How to draw eyebrows


It is not without reason that actors, especially those who work directly with the public, pay particular attention to eyebrows when applying makeup. After all, they can show the attitude of man to what is happening. Eyebrows can also give any expression to a person: joy, surprise, sadness. But not only people of art paint themselves eyebrows, but also ordinary women in order to emphasize their individuality and beauty.

Learn to paint the eyebrows together with the stylist.

Many makeup artists are convinced that not always natural eyebrows are 100% in harmony with the facial features of a person. However, they also argue that they should be adjusted very carefully.

There is a rule called the golden section. It says, as applied to makeup, that the inner corner of the eyebrow should be in line with the inner corner of the eye. And the outer corner of the eye should not exceed the outer corner of the eyebrow. This rule also needs to be guided when adjusting the eyebrows.

Now you need to figure out: what is the daily eyebrow dye - eye shadow, pencil or other cosmetics?

How to draw eyebrows?

  1. Simple matte eye shadow will look very cute and neat on eyebrows. The image created with the help of such cosmetics will look fresh and natural. By the way, putting shadows on your eyebrows is not at all difficult. To do this, gently walk with a brush with shadows along the hairline, and with a cotton pad, wipe off any residues from the cheeks and nose.
  2. Many ladies ask themselves a vital question: what kind of pencil can you paint your eyebrows and is an ordinary eye pencil suitable for this? But makeup artists do not recommend the use of the latter. After all, these pencils are very soft and excessively bright. To choose the color of such cosmetics should be in tune to the hair, no unnatural shades can not be allowed!
  3. How to choose the right color of the pencil? Blondes are recommended to have eyebrow pencils of a light gray color, brunettes are dark gray and not black, as it may seem at first glance. But for brown-haired and red-haired girls it’s better to get a brown eyebrow pencil.
  4. And if you want your eyebrows to be smooth and perfectly even and at the same time still doubt whether to paint them daily or not, you can buy a special fixing tint gel. It is especially suitable for those who have their own natural full-color eyebrows.
  5. You can also paint the eyebrows with a simple mascara, and it should be applied easily and not hard. And before you start making makeup, you need to wipe the brush on the paper.

How to draw eyebrows with a pencil?

So, first of all, you should give your eyebrows the desired shape, based on the rule of the golden section given above. And already after the shape of the eyebrows has become perfect, you can start drawing them with a pencil, the color of which matches the shade of your hair.

First you need to ruffle the hairs against growth, to expose the skin. These same places and should be painted over with light and small strokes. It is allowed to draw only the roots in order to get natural eyebrows. Now you need to comb the hairs as they should lie correctly in their height and fix them with wax or gel, which should be applied with a brush for mascara.

How to draw eyebrows?

To perform the evening make-up, you need to apply on the face and eyelids foundation, and then a thin layer of powder, and only then draw the arc. Brush, pre-moistened with gel, should be brushed hairs. Above the eyebrow and under it (as close as possible to the hairline), the base should be drawn with a body-colored eye pencil. Particular attention should be paid to bending, both below and above. After gently rub, to the arc turned out, as if the prisoners in a bright frame.

Now, light and short strokes should transform the head of the eyebrow, and then gradually move to the body, which must be highlighted with a darker pencil. If the pencil is only the 1st shade, then you can make the color richer simply by pressing it harder, and the hairs of the eyebrows themselves should be moistened beforehand. After bending, you need to draw the eyebrow tail, and its shade should be lighter than that of the head and body of the eyebrow. After painting the eyebrows inside the contour, it must be carefully combed.

It must be remembered that in order to painted eyebrows retain their appearance, you can not powder all day long.

Simple Secrets of Beautiful Eyebrows

In order to beautifully draw the eyebrows, you need very few adaptations. So, you will need: sharply sharpened pencil, mascara, eye shadow, brush, tweezers, special oil or eyebrow gel. In the case when the eyebrows are too thick, it often looks sloppy. And to give them a beautiful shape, they should be thinned out. To do this, use a sharp pencil to outline the desired contour and remove excess hair. Pull those should be one by one, from top to bottom.

But too narrow eyebrows will have to finish the opposite. To do this, comb them against hair growth, use a sharp pencil to draw the missing details in small strokes and then brush them again, only for hair growth.

Eyebrows too dark shade will need to be lightened with the help of shades of golden color and a pencil a tone lighter than the color of the eyebrows themselves. They are drawn in almost the same way as thinned. First, you need to comb them against hair growth and apply strokes, and then with a thin brush and shadows paint in the desired shade.

Too light eyebrows need the same manipulations, only shadows should be beige, brown or red. At the end of the dyeing process, apply some mascara of the same color. Too short eyebrows should also be drawn with a pencil.

How to draw eyebrows?

And also for the eyebrows need special care. So:

  • Every day, morning and evening, you need to moisturize eyebrows with special means. And those ladies whose they are too thin, you need to perform these manipulations several times a day. Instead of a special gel, you can use ordinary castor oil;
  • It is not recommended to apply too much paint on eyebrows. This will first of all give vulgarity to the appearance, and in the 2nd - will make the hairs too thin;
  • At bedtime, make-up from the face and eyebrows should be removed;
  • It is better to drastically change the shape and color of eyebrows in a beauty salon and a professional makeup artist.

But what to do in the case when you always want to have beautiful eyebrows, but there is no time or desire to paint them every day? There is a way out of this situation - permanent make-up as it is called differently - eyebrow tattooing. It is applied once every 3-5 years. And there is no technique of permanent makeup, namely:

  • Feathering It changes the shape of the eyebrows and eliminates imperfections, if any;
  • Watercolor. Makes the color of the eyebrows brighter, deeper, eliminates existing irregularities in the bend;
  • Hairy. It is used in advanced cases when, for example, a woman does not have a part of the eyebrow (this happens because of scars) or when the eyebrows are too rare.

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Eyebrows give expression to the face. With their help, you can convey the slightest change in feelings. They also emphasize the look, make it expressive. And let the eyebrow fashion change quite often, they should always be well-groomed and have a beautiful appearance. In order to properly draw the eyebrows, you just need to perform all the necessary manipulations in the correct order.