How to gently make up your nails

It is believed that the nails are a kind of indicator of a woman's grooming and her concerns about her own beauty and health. But not everyone has enough time and financial resources to regularly visit the manicure master. Of course, a professional will paint your nails neatly, and you will admire them for a long time, but you can do it yourself if you practice and take into account some important tips. In this case, do not forget that the concept of "gently make up your nails" includes not only the process of painting, but also the process of preparing nails for painting, care of the cuticle and other important things.

What do you need to carefully paint the nails?

  • In any job it is important to prepare the tools with which we will work. So what do you need? The secret of a beautiful manicure largely depends on the neat and processed cuticle, so prepare yourself wooden cuticle stick. How to work with her? Soften the cuticle with hot water, then remove the excess with a wooden stick and ideally the cuticle should be raised above the nail plate. You can remove the cuticle and special scissors, but with this method there are great chances of hurting the skin. Perform a similar procedure before each application of lacquer, because if you do not remove the cuticle, then the varnish will fall carelessly and you will not be able to complete the perfect manicure.

How to gently make up your nails?

  • The second thing you need is of course varnish. For self-fulfillment of manicure at first, do not take too bright or dark colors of varnishes. These colors require perfect application and if you do not have much practice, then you will not be able to perform the procedure perfectly. Start with light colors, and then you can move on to more intense hues.
  • The next thing is manicure corrector. This is a very convenient and useful thing, because in the process of manicure, the lacquer often goes beyond the edges of the nail, which looks pretty ugly. As a manicure corrector, you can take an ordinary plastic or wooden stick with cotton wool. You can buy a proofreader in special salons, but they are usually quite inconvenient and spoil the manicure even worse. It is much easier to take an ordinary cotton swab, after having moistened it in a nail polish remover. Many women use the same trick that you can use and you - a varnish that has gone beyond the nail can be carefully removed with the thumb of the other hand, and then remove the remaining varnish from under the nail with the same cotton swab.
  • For a neat manicure, you will also need lacquer brush,but not the brush that is already in the bottle with varnish, but a special brush. Many cosmetic brands, such as Avon, Chanel, Orly, produce individual brushes that you can choose for your nail size. This simple tool allows you to quickly and accurately cover your legs with varnish. If you want to do a French manicure, then these brushes will be very useful and you will have no difficulty in carrying out the border of French manicure exactly and without smudges. To do such a manicure should be, putting a brush edge and applying lacquer edge of the brush.

How to gently make up your nails?

The process of applying varnish for a neat manicure

  • Having prepared all the tools, proceed to the application of varnish. To begin with, thoroughly wash your hands and treat the surface of the nail with a small amount of nail polish remover. This will slightly dry and degrease the nail plate, which means that the lacquer will last longer and will not peel off for a long time. Then be sure to apply clear varnish or colorless caring liquid. This procedure nourishes the nails with beneficial substances and evens the surface of the nail before applying nail polish.
  • Now proceed to the application of colored varnish. It doesn't matter if you take a bright shade or pale varnish, always apply it in two layers. First, dip the brush in the lacquer and let it drip a little and gently apply the lacquer. Covering the nails with varnish in two layers will allow you to get a rich intense shade and then the manicure will look more professional.
  • Many women prefer to apply lacquer in one layer and because of this it is impossible to gently paint the nails, the nails look dull and faded.
  • After applying the main varnish, you can use a nail polish fixer - this will give your nails extra shine, durability and neatness of the manicure. But of course, if you have already applied the main varnish in several layers and the manicure turned out to be rather “fat”, then the fixative is not necessary to apply.

How to gently make up your nails?

  • Then comes the stage of drying the nails. It is important to be patient and not touch anything, at least 20 minutes, depends on the drying of the varnish. After 5-10 minutes it may seem to you that the varnish is already dry, but if you touch it, you will have fingerprints left on your nails and you will have to redo everything new, so take the drying seriously.
  • When the nails are painted, then all the beauty of the manicure often spoils the smeared lacquer around the edges, it is removed, as already mentioned by the manicure corrector. Only remove the errors should be, when the varnish is already completely dry, since you can smear the varnish on the nails.

Neat staining of long and short nails

Owners of long nails will be the easiest to apply varnish, and with the choice of color lacquer they have no problems, suitable and bright, and inconspicuous tone.

With short nails is more difficult, and to carefully paint short nails, you should follow some rules: use only fresh liquid varnish for short nails, because a very thick varnish can creep out of the nail, for short nails choose pale muted tones, but from bright shades it is better to refrain, painting short nails, you can leave a small space around the edges and then the nails will visually look longer.

How to gently make up your nails?How to gently make up your nails?

Tips for a neat manicure

  • Begin the procedure of applying the varnish with the little finger.
  • Your hand should be comfortable and stable on the surface.
  • To gently make up the nails, mentally divide the nail into three transverse parts, then pull back 1 part from the cuticle and with a confident movement brush with the tip of the nail, and then paint the missing space around the edges.
  • Wait for the complete drying of one layer and then apply the next one.

These simple secrets will help you beautifully and gently paint the nails. Good luck to you manicure!

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