How to cut your own bangs - straight

All friends have already got fashionable bangs and admire others with a stylish haircut. And you all dream of changing the image, but you can’t find the time or money to visit the hair salon. Familiar? Then it's time to act. How to cut a bang yourself and do it no worse than a professional? Let us reveal some secrets of hairdressing.

Gift of the pharaohs: a little about bangs and their features

How to cut the bangs?

It is impossible to accurately name the person who first came up with the idea of ​​hiding his forehead under his hair. But it is known that in ancient Egypt, this hairstyle was very popular (including among the pharaohs). Even then, people noticed that the bang gives the face a unique charm and magnetism. Perhaps that is why she almost never goes out of fashion.

Today, different variants of bangs are used. They are selected under the shape of the face, hair, structure and hairline. Before you make drastic changes in your image and take up scissors, you need to choose the type of bangs. What will have to choose? Here are the types of bangs:

  • straight;
  • slanting;
  • torn

Bangs may have different lengths: sometimes its edge is above the eyebrows, the most creative girls make bangs, which completely closes their eyes. Another important indicator is density.

Bangs will not lie beautifully and look well-groomed without edging. What it is? So called the final element of its formation. Its purpose is to draw a contour line.

What tools are needed to make a bang?

What tools are needed to make a bang?

A set of tools for cutting bangs includes 2 main hairdressing devices and a few additional ones.

The main tool is scissors. It is better to get professional, but you can get by with home ones, as long as they are sharp. Not bad, if you have special thinning shears: they will help to achieve interesting effects.

Another important tool is a comb, but not a massage brush, but a comb. For such purposes, more suitable comb, which has rare and frequent teeth.

Additional "equipment" includes rubber bands and crab pins for fixing strands. In addition, it is necessary to prepare an iron or hairdryer and a spray with water to moisturize the hair.

How to cut the bangs yourself: appliances and haircut rules 4

If everything is ready, then it remains to choose the technique of cutting. Bang can be cut on dry or wet hair. In the first case, it may turn out to be somewhat uneven (this is especially true for owners of wavy hair). If you moisturize your hair, you must remember that after cutting and drying, they "jump" by 0.5-1 cm.

To make the bangs perfect, use the 4 main secrets of the hairdressing experts.

  1. If you have not had bangs, then prefer flat or oblique. These options are the easiest to perform.
  2. Take sharp and large scissors.
  3. Before you cut, be sure to separate the bangs from the rest of the hair.
  4. To make the bangs easy, follow the line out. The process looks like this: hold the scissors perpendicular to the bangs, thin it with the ends of the scissors, starting from the middle and moving towards the temples.

Bohemian hairstyle: how to cut a straight bang yourself?

Bohemian hairstyle: how to cut a straight bang yourself?

Straight bangs look stylish, it is chosen by those who closely follow the fashion and wants to get a model look. It is believed that she looks more advantageous on dark hair, but she is worn and blonde.

First, select the length of the bangs. Then smooth your hair and part with a parting. Then pull the hair down and cut the first strand (it will become a guideline for the rest of the strands). Continue to cut the hair, aligning the line of bangs on the already cut hair. Start your haircut from one temple to another.

Fashionable asymmetry: make oblique bangs

Fashionable asymmetry: make oblique bangs

Oblique bangs - not only the current trend. It is characterized by versatility, suitable for any person. The length of the oblique bangs may be different, short or long.

If the choice fell on this option, it remains to figure out how to cut the oblique bangs on their own. This is a more complex variety, so be sure to remember the wisdom of the people "Measure seven times, one cut," otherwise the result may not be the one you dreamed about.

When the length is chosen, it is necessary to separate the part of the hair that will become a fringe, and fix the remaining strands so that they do not interfere with the cutting process. If you have wavy hair, it is better to pre-moisten them. Next comb with thick teeth thoroughly comb your hair. Holding them with your left hand, right cut at the desired angle. Scissors hold a 45˚ angle.

If you are just learning how to cut the bangs on its side on its own, then it may not work out absolutely smooth from the first time. Therefore it is necessary to repeat the procedure again. Some advise to pre-apply a line on the hair, which will mark the cut.

Original looks like oblique bangs with torn edges. To get this option hairstyle, you can walk the tips of the scissors at the ends of the hair (in the vertical direction). If the hair is thick, then it is better to do the thinning.

The most stylish accessory - torn fringe: how to cut?

Torn fringe: how to cut

The key accent of the exterior can be torn bangs. She will make an image rebellious and will bring a highlight in it. Unevenly trimmed strands - a stylish attribute of the stars of the scene. Fashion trends will certainly awaken your interest in how to make a torn bang yourself.

This is the most difficult type, therefore, to make it at home, it is not bad to first acquire the experience of creating straight or oblique bangs. Before the start of the haircut, separate the part of the hair with a rectangular or triangular parting. Comb it out. Shear hair with multi-level teeth (they can be large or small). Then divide the hair into vertical strands, comb it and pull it down (perpendicular to the face). Strand alternately pinch your fingers, at the length of the lowest hair cut off the triangle between your fingers.

You can create such a bang with scissors and a blade. It is used to make surface cuts on strands crowded with a rope.

The effect is obvious: why and how to cut a long fringe?

How to cut a long bang?

Although the long bangs, framing both sides of the face, no longer occupies the first places in the list of fashionable hairstyles, many women can not resist her charm. Moreover, it has a unique property - it visually narrows the face.

Master the technique of how to cut a long bang yourself, It is not difficult if you use this step-by-step instruction:

  1. Start your haircut with the hair that you want to cut in a bang. The rest prudently secure.
  2. Divide hair into 2 equal parts. Choose the optimal length. If the hair is long, we recommend starting with the length to the lowest point of the nose. Comb the hair down. Lay one part of the hair between the middle and index fingers and cut the hair across their length. Repeat the same operation with the other half of the hair.
  3. Arrange a control check. Take a step away from the mirror, compare the strands in length, if necessary, trim them.

After studying the theory of the question of how to cut the bangs yourself, you can get down to business. This will save the wallet from unnecessary expenses and allow you to update your image. Do not despair, if on the first attempt the result is not perfect. Beautiful bangs - a matter of technology, but do not forget that the condition of the hair is of great importance. Therefore, it does not hurt to ask for advice from a specialist.

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