How to get beautiful in the photos


For some reason, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see one thing, and when we revise our photos, we just wonder if it is me? This has already become a practically annoying fact: many girls turn out in photos not at all in the way they look in life. Speech now, of course, does not go about professional models, because they know in which position to stand, and what facial expression to make, and what emotions to convey to the camera, but for ordinary girls all this is difficult. What should I know to get beautiful in the photos?

How to get beautiful in the photos: makeup

Make-up plays an important role in how you get on the photo, so take this item seriously.

  • If you use a nacre-colored shade or blusher, then be extremely careful, they can look like swelling or bruising in the photo.

  • By pearl lipstick should also be very careful: if you want to give your lips volume, then give preference to light shades, they visually increase the lips, and in the center, apply a little shine. Dark tones of lipstick on the contrary visually reduce the volume of the lips.
  • Using a lip liner, choose the color closest to the lipstick color, otherwise you can appear in the photos as a painted doll.
  • Lipstick with a purple tint or blush of the same color is better not to use at all in make-up, as in the photo you get a painful and tired look.
  • If you are the owner of tanned skin, then avoid pink, burgundy or purple flowers in makeup. Light-skinned girls are not very bright colors.
  • Do not hesitate to apply mascara in several layers - this will give the look expressiveness and openness, and the eyelashes in the photo will look beautiful and fluffy. But it is better not to apply eyeliner with a thick line, but to make it slightly noticeable or even to make a smoky makiyazgly eye. About this you can read in our article: "Smoky eye makeup."
  • You need to be very careful about color eyeliner, if you use bright saturated colors - blue, green, bright black, then do not focus on your lips.
  • To avoid the glitter of the face in the photo, powder your face with matte powder. If you have minor skin defects, such as small pimples, redness, bluish and dark circles under the eyes, then a masking pencil will help you, but just choose a tone that is paler than tone cream.

  • You have a black and white photo shoot? Then stop on the delicate shades in make-up, because if you decide to use bright saturated colors, then, for example, red lipstick will look like black in the photo.

How to choose a pose for a photo to get beautiful?

  • A successful posture can hide many figure flaws, and if you want to get beautiful pictures at the end of the shooting, be sure to rehearse in front of the mirror.
  • If you have planned professional photography, carefully listen to all the advice of the photographer, he probably has some good poses in stock, with which you can perfectly get on the photo.
  • There is one universal posture that gives everyone a favorable light, and it would be nice for you to remember it. It looks like this - slightly lend the shoulder forward, with the head positioned so that the chin touches the shoulder, and the face and head are slightly tilted down. This is a simple, but at the same time very interesting pose for a photo, it will look especially good when conducting a large-scale shooting.
  • Very lively and emotional frames are obtained, where the subject is in motion. For example, it could be a jump photography or any other sports shooting, where a person does not think about where to send his arms and legs.

In general, remember that The most successful photos are where the person is captured most naturally., so try to relax while taking a picture. It will not lead to anything good if you will bully your lips and make languid eyes, but if you act as if you are in the company of good friends, the photos will turn out as natural as possible.

Tips for those who want to be beautiful in photos

  • If you consider your figure somewhat voluminous, then become not straight, but half a turn. As a result, in the picture you will look thinner than you really are.
  • Girls with small stature is better to ask the photographer to slightly sit down - this will visually increase your figure. And if your height is too big, then this angle should be avoided.
  • Plump ladies should not be in the center of the frame, so they will look even better, it is better to stand somewhere on the side.
  • The face should also be filed in the correct position. For some, the most successful position is frontal shooting, usually people with a large nose or narrow facial structure. But the owners of the round type of person is better to choose such poses to be photographed in three-quarters or half a turn. As a result, the rounded shapes of the face will visually decrease.
  • It is very important to remember about the correct posture - keep your back straight, arching like a graceful kitty. But without kinking, the curves of your figure should look seductive and natural, and not as if you were frozen like a statue.

How to get beautiful in photos: facial expression

You can rehearse in front of the mirror. Display a whole range of different emotions on your face - smile mysteriously, slightly clenching your teeth, or vice versa smile with a dazzling wide smile. Look arrogant or with enthusiasm in the eyes, weight options. Choose the expression that best suits you and capture it in the photo.

To get beautiful in the photo, it is not necessary to look directly into the camera and pierce it with a look, you can look away a little to the side, but do not look at “nowhere”, find some point that caught your attention.

There is one more little trick for a successful photo - look away from the camera, think about something pleasant or fun, and then turn to the photographer, and he will photograph you at this moment.

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Take pictures when you have a mood for this, then the photos will turn out interesting and emotional. It is even better to take pictures that are not invented, but to photograph yourself and friends during a walk, holidays or hikes, such photos will be 100% natural.