How to dye your hair


According to psychologists, hair coloring is one of the easiest ways to change life and start it from scratch. For many girls, this is not a whim, or even a desire to change. Proper staining will help make your hair more healthy and well-groomed appearance, visually reset a few years.

What paint is better to dye your hair?

Shops offer a wide range of different hair dyes. So how not to get lost in this diversity? There are several types of paints - natural (henna), chemical, which can be used at home and professional. The latter are not sold in retail, but are distributed among beauty salons through special catalogs.

The first thing you need to start choosing paint is to decide on a shade. Many manufacturers place a special program on their websites, and the final result of coloring can be viewed online. If there is no such service, then there will certainly be tips on choosing a shade of paint, which is suitable in each particular case, according to the color of your skin, eyes and hair. In the future, you need to decide which paint is needed. But not the name of the brand, and the method of its impact. These can be tinting agents, semi-resistant and resistant dyes.

Coloring agents, also known as tinting, are best used by ladies who take care of their hair. Such products do not contain hydrogen peroxide, due to this careful coloring is carried out. Dyes just envelop the hair, do not penetrate deep inside. There is also a significant minus - such paints are washed away literally after 7–8 shampoos.

How to dye your hair?

Such tools are best used for girls with dry and brittle hair, as well as a way to determine the color for a more resistant staining. Shading means can be used to align your own color, for example, when gray hair appears or to refresh colored hair.

Semi-resistant hair dyes, also called temporary, rather gently dye hair, despite the low content of hydrogen peroxide. This color will last for about 2 months, but it will not be able to change the hair color drastically, the maximum change to 1 tone.

Long-lasting hair dyes contain a fair amount of hydrogen peroxide; for these reasons, careful coloring is not a suitable term. It is not advisable to use such paints for dry and damaged hair, otherwise you can get burned scalp and a large amount of lost hair.

It is best to use professional coloring agents. The hairdresser will select the best hair dye based on several criteria.

How to dye your hair?

  • Before you start painting, you must carefully read the instructions and determine the amount of paint. Save is not worth it, otherwise the color may not be even. In addition, it is necessary to strictly adhere to temporary indicators, the accuracy of color transfer and the durability of paint will depend on this.
  • When painting, your hair should be dry, despite the fact that the paint goes on wet curls easier. In addition, before painting, it is best not to wash your hair for at least a day, in which case a natural protection is created on the hair in the form of a greasy-dusty film. But the strands should not be too greasy, in order for the color to turn out bright and saturated with pigments of dye, it is necessary to penetrate the hair scales.
  • For owners of gray hair, with varying intensity, before painting you can soften the curls with balsam. It is necessary to wash your hair only with a balm, without using shampoo, and allow the hair to dry on its own. By the way, when choosing a paint, you must make sure that it is suitable for painting gray hair, otherwise, the end result may be unpredictable. When painting itself, it is necessary to apply the product first on gray hair, and only then distribute the paint over the entire length.
  • Hair must be dyed in parts, so it will be easier to ensure a high-quality paint.
  • In order to prevent staining of the forehead or ears, you can apply a small amount of vaseline to these areas and along the hairline. Instead of vaseline, you can use any fat cream. After painting and waiting for the time necessary for exposure, the product should be rinsed with warm water. Too hot water can additionally injure hair.
  • After dyeing, you need to think about protection, especially when it comes to the use of resistant hair dyes. Of course, many modern tools have quite mild compositions, but still damage your curls. As protection, it is necessary to use balms after dyeing, and after special shampoos and balms for colored hair.

How to dye your hair?

  • After washing the head is not recommended to use a hair dryer. Drying with hot air after dyeing deprives the hair of elasticity and shine, can make the color dull. Ideal if the hair dries itself.

How to dye hair with henna?

Currently, natural products are becoming increasingly popular. This fashion for eco-friendly products has not bypassed hair dyeing. The most popular natural dye is henna or basma. Henna is harmless to hair, but it is worth remembering that it refers to tinting agents, and not to dyes. When using only henna, you can get a rich red-red shade, and if you mix basmu and henna in equal proportions - chestnut.

Before using the product, it is necessary to pour hot, but not boiling water, while stirring, dissolve until a homogeneous slurry is obtained. The exact proportions are shown on the product packaging.

Before henna dyeing, hair should be washed and remain slightly damp, but not wet. It is necessary to start painting from the back of the head, and finish at the top of the head. Keep henna on the hair is best for 20 - 40 minutes. Time will depend on the desired result: the longer it takes, the more intense and dark the color will be.

After that, you need to wash your hair with warm water without using shampoo. It is necessary to wash the curls until the water becomes transparent. After using henna, it is not advisable to wash the hair with shampoo for 3 days, otherwise it is possible to lose brightness and color intensity.

How to dye your hair with pastels?

  1. Many young girls have long abandoned the use of hair dyes. Pastels or crayons for coloring curls firmly entered their everyday life. Moreover, at the peak of popularity multicolored strands. This method of hair coloring is simple and does not require much time.
  2. For drawing, you can use both dry chalk and oil. It is worth remembering that oil is not particularly well divided pigment, so it is recommended to use dry pastels.
  3. For painting it is necessary to make a start from hair color. So dark curls better pre-wet, but the light should be the opposite dry. Before applying the pigment, you must first twist the strand of hair in a bundle, in which case the paint will be applied more evenly.
  4. Before coloring it is necessary to think carefully over the image, remember some nuances. To begin with, it is necessary to apply the dye on a not too noticeable strand, in case of failure, it can be easily hidden. In addition, when applying pastel crumbles strongly and you need to think about the protection of clothing.
  5. Using pastel crayons too often is not worth it, they dry hair.

How to dye your hair?

The main mistakes when painting hair

The first mistake is to assume that the result of dyeing will fully coincide with the color on the package. It is worth remembering that the result will depend on the natural shade of the hair, whether the hair has been dyed before and many other factors. In order to more accurately determine the color, it is necessary to use a table of shades, which is depicted on the package and to make a start from these results.

In addition, experts do not recommend using dandruff shampoos for colored hair. The fact is that special tools are quite strong cleaner that can damage the paint. If you are worried about dandruff, you need to use shampoos for dyed hair against dandruff.

Stylists do not recommend dyeing the hair more than 2 shades lighter or darker than natural. The color of the curls should be in harmony with the color type: skin tone, eyes.

Hair coloring allows you to quickly change the image. It attracts women, especially in spring, when they want freedom and change. The main thing, among the many tools proposed by the cosmetic industry, to choose the most suitable. It is important that it does not harm the hair and is right for you!