

Causes of bruising

The problem of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes can be affected by a variety of factors. It also happens that for a long time a woman is fighting with blue, and their cause is too close to the location of blood vessels around the eyes. In this case, you should fight bruises using laser correction or go for lymphatic drainage massage.

Blue under the eyes may appear due to dramatic weight loss. It is very dangerous for women in adulthood, since their skin no longer has strong elasticity and begins to sag with a sharp drop in weight. The skin around the eyes is one of the first to respond to weight loss and becomes thinner, which can cause blueness to occur.

The next possible cause of blue may be nArgyne skin pigmentation. This can be avoided by applying a skin whitening procedure, for example, regularly bleaching a retinol whitening cream into the skin around the eyes. Good whitening mask for the skin. To achieve the result, it is necessary to undergo a course of bleaching for 1-2 months, then the lightening effect in the problem area will be noticeable.

After thirty-five years, the delicate skin around the eyes may lose its attractiveness due to age changes. The skin becomes thinner and, as it were, falls down, due to which a blue appears, which cosmetologists call hernia of the eyelids. But this reason for the appearance of blue does not eliminate cosmetic or popular recipes. The most effective method in the fight against age-related bruises will be face eyelid surgery.

Wrong way of life, poor nutrition also affects your appearance and the appearance of dark circles. If you have bad habits, do not get enough sleep, then you should actively use cosmetics for the skin around the eyes.

Sometimes, despite all the futile attempts, the bruises are not removed by their own efforts, which means that the whole thing is for much more serious reasons. Contact your doctor so that he can diagnose the entire body, often this cosmetic defect appears due to disorders of the kidneys and heart. Here you cannot help with external procedures alone, you need to restore your own health.

Getting rid of bruises

You can start fighting bruises at home too. As a compress for eyelid skin, ordinary black tea is suitable. First make tea leaves with one tea spoon of tea and pour a glass of boiling water over it, wait half an hour and then strain. Now you dip the cotton pads in the brew and put them to your eyes for 20 minutes. During this time, if the discs are dry, re-dip them in the brew. After warm discs, put on the discs dipped in cool water for about five minutes, and then grease the skin around the eyes with a greasy cream.

Many cosmetologists recommend going through the following method for a month. For her, you will need honey and kefir, mix them in equal amounts until a gel consistency is formed. Apply this mask on the problematic skin of the eyelids at bedtime for 20 minutes. The bruises will leave, albeit not immediately, but guaranteed.

Another popular and very simple means - boiled potatoes in uniform. The potatoes are cooled and then cut into two halves and each half is applied to the eyes. We hold such a mask for about half an hour.

Parsley root It has long been known for its healing properties for the skin of the eyes. Moreover, parsley can be included as just in your diet, and cook gruel from parsley root and apply to your eyes for 20 minutes.

A very effective way to fight bruises is cottage cheese, which is wrapped with gauze and applied to bruises for 20 minutes.

Well refreshes the skin of the face and reduces the blue on the eyes of the usual cosmetic ice, which is applied for ten minutes to the skin around the eyes.

Sometimes, bruises can indicate some problems in the work of the kidneys. Here will help this advice, which is used by many models - drink more than a liter per day. purified cool water. This advice helped almost everyone, and they noted progress in the fight against blue under their eyes.

If you decide to fight bruises in radical ways, then there is an operation such as blepharoplasty. It is carried out mainly on the testimony, if you do not get rid of bruises by your own efforts. Usually, such an operation should be solved already at a mature age, when there is already a problem of impending eyelids and strongly visible bags under the eyes. The operation is performed only on the lower or only on the upper eyelid, and blepharoplasty is performed for the entire skin of the eyes. The operation is that excess skin is removed from the eyelids, which forms bags and sagging above the eye. After blepharoplasty remains a small scar, which is visible only on close examination. The latest novelty for the skin around the eyes is transconjunctival blepharoplasty, in which an incision of the mucous membrane is made in the eyelid. With this method, the scar does not remain on the eyelid.

On the causes and treatment of dark circles under the eyes, read the article Dark circles under the eyes: causes, treatment.

If you make every effort, then soon the problem of bruises under your eyes will cease to exist for you!

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