How to clean nubuck

Before about such material for making shoes like nubuck, practically no one knew. But nowadays many people have shoes made from this material.

That's just not everyone knows how to properly care for such shoes, and this significantly shortens the life of such material. Nubuck loses its primary look pretty quickly.

How to clean nubuck?

Nubuck Care Rules

First of all, you need to know that nubuck is a genuine high-quality leather, the front layer of which is not corrected, because of this, on top of the material light hairiness is noticeable.

The front surface of the material is processed with the help of small abrasive substances, such as sand or fine-grained abrasive cloth. Despite the similarity of nubuck with suede, it is most often made from cattle hides.

Besides making shoes, this skin tight furniture. The main characteristic of nubuck - wear resistance and durability, subject to all rules of care.

There are several types of this skin:

  • Natural nubuck. Material of animal origin. The front side of this skin has a velvety appearance due to a small pile on the front side. This skin has a good breathability. Among the disadvantages are the need to care for the product and low wear resistance. It is necessary to clean products from such material only by special means.

How to clean nubuck with ammonia?

  • Artificial nubuck.Such material is much cheaper than natural and is a multi-layered polymeric material having a velvety structure. It is also called synthetic. Unlike natural, it does not absorb water and has a higher wear resistance.
  • Nubuck oilIn the process of making such leather, it was protected from moisture. Natural nubuck is soft to the touch, and nubuck-oil is heavier than usual and moist. Of the main advantages we can distinguish durability and simplicity in the care.

Despite the fact that the nubuck used for making shoes is very similar to suede, it is significantly less afraid of water and more durable. Considerable harm to this material can cause street dirt, heavy rains, and even reagents that are used to fight the ice on sidewalks and roads.

There is an opinion that shoes made of this material are quite capricious and require constant care. But this opinion is wrong, because wearing such shoes is pleasant, and caring for her is no more complicated than for other materials.

Nubuck cleaning at home

How to clean the nubuck liquid?

  • If the care of shoes from this skin does not start on time, then it can very quickly say goodbye to its appearance and qualities, and, therefore, there is a risk of wetting the feet. Conventional products are not suitable for care! Better to buy in advance special aerosols, sprays, cream paints. Their choice should be taken with great responsibility and it must be ensured that the package has a corresponding record stating that this tool is suitable for the care of nubuck shoes.
  • Another important detail - brush selection, because it is responsible not only for cleaning shoes, but also for the preservation of the surface hairiness. Such a brush is not suitable for cleaning the soles or heels from dirt.
  • After purchasing all the necessary accessories, you can start cleaning shoes. This may seem unusual and strange, but shoes from such material should be cleaned for the first time before going out. After all, it is the new products that need to be processed with pre-purchased impregnation. This will help enhance the water-repellent properties of the product, and accordingly, the term of its socks will last.
  • First cleaningmore scrupulous than subsequent. It is carried out in 3 steps, with interruptions to absorb the impregnation. Also, this procedure will save shoes from absorbing dirt and dust. Even such manipulations with shoes should be carried out in rainy weather or during the melting of snow on the streets.
  • Suede, nubuck and velor will be cleaned if you remove all the dirt from them with a brush, because its hairs perfectly clean even the seams and do not spoil the delicate surface. At the end of this procedure, you need to apply a spray that restores color and does not allow moisture to seep into the skin.

How to clean nubuck with ammonia?

How to clean nubuck with ammonia?

Sometimes it happens that even the most neat nubuck shoe carriers get into very dirty alleys, and the appearance of their shoes loses all its charm. In this case, a simple brushing will not be enough. Then the shoes can be wiped with a sponge moistened with water with the addition of a few drops of ammonia.

After such a cleaning, the nubuck will look fresh again. After that, the product should be dried. You can straighten the pile by holding boots or boots over the steam, and then apply cream paint or spray.

If the skin appears white stains due to salt, then it can be wiped with a damp sponge. She will clean the shoes and absorb the dirt and then apply the spray.

How to clean wet nubuck shoes?

Cleaning wet nubuck is strongly discouraged.First you need to dry the product, and then - remove excess dirt. Dry shoes in a natural way (but in no case do not put next to batteries or heaters!), Or using a special dryer.

How to clean wet nubuck shoes?

If the shoes are to dry for a short period of time, then its interior should be filled with old newspapers and wait for complete drying. This will allow the shoe to dry completely and not deform. And just making sure that the product is completely dry, you can start cleaning with a brush or gum, and then apply a water-repellent cream paint.

If you want your nubuck shoes not to say goodbye to their velvety, then do not put on top of her shoe cream. Another thing to know is that soap is the main enemy of such skin! Shoes made of this material can not be washed and stored in tight plastic bags.

Observing these simple rules, you can ensure your shoes a great appearance and longevity!

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