How to get rid of body hair forever


Beautiful skin matters to both women and men. But if the latter is still the norm is frequent shaving, then for the fair sex, forced to maintain the smoothness of the whole body, there is an urgent need to get rid of hair forever. Is it possible? And if the answer is yes, is it possible to find a solution at home, or one cannot do without a master?

How to permanently get rid of body hair and face?

How to permanently get rid of body and face hair

Experts are ready to immediately disappoint anyone who wants to have smooth skin after several procedures of any type of hair removal - whatever marketers promise to promote this or that cosmological service or device, at some point it will have to be repeated. Perhaps this will happen in a year, perhaps in 5 years, but it will not be possible to forget about excess vegetation forever, because the human body is programmed to recover. But compared to weekly or even more frequent depilation sessions, annual visits to the salon or other epilation options are much more attractive.

  • Hardware cosmetology is the most reliable way, however, it is not accessible to everyone. This is due to the large number of contraindications and the high cost of the service, especially since to get a real result you need to complete a full course of 7-9 procedures.
  • Bioepilation does not relieve hair permanently, but gives a more prolonged effect than a machine or cream. In the salon, the service is not too expensive, in addition, the session can be carried out at home, for which you simply need to buy several drugs and master the technology. Contraindications, of course, have not been canceled, but they are much smaller than those of a laser and similar devices.
  • Electric epilators are inexpensive, giving a good long-term result, often really slowing down hair growth, but the procedure with their participation is very painful, often ending with irritation or microtrauma.
  • Hair bleaching is suitable only for girls who have not too thick vegetation, as well as initially thin hair and fair skin: in this case, having lost the pigment, it will be almost invisible on the body. Most often, this technique is practiced on the face - above the upper lip, on the periphery, etc.

But before you consider in detail some of these procedures, it is worth drawing your attention to the fact that the growth rate of hair and their density depend on the individual characteristics of the organism. In particular, with the hormonal disruptions in women, male-type hair growth begins, as a result of which any epilation is powerless, and only hormone therapy can be the solution. Therefore, if even proven methods do not help you, you should consult a doctor to find out why the growth rate and density of hair do not correspond to the normal values.

Apparatus cosmetology in the struggle for smooth skin

Apparatus cosmetology in the struggle for smooth skin

Cabin procedures, of course, more efficient and effective than the home, if you trust a professional. However, with efficiency, health risks also go hand in hand, especially when it comes to hardware cosmetology. Laser hair removal among the procedures of this type is the most famous and popular, but on top of that - overgrown with a large number of myths of various kinds. Who to believe?

  • The laser is not painful. This is not quite true: the beam emanating from the apparatus itself does not cause any pain, such as, for example, the needle of an electric epilator (salon), but the process it provokes brings some discomfort. The fact is that the principle of laser action is thermolysis: a cell that has melanin in itself is heated to such an extent that it explodes from the inside. Due to the fact that this cell is the usual hair bulb, the hair is also destroyed and no longer grows. The more pigment, the more heated the cell is, the more active the heat release to surrounding tissues and the higher the degree of pain of the procedure.

Thus, how a woman will perceive laser hair removal affects the amount of melanin in her hair. But not only that: skin sensitivity plays a significant role here, as a result of which the procedure on the bikini or face area is often much less pleasant than on the legs or hands. To determine the level of perception, the beautician makes a test sample, after which the issue of using an anesthetic (locally, externally) is decided.

  • The laser is not for everyone. Not quite right: when only a ruby ​​device was in use, it really allowed to destroy only dark hair on light skin, because otherwise it simply did not recognize the desired cell. Today, salons can choose between alexandrite, neodymium and diode apparatus, as a result of which the possibilities of cosmetologists are much wider. However, on gray and very light (almost white) hair, the laser doesn’t really produce results, since there is very little or no melanin in them. So, there is nothing to influence.

What really makes the laser inaccessible to some people is the list of contraindications to the procedure: cardiovascular and endocrine disorders, cancer, and varicose veins occupy leading positions. Doctors argue about carrying out an epilation at pregnant women still. In addition, the laser puts some restrictions: no tan is allowed 14 days before the procedure and for 14 days after it, the skin needs to be moisturized well, and between sessions you should not resort to depilation.

  • A significant advantage of the laser is that it allows you to get rid of hair in the bikini area, without provoking irritation, without ensuring ingrowth and skin damage. The same is true for the face: if you need to remove the "mustache" above the upper lip or even correct the shape of the eyebrows, the laser is much more attractive than electrolysis or even wax.

Nevertheless, among his options for how to get rid of the hair of a man or a woman in any part of the body for a long time, it is the laser that is in the lead, bypassing even photoepilators recognized as extremely unsafe. However, for the correct effect, it takes from 5 to 10 procedures with an interval of 3-4 weeks.

Folk remedies for hair removal

Folk remedies for hair removal

As for the various "grandmother's recipes", they manifest themselves differently in the matter of hair removal: it all basically depends on what you have to work with. If you have thick, dense, hard hair with a large amount of melanin, it is likely that neither peroxide, nor alcohol, nor any mixture will give you almost anything.

In fact, without resorting to the epilator, a woman can get rid of her hair at home forever, only as the owner of thin and fair hair, which is barely visible on the same fair skin. However, nothing prevents you from making an experiment on yourself and using the following recipes: they are safe enough even for use on the face, therefore, if the hair does not fall out, neither it nor the skin will become worse.

  • Follicles discoloration and burning is the most effective way that can really give a noticeable result. For its implementation is usually used either a strong solution of potassium permanganate, or a mixture of tablets of hydroperit and ammonia (3 tablets and 15 drops): the liquid is applied to the skin with a cotton pad, left for 20-30 minutes. and remove with warm water. However, this is only allowed for the body.
  • If you want to get rid of facial hair, it is better to use hydrogen peroxide (6%), which is mixed with ammonia and liquid soap (in equal proportions). The mass is spread in a thin layer over the desired area and left for 15-20 minutes, and then washed off. Repeating the procedure is allowed no more than 1 time per week, and for sensitive skin - 2 times a month. But with strong irritation, it is better to refuse such a method.
  • From the hair on the back in men helps a combination of iodine and ammonia: they are combined in a ratio of 1: 3, add the usual alcohol (5 g of ammonia - 30 g of normal), this mass is distributed over the back. The reason why this recipe is recommended for this particular area is that iodine paints the skin and the back is opened less often than other parts of the body.

It is noteworthy that bioepilation is also sometimes referred to as folk remedies. It makes some sense if we talk only about shugaring - the use of sugar paste, which is used in the same way as hot wax. The product can be purchased in professional stores, but women have learned to cook it themselves, from scrap components.

  • 10 tbsp. sugar take 1 tbsp. water and lemon juice (3-4 tbsp.). The mixture must be boiled and boiled down until thick. When it becomes plastic and acquires a golden hue, it is cooled and distributed over the body or face, directing along the hair growth. Then a sharp movement of the layer is removed in the opposite direction.

Summing up, we note once again that the human body is an individual, and not always the method tested by someone will work the same for you. If you want to try hardware cosmetology, be sure to talk with your doctor. And for folk remedies special preparation is not necessary, but still keep in mind that their effect is not so pronounced and does not appear immediately.