How to cut your eyebrows

A lot has already been said about the importance of eyebrows in the general image, and in 2014, the fashion for neat, decorated, but natural eyebrows received a new peak of revival. As a result, practically all girls became interested in this stage of everyday make-up. Especially often they have a question about how to cut their eyebrows, and whether it is possible to do it at all.

Can I cut my eyebrows?

How to cut your eyebrows?

Some of the fair sex do not touch the scissors during the design of eyebrows, because they are afraid of irreparable changes, allegedly following this procedure. Do the myths related to the brow cutting have a foundation, or were they generated by those who did not understand the structure of the hair and the principles of its growth?

Girls who are afraid to cut eyebrows, most often believe that the hair will grow hard, darker, or change its structure during regrowth: for example, it will start to curl. Someone, on the contrary, is afraid that the cropped hairs will not grow again, and if I get the wrong shape, nothing can be fixed. All this may not be without some truth, but in general it has little in common with reality.

The structure of the hair, which is laid by nature, together with its other characteristics, is unchanged. The only thing that can affect eyebrow cutting is the growth rate, as well as the direction, but the latter statement is also often disputed by experts. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to cut eyebrows is positive, but it is important to do it correctly: as is the case with thinning with tweezers, it may take several months to return to its original state.

Who needs a brow cut?

How to cut your eyebrows?

It is much harder to decide in which case it is possible and necessary to cut eyebrows, and in which it is better to do without this stage of their design. Here, of course, it is best to trust a professional, but with minimal knowledge of the morphology of the face, you can deal with this issue yourself.

  1. First of all it is worth remembering that only eyebrows with very long hairs need to be cut. If you can put them vertically, and the tips barely look beyond the upper border of the eyebrow, there is no need for a haircut for you.
  2. Secondly, and in the presence of long hairs, you can do without the use of scissors, if the bulk of the hair is dark, and the eyebrows are thin and lighter by several tones. Due to their length, they visually look thicker, and its reduction will lead to the fact that such eyebrows will be lost against the background of the common hair. But in the presence of light hair, but dark long eyebrows, the latter must be trimmed, if you do not want to dye them with permanent dye, lightening through a similar procedure.
  3. Thirdly, most often, eyebrows that have hairs that cannot be styled are cut. In particular, growing down: no matter how they are combed, whatever the amount of fixing means they do not overlap, they still fall. This destroys the lined form and makes the image sad, and the eyelid lowered. Of course, it affects the look. In such eyebrows, even in the absence of the necessary thickness, the length is removed, just enough so that its surplus does not break the shape.

In addition, it is important to understand that eyebrow cutting can be partial: from the base to the tip with scissors work in the most extreme cases. Most often, the wizard during the correction remove the excess ends of the hair at the base of the eyebrow, where the most disobedient instances are located.

Anyone who wants to do a brow cut should be aware that this process, along with thinning with tweezers, is almost endless. Once a procedure, it leads to the fact that it has to be repeated constantly. Barely-grown hairs are difficult to style, so if you want to grow them back, you will have to walk with carelessly protruding hairs for 3-4 weeks (or even more), which, however, has recently become a trend in the beauty industry.

Eyebrow hairstyle: shape and tools

How to cut your eyebrows?

Eyebrow shaping begins with the selection of the right tools, and haircut is impossible without the initial construction of the form. Therefore, in addition to scissors, you need a pencil or shadow, as well as wax. A few words should be given to scissors as the main assistants in this procedure. Perfect nail scissors with straight blades - any bend can disrupt the desired shape. And, undoubtedly, the blades should not have a gap when closing, otherwise the hairs will only shred, and even pull out, but not be cut off.

First, you should choose the form, carefully marking it with shadows or a pencil. For the same purpose, it is permissible to use a waterproof gel or liquid eyeliner that matches your shade. The main ones here are the upper and lower lines: there is no need to fill the whole space unless you plan to immediately pass the drawing and shading step, and just want to cut the excess.

As for the proper selection of forms, there are a lot of nuances on which the perception of your image and the expression of the face as a whole depends. First, remember that the width of the base of the eyebrow is 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the iris: this is the most harmonious proportion. The break point is the next important landmark. Its location at each school is calculated individually, and it is impossible to say which of the options looks more natural. But it is permissible to give a general recommendation: plan a fracture in the interval from the middle of the pupil to 2-3 mm from the outer edge of the iris. The tail must go down, ending at the level where the foundation began.

These rules allow you to build a competent upper line, on which, in most cases, eyebrow hairs are cut. However, it is impossible not to mention the lower limit, which often raises many more questions. Like the top, it should be smooth: no sudden transitions from a wide base to a narrow body and a no less narrow, barely discernable tail. Narrowing occurs slowly and evenly over the entire length of the eyebrow.

How to cut eyebrows: video and recommendations

Now that the form has been created, you can proceed directly to the procedure for brow browning. To do this, brush (it is also called brushing), like a brush, which is applied mascara, hairs are combed down. This allows you to check the criticality of their length. If the tips do not look beyond the lower boundary, there is no point in working with scissors all over the body of the eyebrow from the base to the tail. Otherwise, they are removed by a quick and accurate movement of the blades, which are clearly parallel to the line drawn. The tips of the blades must face the base of the eyebrow, that is, against the direction of hair growth: otherwise the hairs will be smoothed and the length will not be cut off completely.

The next moment is the redirection of the hairs up with the same brushing. This is necessary if at the previous stage it turned out that there is nothing to cut off at the lower border. Probably, such a test will show that the length of your eyebrows meets all possible standards, and it is better to postpone the scissors. However, here the measurements are somewhat different: in any case, the hair must rise above the upper boundary, otherwise it simply cannot be laid later. But its optimum height is 1-1.5 mm. Moreover, this parameter is set for hairs set not vertically, but at an angle of 45-30 degrees. Does the hair look stronger than the indicated 1.5 mm? More can be removed; scissors again hold against the direction of its growth.

For most girls, it is enough to shorten those hairs that are at the very base of the eyebrow: in some cases their length is not enough to fit into the total mass, but at the same time the tips stick out in different directions over the drawn line. This zone is allowed to clean up exactly on the upper border of the form created by you, without saving the indents of 0.5-1 mm.

But try not to get carried away: if you continue to cut the rest of the hairs over the whole body of the eyebrow, you will get eyebrows-hairlers that already have little in common with natural, but well-groomed and neat eyebrows, because the hairs will begin to puff up and the density will decrease significantly. And any form filling with color will look unnatural. In addition, it will give the image of excessive negligence.

To maintain the symmetry of the eyebrows, cut hair step by step: repeat each step on both eyebrows alternately. And at the end of the procedure, shape them with a gel or wax: this will fix the hairs in the desired position. Finally, it is worth recalling that eyebrow shaping is best done in daylight, in order to prevent possible misses.

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