How to cover acne on the face foundation


Acne on the face can greatly upset their owner. Fortunately, today there are modern methods of dealing with this defect. And while you are treating your skin, you can hide the flaws with some means. These include foundation and concealer. But in order to make a face beautiful, you need to be able to use them.

How to cover acne on the face foundation? The first thing you need to remember is that every 7 days you need to very well clean your face from dark points. Most of the inflammations are easier to eliminate than hide. Can not do without the preparation of the skin of the face. More precisely, you can not use it, but you will not have to wait for a good effect from this approach.

How to cover acne on the face

Before using the foundation you need to wash. If necessary, you can use a scrub. In the process of washing, you can use tools that dry the skin. It is important that it looks uniform. For this, most likely, you will have to buy different types of foundation creams.

Since acne is a skin with high fat content, you can safely apply several masking products. Before using the foundation, you should try to provide a tone with a liquid agent that has an antibacterial or nutritional basis.

Today, a lot of creams that have medicinal ingredients are made. They may contain powder. Its features are that when it settles on the skin of the front cover, it absorbs unnecessary fat, gives a dullness. Such creams can be applied not in a thin layer, so all the roughness will be hidden very well. Thanks to this, the complexion will become tender.

Begin to apply the foundation need to pimple from the center, and then shade all over the skin. For single rashes, attention should be paid only to them.

How to disguise acne with concealer?

A concealer is a tool for pin masking skin defects. Its structure is dense, opaque. Concealers are not proofreaders. They need to be chosen so that they exactly match the basic skin tone or are half lighter.

How to mask acne with concealer

How to cover acne concealer? Again, you first need to thoroughly clean your face. This will help get rid of excess sebum. Then you should apply a moisturizer, so that the skin will not dry and no longer peel off.

Now it is advised to apply a tonal foundation. You can use its liquid version or cream powder. To avoid a rash, such a remedy should be slightly hammered into the skin. Now on a clear rash should be applied green concealer. Its sale is conducted in cosmetic stores. No need to rub it, it is better to gently smooth the sponge for feathering. Now you can apply concealer color. This is done with point motions. It is advised to use concealers in bottles and tubes. The tool is subject to careful shading.

The final touch is a light dusting of the face. Choose a powder better transparent or the one that crumbles. Thanks to such means concealer is well fixed, and the skin becomes matte. In addition, the powder absorbs sebum throughout the day. You can purchase a mineral product.

Such simple tips on how to mask acne on the face will help make the face even more attractive. But you should choose high-quality camouflage tools, even if they are expensive, best known, proven manufacturers. This will guarantee a good quality product, and, consequently, an excellent result from its use.