How to do makeup


Stunningly beautiful women look at us from the screen, their natural beauty competently emphasizes professionally made makeup. Girls from the cover, advertising stands dictate to us their fashion rules - irresistible even complexion, shining eyes, evenly applied lipstick. But not all of us have the time and opportunity to visit specialized salons, or invite home a professional stylist. But there is a solution! This article will help you learn how to apply makeup at home.

How to do makeup

The beauty of every woman is unique, individual. Skin tones, hair and eye colors create unique combinations, depending on which makeup range varies. In general, all female types can be divided into two large groups - women with blond hair and women with dark hair. Based on this concept, consider in detail two types correct makeup at home - for blondes andbrunettes.

Makeup for blondes

Professional stylists believe that choosing and applying makeup for girls with blond hair is not an example more difficult than for brunettes. But you and the stylists have one goal - to create a unique brilliant image!

Makeup options are many. It varies depending on the style of clothing, time of day, color of skin and eyes, fashion and so on. Our goal is to teach you to apply the makeup that emphasizes your personal beauty and hides the flaws.

Makeup for blondes

The current trend of recent years is the "natural" makeup nude look. Therefore, we advise you to use this particular make-up technique in everyday life.

There are several simple and win-win rules:

  • Your cosmetics should be of high quality.
  • Before you achieve the perfect makeup that suits you, experiment to gain experience in creating it.
  • In make-up it is important to emphasize either the eyes or the lips. Since the fashion of recent years allows you to deviate from the pastel version of makeup, then if you apply juicy smoky makeup to your eyes, then do not use lipstick of bright colors. And on the contrary, having emphasized lips with red lipstick, do not overdo it with shadows.
  • The basis is selected on the basis of skin color, not hair color. To create a tanning effect, use bronzing bases. To choose the right color, apply a little foundation on the cheekbone, and not on the hand, because the hand is darker than the face. Day basis should be transparent and not thick. It is better to use a transparent powder. For example, mineral powder with reflective elements will give your skin a magical glow. In the evening, it is possible to apply shimmering powder or powder to a tone lighter than the foundation on top of the tonal base. So your skin will get an attractive glow!

Makeup for blondes

  • Stop your choice at evening make up on shades of pink, blue, silver or purple. Depending on the color of the eyes, blondes may come in shades of bronze or gray shades. AT day makeup You can do without shadows at all, or emphasize your eyes with shades of beige shades. For the visual effect of the large eyes of twinkling, use the shimmering shades of ivory. These shadows are applied to the browning line.
  • Shadows in the daily version of the makeup mascara is better to use gray or brown. Blue-eyed blondes are perfect blue mascara. Use instead of eyeliner special shadows, applying them with a special brush. Black eyeliner is not recommended in makeup blondes - it looks vulgar.
  • Do not forget to carefully and carefully give your eyebrows the perfect shape with a brush and gel. If your eyebrows are too light - use a pencil for eyebrows of gray or brown colors.
  • If you have cold skin tone use pink or coral pink blush - they will give the skin a soft glow. If a skin tone is warm - Prefer peach or brownish shades of blush. Blush, like the tone of the foundation, should be very light. To achieve uniform application, use professional wide brushes or puffs.
  • Best suited lipstick pink shades. To make your lips shimmer, apply liquid lipstick or gloss over lipstick. It looks good lipstick beige or grayish color. Play with lipstick colors, choose your color. What colors will suit you - pink beige, golden beige, pale pink in the daytime version. Or coral, yellowish-pink for the evening option. In the evening make-up version, you can use brighter, more saturated colors of lipstick. Avoid pearlescent lipstick. But feel free to use glitter - transparent or with shimmering particles.

Makeup for blondes

So, first we apply a tonal basis on the cleaned face and distribute it with a slightly damp sponge. We emphasize cheekbones with blush, how to shade the edges. Then we apply the selected shadows on the eyelids. We will draw a special shadow or pencil line, delineating the upper eyelid near the eyelashes and the lower eyelid by two thirds. We put one layer of ink. Take care of eyebrow shape. And in the end - we put lipstick. This is a variant of day makeup.

In the evening make-up has its own specifics. In the evening make-up well to emphasize the eyes with the shadows of soft lavender, gray or silver colors. Again, be guided by your eye, skin and hair color. The lower and upper eyelid can be underlined in gray or mahogany in pencil. Use mascara as a single layer, after curling your eyelashes with special forceps.

It is in the evening make-up will be appropriate bright lipstick. The shape of the lips can be cut around a pencil in a half tone darker lipstick. This will make the lips visually more voluminous. So that your eyes remain expressive, but do not "clog" your lips, apply shimmering powder around your eyes.

But if you have thin lips, it is better to focus on the eyes. Apply dark gray eye shadows to the outer edges of the eyes. It will also look great dark green or blue shadows, which can overlap with the color of the liner.

Makeup for brunette

As in the case of makeup for blondes, makeup for dark-haired girls, based on a number of rules - compatibility with the color of eyes, hair, skin and overall style.

Makeup for brunette

But in the same way there are universal tips, using which you will achieve an excellent result by applying make-up at home!

Modern make-up denies the old truth that the pastel colors in the brunette's make-up are not acceptable. Moreover, competently used pastel shades will only emphasize your beauty. For example, bright gray shadows perfectly underline pale blue strokes. You should not make the eyes as a whole "pale." The tendency is to avoid the vulgar brightness, but do not remain in the shadow of a nondescript makeup.

  • Tonal framework, suitable for all types of brunettes - the color of tan, tobacco or classic ocher. Powder - a peach shade. Your cosmetic set should have at least two tones of base. In summer, your skin becomes noticeably darker, so the tone of the base should be darker.
  • Blush can be used coral or red-pink flowers.
  • The spectrum of shadows that suit you is quite wide - gray, purple, blue shades. For light-eyed brunettes well suited malachite or silver color. Sometimes - bronze will be your winning option. The most popular now evening version of eye makeup for brunettes is smoky eyes.One way or another - look, experiment!
  • Lipstick in day makeup - pink or ruby. For the evening - dark red or raspberry-alai.

Makeup for brunette

  • With regard to mascara - here you can use almost any color - classic black, purple, dark brown.

Apply the tone of the foundation that suits you to the skin cleansed and moisturized with cream. The choice of the tone of the base is similar to the principle of choosing the base of blondes. The base is covered with a transparent layer of powder to give the face a velvety effect. Then put on the cheekbones blush. And shade them around the edges. The next step is to sum up the eyes with a special pencil or liquid eyeliner. We apply the selected shadows. Apply two layers of mascara on the upper lashes, one layer on the lower lashes. Cilia should be carefully separated and tightened with tweezers. Do not forget to remove lumps of mascara with a cotton swab. Emphasize your eyes with a white pencil, drawing a line along the inner edge of the lower eyelid. Be sure to shape your eyelashes - after all, they are a natural frame for your eyes. On top of the lipstick you can put a little transparent gloss. Since the makeup for brunettes focuses on the lips, be sure to circle the lip contour with a lip pencil, a tone darker than the lipstick tone.

If you use these simple tips, your makeup will become a worthy setting for your natural beauty!

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