How to determine the size of the breast


To choose the right bra is a very important and at the same time difficult job. Not all women are able to cope with this task. By the way, not only women have a similar problem. Many men, wanting to make a beloved woman a gift in the form of, for example, a set of beautiful clothes, going to the store are lost.

All these problems can be avoided by simply making a few measurements and calculations.There are several ways to determine breast size.. However, most of them will give completely different results. This happens because different countries have different standards.

Determining the size of the breast on the table

This method is the most universal and correct. If you have ever bought underwear in online stores, then surely, you came across special calculators that calculated your size using the parameters you specified. In this case, you need to correctly take the necessary measurements. After all, the right measurements guarantee a more accurate result and, as a result, success in achieving the intended goal.

At first Need to measure the girth under the breast. When taking this measurement, the measuring tape should fit snugly to the body. After you have made a measurement, the results must be rounded.

  1. From 67cm to 72cm - record 70 cm
  2. From 73 cm to 77cm - record 75 cm
  3. From 78 cm to 82 cm - write down 80 cm
  4. From 83 cm to 87 cm - write down 85 cm
  5. From 88 cm to 92 cm - write 90 cm
  6. From 93 cm to 97 cm - write down 95 cm
  7. From 98 cm to 102 cm - write down 100 cm

With a larger breast size, we calculate the average value according to the same scheme and write the value.

Then you It is necessary to measure the chest circumference at the most prominent points. To take this measurement it is recommended to wear a bra without paralon and lining, increasing the volume. After you have obtained the value of this measure, you need to subtract the previous (average) value from this value. The difference will help you determine your size. In this case, we must remember that the labeling is different. Not only numbers, but also letters. It depends on the country that is the manufacturer of this product.

Using this difference, we get our size:

  1. From 10 cm to 12 cm - 0 (AA)
  2. From 12 to 13 cm - 1 (A)
  3. From 13 cm to 15 cm - 2 (B)
  4. From 15 cm to 17 cm - 3 (C)
  5. 18 cm to 20 cm - 4 (D)
  6. From 20 cm to 22 cm - 5 (DD)
  7. From 23 cm to 25 cm - 6 (E)
  8. From 26 cm to 28 cm - 6+ (F)

These dimensions indicate the completeness of the cup. On products can also be marked volume under the breast. To make you feel more comfortable, choose those bras in which both the fullness of the cup and the size under the breast correspond to your parameters.

Determination of breast size according to European standards

Often in our stores we see underwear made in Europe. It is more popular because many people think it is of higher quality and more beautiful. However, it is worth taking some caution when buying such clothes, because the size values ‚Äč‚Äčthere are somewhat different from ours.

For example, in France and Italy, the measurement is based on the same tabular principle as in our country. You need to take the same measurements. But after removing the girth under the breast, its value is not averaged. Likewise, the difference between the first and second indicator is calculated. And then again, the differences. The resulting figure must be divided into six. Only after that you get the number of the size you need.

Taim way just a small amount of time you spend on measurements and calculations will help you avoid unnecessary waste in the future. Now, coming to the store, you will know exactly what you need.

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