How to dress with taste


The ability to look good is one of the most important skills of a modern woman. It is necessary to like the opposite sex, to be in good standing at work and, finally, just to feel confident.

However, dress with taste and correctly - the whole science. Not every woman has an innate sense of taste. Much has to learn.

How to dress with taste?

The main rule of good taste

Clothing must obey a simple rule. If you wear bright, eye-catching clothes, you need to choose barely noticeable jewelry, weightless jewelry and neutral accessories. If today you intend to pick up some very complex in design and accessories rich in color, then as a basis for them you need to take clothes of simple cut, sustained in soothing, not screaming tones. The frilly clothing with even more elaborate accessories creates a feeling of complete lack of style and taste.

How to dress with taste?

Dress according to the situation

Not only color, style and fabric are indicative of taste. Stupid and even somehow ridiculous look women standing at bus stops in the winter, all shivering from the cold, but dressed in thin nylon tights and short skirt. Likewise, the ladies who prefer thin stiletto shoes in the ice.

Of course, the weather is changeable now. However, whenever possible, you should still try not to fall into such weather incidents. Your clothes should be relevant.

In order to make it more convenient for you to use your wardrobe, carefully study it. Place your order in the closet. Think of several options for combining your things with each other. Such combinations can immediately assembled in a closet and hang. This is very convenient, because in our life unforeseen circumstances may arise, and so you will always have a pair of prepared sets that will not need to be picked up around the mirror for three hours.

Simply get them out of the closet. Important and accessories. It is best to sort them out by style. What can you wear with sportswear that with classic clothes. Thus, you will be insured against surprises and from the desire at the last moment to hang on yourself almost all the jewelry.

How to dress with taste?How to dress with taste?

Clothing experiments

Many people like to experiment with their style. Most often, people willingly mix clothes that are very different in style, and their combination is no good. There are, of course, successful examples. For example, you can easily wear a fitted classic blazer, though the base is a plain cotton T-shirt and skinny jeans. \

However, bad examples are also sufficient. What only is a girl tucking sports pants in high boots with a stiletto or under the same tights shoes. It looks just awful. Probably no one can understand this "style". Of course, all this is extreme, but still it is worth thinking at least sometimes how you will look, putting on completely different things together. Stand out from the crowd - of course, good. But do not bring this desire to nonsense.

How to dress with taste?How to dress with taste?

Good taste, style and fashion

Don't trust gloss magazines too much. Very often in such publications, readers are "shoved" by those images and those clothes that are necessary for them. That is, manufacturers pay for advertising, the magazine publishes their clothes. Of course, on the pages of these publications you can sometimes find something appropriate and really worthwhile. But do not believe everything. If you do not cope with the choice of style, look at the photo reports from the shows of fashion designers.

How to dress with taste?How to dress with taste?

Having seen enough of the pictures, feel free to form your style, considering, of course, personal preferences. In the shops you can find many things "from the catwalks." Only they will be slightly modified, because the principle of building things is almost the same for everyone, but each brand has some kind of zest, which serves as a difference from others.

Developing a sense of taste is a very difficult task. However, using simple rules and applying a little creativity, you can create your own unique image that will become an integral part of you, your highlight, will emphasize your individuality.