How to distribute tight shoes


The purchase of new shoes is good news, but, unfortunately, it often rubs feet and presses, even if it is sized. In the store it is difficult to determine how comfortable and comfortable this model is, so it has to be worn out. There are special tools for the distribution of shoes, but you can also do with simple folk methods.

How to carry shoes that shakes?

It is not recommended to immediately put on new shoes for entering the city, it is best to carry them first at home.

Why are my legs cramping?

  • The way with the use of newspapers is long, but quite effective. Especially since you don’t need to wear these shoes until they are separated. Tear newspapers and moisten them with water. Shoes tamp with wet paper as tightly as possible. The more newspapers you put into it, the more it will stretch. Put on your shoes and wait until the newspapers are completely dry. Remove the dry paper and put on your shoes, if they are not stretched enough, this method can be repeated. It is important not to put shoes near heaters and warm batteries. The paper must dry naturally, otherwise it will not work.
  • Many have heard about the method of posting with alcohol or vodka. Alcohol contributes to the stretching and softening of natural leather. If the shoes are made of artificial material, this method may be ineffective. Rub the product with alcohol from the inside, and wear thick socks on your feet. Shoe and walk around the house until the smell of alcohol disappears completely. Remember, with this method of posting socks painted in the color of the shoes, so it is recommended to use the old and unnecessary. The method helps to spread shoes quickly and painlessly for the legs, but it can not be used for suede and textiles. Alcohol spoils such materials.
  • An interesting and unusual way of posting shoes by freezing. Immerse a plastic bag in the product and fill it with water, and then put it in the freezer. As you know, the water during freezing increases in volume and shoes while stretching. When the water freezes you can get the package and thawed. It is not recommended to stretch shoes made of synthetic materials and suede in this way. Freezing can affect them negatively.

New shoes: selection of method depending on the material

Why are my legs cramping?

For each type of material, there are the most effective and safe methods of shearing. Consider them in more detail. For leather shoes go all the above methods of posting. Genuine leather is a durable and practical material that is remarkably stretched and quickly wears out. In addition, it does not harm the alcohol and low temperatures. Another effective and quick method of stretching the skin is rubbing it with soap.

Take a bar of soap and slightly moisten it with water. Rub the shoes from the inside and push as much paper as possible into it. Stuffing should be very tight. The paper will not allow the shoes to shrink. This method can be applied by replacing soap with alcohol. Do not worry that with tight stuffing shoes deform and lose their shape. The skin is very elastic, after removing the newspapers the form will remain the same, but the product will stretch a little.

Varnished shoes are the hardest to wear. The above methods may be ineffective. It is recommended to purchase ready-made tools for posting in the store. They should be designed specifically for varnish shoes. Apply spray or liquid on the inner surface of the product, put on thick socks, and put on a shoe. Walk around the house for at least 1 hour. Even if specialized products did not help, you can use the cream. Take a special shoe polish or a baby one. Apply it also on the inner surface and walk around the house in shoes. Before using the cream, make sure that it does not damage the material.

Shoes made of artificial leather are beautifully worn, if you use specialized pastes and sprays. They should also be applied on the inner surface of the shoe, and be worn out, wearing thick socks, in several steps of 2-3 hours every day. If the shoe rubs in the heels or strongly presses you can lubricate it from the inside with alcohol or vodka. To walk in shoes should be until the complete disappearance of alcohol odor. An aqueous solution of vinegar and castor oil also helps well. Means smeared on the inner surface of the product and raznashivayut within 2-3 hours

If the described means were ineffective, take the shoes to the workshop. Specialists will use professional tools for stretching, and the shoes will get proper form. In general, artificial leather is much more complex than natural leather. Such shoes can rub their feet for a long time, so it is imperative to carry them in the house, and only then go outside.

And what to do with breech shoes?

Suede, like natural leather, is a rather elastic material that lends itself well to wearing and acquires the necessary shape. But still, posting such shoes can be much more difficult than from any other materials. The fact is that suede is very delicate, it is adversely affected by moisture and various chemicals. All of the above methods are not very suitable for use on suede shoes. It is best to contact a workshop where it is stretched quickly and safely. But for starters, you can try to spread suede home methods.

Why are my legs cramping?

  • Wet methods of stretching suede include the use of diluted alcohol and plain water. Moisten thick, thick socks with water and squeeze well. Put your socks on your feet and have a shoe, walk around the house for about 2 hours. You can’t use a lot of moisture and rub your shoes with water from the inside.
  • Alcohol will be more effective than water. Only it needs to be diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Rub the inner surface of the product with this solution and put socks on your feet. Shoe and walk around the house as long as possible. Stretching can be performed in several stages. For suede, you can use the method with wet newspapers, only the amount of moisture should be minimal so as not to damage the material. It is also very important not to stuff the shoe sock very hard, it can be deformed.
  • If traditional methods did not lead to the desired result, purchase special tools for posting suede. They are very delicate and will not damage the delicate material. It is most convenient to use aerosols to soften the shoes in combination with mechanical stretch marks. Tools and devices for posting can be purchased at some shoe stores.
  • Effectively and safely, you can stretch the shoes with the help of mechanical stretch marks, which are a sliding block with adjustable width and length. Resizing the pads is possible due to the hinges attached to it. Such a device can also be bought in special stores. It can be used for shoes from any materials, including textiles and suede. Also, in some mechanical devices there are linings for stretching shoes only in certain places, which is very convenient. The only drawback of such stretch marks is the length of the process. Shoes will be ready in just a few days.

When wearing out shoes, you should make sure that the materials and tools that you use do not harm the product. If a problem with a new shoe arises often, and you don’t want to consult a specialist, purchase a mechanical shoe and learn how to use it. It is very convenient and safe. And if you apply it in combination with special agents, the effect will not take long to wait.