How to dress full girls


Problems with the figure spoil the life of many girls. But whatever forms they have, each should strive to look attractive and stylish. True, this is not always possible, because complete women find it difficult to choose beautiful and fashionable clothes for themselves. There are many tips and small tricks that will solve this issue.

How to dress full girls?

You should not think that if you possess magnificent forms, the fashion for you does not exist. It's not like that at all. You, like any normal girl, you can wear anything, but following some recommendations.

How to dress full girls?

Dresses- without this element of the wardrobe can not do any girl. For ladies with a magnificent figure, a double-layered outfit would be an excellent option: the bottom layer is satin, and the top layer is chiffon or lace. The lightness of the material and flying folds will hide the flaws of the figure, make the image airy and light.

The recommended dress length is just below the knees or to the floor. The length of the midi also has a place to be. If you prefer a dress with sleeves, pay attention to their length and cut. It is not recommended that the sleeves be shorter than the elbow. The optimal length is ¾. Sleeves can be flared and tight. For dresses without sleeves should provide a cape, stole, bolero or jacket.

To make the breasts necessary shape, you should use silicone cups. They are good because they are invisible under clothes, so you can wear dresses with a deep neckline and open back. The optimal cut on the chest for obese girls is V-shaped.

It is recommended to minimize the number of decorative trimmings, ribbons, bows, embroidery, appliqués, lace, etc. The only thing that can be allowed is a satin stitch. Among the suitable styles for full girls are A-silhouette models, trapezes and high waist.

Skirt - Another mandatory attribute of women's wardrobe. Full girls absolutely can not wear skirts with patch pockets, tight skirts and tulip skirts (they make the hips wider, which is simply unacceptable). The ideal styles of skirts for full girls are straight, a pencil and A-silhouette.

Trousers It is best to choose a straight silhouette, but not wide from the thigh. In addition, you can wear tight pants classic cut and slightly narrowed. Full-length girls with large breasts and voluminous shoulders are ideal for printed trousers that will distract attention from the upper body. To visually reduce the amount of hips, give preference to models with dark inserts on the sides.

Sweatshirts. It is recommended for owners of massive shoulders and large breasts to choose jackets of a calm and uniform color, simple styles with raglan sleeves (they make the shoulder line neat and smoother). In addition, it is best to wear shirts and blouse sleeves, as the short sleeve draws attention to the shoulder line.

How to dress full girls?

If you have a small chest, but lush hips, choose jackets with wide collars, lapels, bright colors and brilliant texture. Girls with a straight figure should choose narrow single-breasted jackets and blouses with straight cut, abandoning fitted blouses.

Winter clothes. As a rule, winter clothes, regardless of shape, are volumetric and textured in themselves. Full girls can wear warm sweaters, vests and cardigans, but with a few rules. Curvy and short ladies can choose sweaters up to mid-thigh.

Tall girls can wear elongated options. Textured things all add volume: the textured thing, the darker it should be. To reduce the size of the shape, pay attention to the graphic images (diamonds, diagonals, circles, squares, etc.).

Do not give preference to jackets, coats and cloaks with false shoulders, because they visually make the shoulders larger and wider. Also it is necessary to abandon the overhead pockets and extra decorated elements on clothes - they add unnecessary volume.

Cardigans - another favorite of women's wardrobe. With their help, you can give the figure slimness, and the V-shaped neckline will hide the stomach. If you put on a knitted thing under a cardigan, it is desirable to combine the textures of dresses.

Many girls wear knitted vests in winter. It will only be slim if they have a V-shaped notch and length to the middle of the thigh. If the length is less, be sure to emphasize the waist line with a beautiful belt.

Footwear. Girls with full ankles and calves should choose shoes with a medium rather narrow heel. From thin studs generally have to be abandoned. It is necessary to give preference to shoes on the platform. For cold weather, choose high boots made from natural materials that fit the ankle.

Accessories. No girl can do without accessories. They give the image completeness and zest. Scarves, belts, belts, glasses, bags, bracelets - all of this is carefully selected for the intended image, adhering to the color range and style.

Fashion tips for obese women

There are several tips that will help create a stylish image of full girls and always look attractive.

How to dress full girls?

  • Choose clothes of your size. It is not necessary to buy things on the sizes more or less, in hope to hide completeness. It looks ridiculous and ridiculous, because instead of hiding flaws, you emphasize them.
  • Picture. Competent drawing is able to hide a couple of extra pounds. Remember that the transverse lines are full, and the longitudinal, on the contrary, slim. The cell and flower ornament are also complete, but if you like these patterns, you can experiment by choosing an elongated cell and medium flowers.
  • Colour. For girls with curvaceous, it is important to choose clothes in the right color scheme, which will visually help to appear slimmer. It is believed that you can not wear light colors, but with the right combination with other shades, you can create a harmonious and stylish image without harming the figure.
  • Of course, better girls prefer to give preference to dark tones (dark blue, brown, black, dark green, etc.), but this does not mean that every day you need to go in such gloomy clothes. Combine light, bright and dark things.
  • Material and texture. Girls with curvaceous shapes should choose a soft and elastic fabric (ideal option is high-quality knitwear, silk, chiffon, satin and chintz). In the cold season do not give up wool and knitwear. Avoid smooth and iridescent fabrics.

Fat girls can also be stylish, sexy and beautiful, the main thing is to make a little effort. If you really want to be bright, unique and memorable, you will definitely achieve this! Follow the fashion, study fashion magazines and create your own special style in which you will be perfect.