How to dilute mascara


When creating any makeup - both day and evening - you can not do without mascara. The most unpleasant, when it is revealed that it dried up at the most crucial moment. If you don’t have time to go shopping for a new mascara, you can temporarily reanimate old mascara using some proven means.

How to dilute mascara?

How to dilute the dried mascara?

Every cosmetic has limited shelf life. After the expiration of this period, not only deteriorates the quality of the product, but it can harm your health. Particularly attentive to the quality of mascara should be addressed to girls who suffer from allergies or eye sensitivity.

If the mascara is dry, the best option, of course, is to buy a new one. But when there is no time or opportunity for this, you should not refuse makeup. Dried mascara can be diluted in several ways. Most importantly, before this make sure that the shelf life of the product has not yet expired.

  • Before trying to make your mascara usable, study carefully its composition. If it is included paraffin (wax), it’s often enough just to hold the mascara for a few minutes in hot water. Under the influence of high temperature, the paraffin liquefies and, as a result, the cosmetic itself takes on the necessary consistency.
  • Water - the easiest way to dilute mascara. To do this, it is best to use boiled or distilled water. It is enough to moisten a brush with just a couple of drops of water, not more, otherwise the mascara may become too liquid. Keep in mind that this method is suitable water based only. Humid environment is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the owners of the eyes, prone to inflammation, diluted with mascara water is not safe.

How to dilute the ink with water

  • Often for diluting carcasses use eye drops. This method helps not only to return the necessary liquid consistency to the tool, but also destroys the microbes that quickly appear in mascaras. But not all eye drops can be used. Usually used drugs that eliminate redness or dryness of the cornea, such as Vizin. Remember that eye drops are medicines, many of which are aimed specifically at treating eye diseases. They can cause undesirable effects, such as allergies.
  • Perfectly dilutes dried mascaraeye makeup remover. Best of all, when it is products of one brand. In this case, it is easier to achieve the desired result, since similar technologies and ingredients are used to produce cosmetics of the same line. When using this method it is especially important to add the right amount of makeup remover to the mascara. Excess will lead to the fact that the mascara will be too liquid and simply smeared on the eyelashes.
  • Instead of eye makeup remover, you can use any lotion or tonic. The main condition is that it does not contain aggressive components, such as alcohol.
  • It is believed that the most gentle way to dilute mascara is use of liquid for contact lenses. This tool is similar in composition to human tears, so almost does not cause allergic reactions and irritation. Means for contact lenses also has a pronounced antimicrobial effect. To achieve the desired consistency of mascara, it is enough to add 1-2 drops of liquid to the vial. Of course, this method is suitable for girls who wear contact lenses - they always have the tool at hand.

Dilute mascara with lens remover

  • Can be used to dilute dried carcass strong fresh infusion of tea. When applying this method, it is important to take care not to add too much liquid. The use of tea is fully justified by its properties - it also has an antiseptic effect. This will prolong the life of your carcass for some time.

What can not be diluted mascara?

  • Unfortunately, some are enough common ways thin mascara totally unacceptable. Most often women are accustomed moistened with saliva dried brush It is absolutely impossible to do this! Saliva contains a large number of microbes. Mascara diluted in this way can cause not only irritation or allergic reactions, but also eye infections.
  • Some women use mascara to restore consistency. hydrogen peroxide. This method is really dangerous! Hydrogen peroxide is an aggressive substance that can cause a burn of the eyelid or cornea. The same serious consequences can be provoked by the use of liquids that contain alcohol for diluting carcasses. These are perfumes, colognes, lotions and tonics, alcoholic beverages. Among other things alcohol-containing eyelashes dry, degrading their appearance and inhibiting growth.
  • Should not be used to dilute mascaravegetable oils. They have the properties of a solvent, so it is easy to fix the consistency of the carcass. But the effect of the oil is so strong that your cosmetic product will become completely liquid, it can not be used for its intended purpose.

What can not be diluted mascara?

It should be emphasized that it is only possible to dilute mascara, even using acceptable methods.. If possible, be sure to select a time and buy yourself a new tool. In the event that you decide to dilute your mascara, stop at one proposed method and use only it.

Remember that the quality of cosmetics is important not only for your beauty, but also for your health!