How to get rid of acne

Acne is an inflammation of the skin that causes a lot of trouble. There are many tools to help deal with this problem. But they do not help cure the very source of its occurrence. Folk remedies offer safe and effective ways to get rid of acne.

Causes of acne

In many cases, acne occurs due to disorders in the digestive, nervous and endocrine systems. That is why For the treatment of acne it is important to observe proper nutrition with the use of herbal decoctions. To begin with, fill the deficit of minerals and vitamins, spend a cleansing, correct the food, eliminating fried, salty, fatty, sweet, flour and smoked. Be sure to restore the water-salt balance by increasing the amount of mineral water.

How to care for skin with acne?

For acne, take care of your skin by regularly cleaning it using steam baths. They will help soften hardened plugs and facilitate the process of their removal. For steam, make decoctions of pine needles, sage and calendula. After applying these decoctions in the form of steam, cool them and wash their face with them, leaving it to dry naturally. Perform this procedure for 15 minutes at least 2 times a month.

How to quickly get rid of acne?

To cure acne faster, you need to make a decoction. You will need 1 tbsp. spoon of burdock root, hypericum, flowers of celandine and 2 cups of boiling water. Mix all herbs and pour boiling water over the mixture. Boil everything on low heat for 15 minutes. After 1 hour, strain the resulting decoction. Use it as a lotion for inflamed skin 3 times a day.

Recipes to help get rid of acne

  • Take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of flowers elecampane, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of calendula flowers, 1 tbsp. spoon of walnut leaves. Pour the mixture with 2 cups of boiling water and put in a water bath for 15 minutes. Leave to infuse for 1 hour. Then strain and store stored in the refrigerator. Wipe your face with a cotton swab dipped in infusion 3 times a day.
  • Also, you can use a decoction of fresh birch leaves, 0.5 cups of birch sap, 1 teaspoon of natural honey. Boil them for 5 minutes over low heat. Then cool and mix with honey and juice. Leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Take it a day, 3 times after eating 2 tbsp. spoons for a month.

How to get rid of purulent acne?

If you suffer from purulent acne, wipe the face with aloe vera. To prepare the juice, take aloe leaves, wash them and dry. Put them in a cool and dark place for 12 days. Then grind, and having filtered and having received juice, begin to wipe eels 3 times a day. Also for rubbing purulent acne suitable mixture of calendula and honey. To do this, dissolve in 1 glass of water 1 teaspoon of honey and tincture of calendula, mix thoroughly. Wipe the skin 3 times a week.

How to get rid of acne with oily skin?

Acne from acne can help get rid of the daily use of masks from carrots, potatoes, raspberries or strawberries. They are able to narrow pores. Try to use these masks, alternately changing them. Will be useful and masks of green tea and lemon.

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To get rid of acne, you need to adjust your diet. Also, you can help cleansing masks and their daily use. Using various folk remedies in and out will help you get rid of acne.

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