How to get rid of a mustache girl


Epilation of various parts of the body has long been a familiar procedure for women. But if getting rid of excess hair on the legs or in the bikini area already almost doesn’t arise, then less traditional places can be very puzzling. For example, how can a girl get rid of a mustache above her upper lip? It is unlikely that this zone can be affected by a simple razor.

Why do girls grow mustache?

Why do girls grow mustache?

Before looking for ways to permanently remove a gun that threatens to turn into a short mustache, above the upper lip, you should understand the reason for its appearance. It may be necessary to search for salvation not in epilation, which will still have to be repeated at regular intervals, but in the internal impact on the body. Indeed, unlike men, women should not wear a mustache.

Increased hair growth on the skin can be caused by several factors, among which the most negative is hormonal imbalance. In this situation, there is a shortage of estrogen and an excess of testosterone: the latter refers to the "male" hormones, so in the female body should not exceed 3.75 nmol / l of blood. In parallel with this, hair loss on the head and their appearance on the face, in the lower part of the abdomen, arms and legs, with greater thickness and area, can occur. Determine the hormonal imbalance can be, passing the appropriate tests. And in this case, no procedure for removing a mustache over the upper lip will not help: until the endocrine system or the adrenal glands function properly, it will be running in a closed circle. Here it is worth mentioning the age-related hormonal changes accompanying the menopause: the probability of the appearance of excess hair on the body and face increases significantly, and it is not always possible to return the indicators to normal.

If the tests do not inform about internal violations, it is quite possible that the whiskers above the upper lip are a gift of nature. In the case when the parents (most often, transmitted through the male line) have dark and dense vegetation on the body, the girl can inherit it. However, in addition to a too saturated gun, dark hairs will appear on the arms, legs and bikini area above the upper lip. In addition, it is likely the presence of downy hair at the temples, from the hairline to the forehead, on the bridge of the nose. It is impossible to get rid of excess vegetation forever, since it is impossible to influence genetics, but salon types of hair removal can prolong the periods between treatments. Sometimes it happens that such “gifts” of nature manifest themselves in a girl only at a transitional age: then there is a chance that, like the other negative factors of a given period, this one will disappear without a trace when the restructuring of the body is completed.

How to remove a girl's mustache without consequences?

How to remove a girl's mustache without consequences?

All methods that guarantee the safest removal of a mustache in a girl and have a prolonged effect are salon. And photoepilation, and laser, and chemical to carry out at home is not possible. Their next drawback is the high cost, due to which such options are not available to everyone. However, judging by the real reviews, in some situations even the postponement of the last money for a similar procedure is worth it. But you need to take into account a number of contraindications and restrictions, so it is worth a detailed walk through each type of salon epilation to decide whether you need it.

Electrolysis - the most famous way to remove excess hair on the face and body, is the impact on the hair bulb with an electric current that kills it in the bud. In the process, the bulb is penetrated by a thin needle through which an electrical impulse is launched at a specific frequency, and this is repeated for each extra hair. The method, of course, falls into the category of particularly effective, since after the follicle is destroyed, new hairs are formed only after 10-12 months. (with the exception of hormonal imbalance as a reason for the appearance of whiskers), but we should not forget about the painfulness of the procedure, due to which many girls refuse it. There are no contraindications from the point of view of the reason for the appearance of whiskers over the upper lip, however, it is forbidden to carry out the procedure in the presence of malignant tumors, skin tendency to the appearance of scars, and after the installation of pins and dentures containing metal. In addition, electrolysis is not recommended for pregnant women.

Photoepilation is a painless and safe method, due to the fact that there is no direct penetration of any object into the skin, which reduces the risk of infection. The essence of the procedure lies in the impact of the light pulse on melanin, which brightens the hair, and the bulb, which destroys it partially or completely. You can not get rid of the mustache forever, as with electrolysis, but you can forget about them for the next year if the follicle has been completely destroyed. It is also important to remember that photoepilation will not work on light fluff hairs, as well as gray hairs - after all, there is almost no melanin in them. Therefore, this procedure is more likely focused on women with dark hair - from light brown and above. The course consists of 5-7 procedures, which are carried out only closer to the cold season: before the summer, photo-epilation is prohibited, so as not to get the burn treated area from the increasing sunlight. On the solarium, of course, also have to forget. Among the particularly strict contraindications are diabetes mellitus, ischemia, malignant tumors and injuries in the area that will be treated with a light pulse.

Whichever of the above proposed methods of removing the whiskers you choose, in no case touch the area above the upper lip with a razor. In addition to the fact that the thin skin of this area is easily damaged, the growing hairs will be hard and dark, and also begin to grow. And it is already much worse than a light dark fluff.