How to decorate boots

What associations come to mind when we hear the word valenki? Most likely, this is that terribly unfashionable, unpresentable and old-fashioned. Of course, if you remove the boots from the old grandmother's wardrobe, then they will look like that. BUT if you attach a little imagination and creativity, you can make a stylish and effective piece of clothing from gray felt boots. In the process decorations boots there are almost no restrictions, the main thing is to trust your own taste.

Boots can be decorated not only yourself, but also kids. For example, supplement them with embroidery, sew mischievous pompons, ribbons, or trim them with fur. After all, felt boots are not only a convenient piece of clothing, but also warm, so the kids in them will not freeze for sure.

How to start decorating boots?

Prepare a workplace and get your boots. By the way, a small but important piece of advice. If you have not bought valenki yet, keep in mind that they should be purchased one size larger. Over time, the boots dry up, but somewhere in a month the socks sit exactly on the leg. But the boots for the house should immediately choose the exact size of the foot.

Making a picture on felt boots

In order to make painting on felt boots, you need to stock up the following materials: PVA glue, brushes of various sizes, acrylic paints for fabrics, a palette for creating new colors and mixing paints, a marker, a cloth, a transparent film, an iron and, of course, the boots themselves.

How to decorate boots: drawing

Before starting work make sure that your boots are in a dry and clean state.

Since the felt boots are made of soft felt (this is a material twisted from felted wool), it is quite difficult to apply the drawing with a brush, as the brush will stick. Therefore, cover the valenoks with a layer of PVA glue so that the paint will fall beautifully and evenly.

Wait for the glue to dry; when it does, it will become transparent. Then apply the outline of the drawing with a piece of soap or chalk, then circle with a black marker or paint of the same color.

What drawing is better to put on felt boots?

Any, it all depends on your preferences and desires. But, for example, summer landscapes will look a little strange on such shoes, but images of snowflakes, New Year attributes, Christmas trees, snowmen will be very useful. Important to achieve the similarity of the pattern on each of the boots. To do this, attach a transparent film and transfer the pattern to it. And so, transferring the drawing to another felt boot, you will achieve symmetrical images.

Now is the time to put paint on the outlined contours, paying attention to small details. After that, the paint should dry out, it takes at least 6 hours. Then cover the boots with a thin cloth and iron the iron without using steam. That way you can replenish your wardrobe with unusual designer felt boots.

How to decorate boots with applique?

How to decorate boots with applique?

Before you begin the implementation of his idea, carefully consider what pattern you want to create. If you want to see harmonious application on your felt boots, then it is better to choose shades that contrast with each other. Appliques in the form of snowflakes, flowers or cute animals will do. The symmetry of the arrangement of applications is important in this matter. They can be crocheted, cut from a special self-adhesive fabric or fabric. It is enough just to glue or sew them on the right place.

How to decorate boots with embroidery?

In order to perform embroidery on felt boots, You will need a scheme for embroidery, canvas, needle, thread, pen.

For embroidery complex detailed pictures, use the cross-stitch technique. On the felt boot secure invoice canvas, it can be removed later, stretching one thread at a time. Fix the outline along the perimeter so that it does not move during the work.

Embroidery should be done in rows. To prevent the threads from tangling on the back of the felt boot, before returning to the beginning of the row, fasten and cut the thread, and embroider the other crosses in a new way. When you finish your drawing, sprinkle it from the spray gun so that the canvas is soaked, then pull it out with tweezers.

How to decorate boots with embroidery?

Embroidery can also be used. In this case, transfer the contours of the pattern directly onto the felt boot. To do this, you can take a copy paper for fabric and a ballpoint or helium pen to draw a sketch. Make the picture 1-2 millimeters smaller than required, so you close the sketch lines with protruding stitches.

Beadwork looks very beautiful and unusual. But to sew on every bead is very inconvenient, since the base is rather thick. Therefore beads fasten on a long thread. Put it on the pre-prepared outline of the pattern and sew with small stitches across the thread. To do this, use thin threads that do not differ in color from the color of the felt boot. Similarly, you can make embroidery with braid or multi-colored ribbons.

In order to embroidery looked elegantly in combination with the texture of the felt, should prefer thicker threads. You can use wool or synthetic materials of the same thickness, or choose cotton threads that are used for crocheting. Such threads also require a rather big needle, for example, a gypsy with a wide eye.

In the process decorations boots embroidered You will have to make a lot of effort to pierce the boots. Therefore, be sure to use a thimble to push the needle up, or you can try not to pierce a felt boot through, but to pry only the top layer of material.

How to decorate boots?

How to decorate boots with sequins?

If you like everything that is brilliant and attracts attention, then the decoration of felt boots with sequins or beads is what you need! At the beginning of the work, divide the jewelry into two identical parts so that everything is symmetrical. However, you can make a picture so that it starts on one felt boot and continues on another. It is better to sew beads or beads, and sequins are easy to glue.

Variations on the theme of the decoration of felt boots. You can please yourself with such shoes or make a surprise to your friends, which they will definitely appreciate.

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