How to dye your eyebrows at home


Each woman knows that you can go out without bright lipstick, puppet eyelashes or face sculpting, but eyebrows must have a clear shape and be in harmony with the appearance. They - one of the key points on the face, which can ruin even the most complex and skillful makeup. Coloring and adjusting the eyebrows can give a special look to the look.

How to paint eyebrows at home?

Most women have problems with eyebrows. Difficulties can be not only in how to find your ideal shape, correct it and correct the asymmetry, but also in the way you can color your eyebrows at home. This procedure requires a good third of women. This is especially true of those who radically change the color of their hair, for some reason forgetting about eyebrows.

The most important thing is to choose the right color for eyebrows. When selecting the optimal tone of the dye, a simple rule of the "corridor" in 2 shades in any direction. That is, eyebrows may be darker or lighter than the hair on the head, but not more than 2 tones. And this is regardless of their shape and thickness. It turns out that the color should be in harmony with a touch of hair. That is why the black eyebrows on the face of blondes look too unnatural.

When painting should take into account the temperature of the exterior. When the red and golden highlights in the hair to buy paint with a gray shimmer should not be. And, on the contrary - for ashen-blond or bluish-black curls you should not paint the eyebrows in red-brown tones.

Charming look: paint your eyebrows yourself!

How to color eyebrows at home? How to choose eyebrow dye?

What you shouldn’t exactly do is try to paint your eyebrows on your own with the help of a product intended for hair. In addition to the fact that their chemical composition varies somewhat, they also have to change the ratio and volumes.

How to choose eyebrow dye? Reviews and recommendations

Using a permanent dye is a great way to forget about daily manipulations of eyebrows with a pencil and shadows. It is also a great opportunity to give your eyebrows the most natural look that you cannot get with any other means. Another advantage is that after dyeing the eyebrow contour will not float from contact with moisture or with your own hands, because, by and large, it does not.

The only thing that the paint is not capable of is filling the internal areas. Therefore, if there are places without hair, they will have to continue to fill with shadows and a pencil. Let us dwell in more detail on how to work with the paint yourself, how the eyebrows change before and after dyeing, and how to care for them during the periods between corrections.

In specialized hairdressing shops today a wide range of dyes of various brands is presented. Estel and Igora are the most affordable and widely distributed. Their price range is almost the same. According to numerous polls, EstelEnigma, IgoraBonacrom and C: EHKO paint are the most popular.

Reviews on eyebrow paint of these brands can be found completely opposite. It should be understood that each review on a particular means for staining should be considered, not forgetting the individual reactions to certain components. Also, negative feedback may be due to possible errors during the dyeing process and when choosing a dye.

All professional brands have a manual attached to the dye package, which not only describes the process of this procedure, but also a set of tools and instruments. However, it is better to prepare in advance what you need when painting. During eyebrow dyeing are used:

  • Any small non-metallic bowl
  • Cotton swabs and wheels
  • Brush with synthetic bristle, better "tongue" is not too wide
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Fat face cream and antiseptic
  • Gloves
  • Tube of paint and activator lotion

The last point may vary, since some manufacturers offer an already diluted product mixed with the developer.

How to color eyebrows at home? How to choose eyebrow dye?

How to self-paint eyebrows?

The first and most important thing to remember is to work with a permanent dye is strictly prohibited to people who have a tendency to inflammatory eye diseases. Anyone without exception before starting the procedure of eyebrow dyeing is definitely worth a classic test for an allergic reaction. The drug is applied to the skin at the elbow joint from the inside, after which you need to wait 2 days.

It is also important to remember that the coloring is done before plucking the hairs, and not after adjusting the eyebrows! The fact is that the correction, in one way or another, forms wounds imperceptible to the eye, into which the paint may fall. This does not lead to anything good.

Eyebrows before the procedure must be prepared.

  1. To do this, they carefully comb her hair, and then her outline is outlined on the outside with a white or light pink pencil. The skin around the eyebrow is treated with an antiseptic, and then with a fat cream, which will later facilitate the removal of paint that has accidentally got on it.
  2. By means of a flat brush or a cotton swab, the paint is applied to the eyebrow, starting from its base and ending with a tail. It is very important to draw it the way it does with a regular daily pencil shaping procedure. That is, gently filling the inner space. The layer of paint applied to the application area must be thick enough. After removing the dye on the skin will remain a trace, as with tattooed. The main task is to make it aesthetically appealing.
  3. Depending on how intense the shade needs to be obtained, the dyeing time varies. Its lower limit is considered 5 min. , and the top - 15 minutes. At the end of the period, the dye is removed with a damp cotton pad. Once it is clean, the product is completely removed.

If as a result of eyebrow dyeing the result does not suit the intensity of staining, experts advise you to thoroughly wash eyebrows with soap and water. Alkaline environment will destroy most fresh eyebrow paint.

Charming look: paint your eyebrows yourself!

Color eyebrows henna

Henna is also often taken to replace the chemical suspension. In this case, a henna sachet is purchased, which can then be mixed with basma to correct the shade.

From the technology of dyeing paint process with henna does not differ too much. In addition to the henna itself, in a bowl (better than ceramic), some basma and tint are added to the depth of tone. Usually coffee, tea or cocoa plays its role. Pure henna can be used only by girls with red curls, and clean basma will give an undesirable green tint. However, they neutralize each other - excessive redness goes away, but the greenish pigment does not appear.

The final mixture should have the consistency of thick cream, it is quite easy to type on the brush, but not to drain it instantly. Otherwise, it will stain the skin around the eyebrows, which is completely undesirable.

Preparation for henna dyeing is no different from preparation during the dyeing of eyebrows professional paint.

  1. Circumscribed contour with a pencil, cream is applied on the skin around. Henna is applied to the eyebrows by the same method as when painting with paint - in the direction from the bridge of the nose to the temple. After this, it is necessary to put pieces of plastic film on the treated eyebrows. This will help keep the temperature of the mixture, because, unlike paint, henna dyes hair in the presence of heat.
  2. Keep the mixture on the eyebrows need 30 minutes. up to 2 hours. It is the difficulty of determining the time of staining is a significant minus for many women who want to paint their eyebrows with this product. The exposure time of the henna on the eyebrows depends on the desired hue saturation. It is often very difficult to guess. For this reason, professionals advise to conduct an experiment on the hair in advance in order to at least understand how long to wait for the result of dyeing not to disappoint.
  3. Henna is removed by means of a wet cotton pad and subsequent washing of eyebrows with cool water. Neither soap, nor shampoos, nor other chemical means for washing off are used. After rinsing, it is recommended to fix the result by processing the eyebrows with either vitamin A, which can be purchased at the pharmacy in capsules or with a nourishing cream.

Eyebrow paint: reviews

How to color eyebrows at home? How to choose eyebrow dye?

The term of preservation of the result of eyebrow coloring with permanent paint is usually up to half a month or a little longer, but from henna - up to six months. The new procedure is not recommended by the wizard to be held more than once a month.

Like any other chemical effect, this procedure carries its share of negative impact. Some women, in their comments on eyebrow tinting with specific means used in the case, said that they began to thin and lose hair.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to name the only ideal variant for coloring. Someone suitable professional paint, someone - henna with Basma. The main thing when painting is to choose a suitable shade of paint. It should be darker or lighter than the original color by no more than 2 tones. It is also important to prepare the eyebrows for coloring. By following these rules, you will get excellent results..