How to cut your hair yourself

Sometimes there are situations when a haircut is necessary here and now, and there is no opportunity to visit the salon. What to do in such cases? Make the haircut itself, with your own hands, and following certain tips. To achieve excellent results is not so difficult.

Many women at home cut their bangs and have achieved some success in this. This experience is laid from childhood. Many girls mastered the basics of hairdressing, even at an early age, when the first awareness that a woman should be beautiful wakes up.

How to cut your own hair: the preparatory stage

When we come to the salon, the first thing we do is wash their hair, or at least moisturize their hair. This condition is necessary to make the haircut easier, and the curls are divided into strands more easily.

In the barbershop there are special tools, scissors for haircuts. In the case of carrying out the procedure on its own, it is also necessary to have special scissors, the usual will not fit, especially manicure than some girls sin. What is bad ordinary scissors? They rarely boast optimum sharpness. The positive effect depends on this indicator.

How to cut your hair yourself?

It is worth remembering that to achieve a model haircut is unlikely to succeed. The maximum that a non-professional procedure at home is capable of is to trim the hair. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the type of hair, if they are straight, one of the easiest options, the second option, when the curls curl, in this case, you need to hold additional events.

What you need to remember when cutting curly hair? If the strands are very curly, then you need to cut a shorter length than the one that was originally conceived. Explain this important condition can be a feature of the hair, curly curls are compressed.

For cutting curly and curly hair, it is necessary to form a parting, dividing the entire volume into 2 halves. Then separate a few strands and alternately cut them, while pulling with your fingers.

Technique straight haircut

Preparatory activities are completed, it is necessary to proceed to the most important. One of the most important issues that concern every woman is how to achieve a level haircut?

  • To do this, there is a certain trick, for the execution of which you will need a ruler. It is necessary to decide what length of hair to cut, measure with a ruler. Separating the hair strand, it is necessary to measure the required length and cut off the excess part.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the scissors, which should be arranged perpendicularly.
  • If the hair is hard and thick, it is necessary to capture thin strands, otherwise, there is a risk to cut the hair not evenly. After the haircut, you must make sure that the curls have the same length. To check, you need to pull 2 ​​strands and, comparing the length, direct them to the eyes, nose, chin and jaw line. If irregularities were noticed, it is necessary to trim the strands.
  • For haircuts bangs, if it will be performed for the first time, it is necessary to divide the hair in the center. Using a comb on each side, you need to separate an equal amount of hair and comb it forward. Holding the strands with your middle and index finger, you need to carefully cut off the excess curls in a strict straight line.
  • In order to cut the ends of the hair, with nothing special effort, you can perform the following steps. Initially, you need to moisten the strands, comb and collect in the tail at the back of the head. Another gum needs to be fixed at the end of the tail, and its attachment should be some kind of border along which it is necessary to cut the hair. In order that they do not split, it is best to perform a haircut with a typewriter, simply by swiping along the border that denotes a rubber band.

Why not cut your hair?

Why not cut your hair?

There are people who will discourage you, give advice about self-haircuts. The most common criticism will be superstitions, telling that it is absolutely impossible to cut your hair yourself. These prohibitions are not associated with envy, but with the presence of some myths and legends that prove that cutting your hair yourself is bad.

For many nations of the world there are beliefs that tell that the power is concentrated in the hair, and to cut them off means to kill it with your own hands.

So, the ancient Slavs said that the vital power of a person is concentrated in the hair. For these reasons, small children were not cut their hair, and the first haircuts - "the rite was tonsured" - were carried out until the child reached only 3–5 years.

It is worth remembering the legend of Samson, who had a powerful power hidden in his long hair. After Samson had his hair cut in a dream, he became vulnerable to enemies and temporarily lost his strength, until his hair grew back. Many Orthodox rites are associated with hair, for example, baptisms and ordinations as nuns.

In the life of women, hair has always played not the latest value. Long beautiful and shiny curls talked about excellent health, strength and beauty. It was the hair and chose their wives. It was believed that women have concentrated wisdom, magical and even witchcraft power in them.

Analyzing all the above, the belief that hair can not be cut takes its roots in myths and legends. All this is nothing more than superstition, especially since the haircut made, according to the same beliefs, is an entry into a new life. Few people can argue with the fact that after cutting hair, styling, curling or painting - there is a surge of strength, hope, and mood improves.

But still, maybe there is another explanation to why you can not cut your hair yourself? The only logical explanation is inability, and the likelihood of a poor-quality result after a haircut. As a result, you will have to worry, spend time, money on visiting the beauty salon, which was planned to save.

Before you cut your hair yourself, you need to think carefully, is it worth it? Evaluate all the possible consequences. Do not rush, let the haircut be performed even for an hour! The most important result! It is best to think in advance what can be useful, and only then proceed to the action itself. It is worth remembering that to achieve professional results, most likely, it will not work. This is not a way to improve the hairstyle, but an emergency measure.

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