How to clean a sheepskin coat at home - leather and suede


Clothing for winter requires special care, because such things are often bought for more than one year. Therefore, tips on how to clean a sheepskin coat at home are relevant for any season. Properly performed actions guarantee a long life and an excellent view of your favorite thing - a savior from the bitter cold.

Stylish sheepskin coats - for ladies and girls

Stylish coatsFashion for girls

Sheepskin - classic or trendy - traditionally occupies a leading position in the ratings of outerwear. It perfectly fulfills its main purpose - reliably protects from the cold. In addition, designers do not miss a chance to confirm the stylishness of this piece of clothing on fashion podiums.

Acquisition of quality sheepskin coat is a good buy. However, such a thing requires proper care, incorrect actions can spoil the product. There is an option - contact the experts, but it will require considerable expenses. And not all products are allowed dry cleaning. Following the explanation of how to clean the sheepskin coat at home, you can return the gloss of novelty to your clothes. You have to make an effort and spend time, but the result will justify them.

Cleaning leather coats: general tips and special secrets

Cleaning leather coats

The main feature of sheepskin coat care is that the product cannot be washed, it must be washed intensively. A common tactic is to use steam for any kind of outerwear. You can use a special steamer or use an iron with this function.

All ingenious is simple. So in the case of removing small stains from a sheepskin coat. It is advised to rub a little dirt with a regular eraser or a dried crust of white bread.

How to clean a leather sheepskin coat at home? The simplest method is to use a well foamed soap solution. You need to be careful not to allow significant moisture to the skin.

Other care options:

  • if the product is very dirty, special products may be used for cleaning. Be sure to conduct a preliminary test, causing a little cleaning agent on a hidden area of ​​clothing (for example, on the seam inside out). After the time specified by the instructions, make sure that the drug is suitable for a particular product;
  • if the leather upper of the garment has lost its shine, it can be treated with glycerin;
  • to remove fresh stains from fat, mud well help semolina or starch (you need to rub a little). But salt can not be used;
  • neglected stains can be wiped off with a piece of gauze stuffed with kerosene or gasoline. This advice cannot be used as a method describing how to clean a light sheepskin coat at home. And all the other methods are suitable for her.

"We bring to life" suede sheepskin coat

Clothing made of suede is known for its whimsical care. To make it look like new for a long time, you need to stock up on special aerosols and brushes. You can use tools for shoes from the same material.

How to clean a suede sheepskin coat at home? The easiest assistant in this business is a rubber brush of sufficient hardness that does not allow the top of the product to shine. Also, these devices can wash made of brass or hard lint. In extreme cases, fine sandpaper will help out.

To restore the beauty of suede sheepskin coat will help:

  • salt, which is applied to small dirt and lightly rubbed. Care must be taken not to overdo it so as not to damage the product;
  • burlap or other coarse cloth soaked in gasoline. This is a remedy for running pollution that needs to be gently rubbed;
  • There are special products for the care of such a coating (for example, "Desamsh"). They help to give freshness to noble material.

Not always worn look of suede sheepskin coat is a clear signal to throwing this handy thing. There are effective ways to return freshness and attractiveness to clothes. For example, a very soiled suede material is cleaned with ammonia dissolved in water (4: 1 ratio). After wiping, the top of the sheepskin coat is rinsed with cool water, wiped dry with a cotton rag and dried in the shade.

The original homemade method of renewing suede is the use of milk and soda (1 tsp. Of soda per 1 tbsp. Of milk). With a solution wipe the sheepskin coat over the entire surface. At the same time apply cotton swabs, changing them as pollution. The process is completed by rubbing the product with an acetic solution (1 tsp. Of vinegar per 1 liter of water). Then wipe the sheepskin coat with a dry cloth, dried.

Sheepskin coat for the Snow Maiden

Light sheepskin coat

White suede outerwear looks winter is very important and especially chic. This product does not interfere with daily cleaning with a brush. Regular bleach will help restore the faded whiteness. Also suitable method of cleaning based on milk and soda, which was described above.

This method of caring for a white sheepskin coat is popular:

  1. Clean the outer clothing from dust.
  2. Dilute 1 tsp. ammonia and 1 tsp. 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide in 1 tbsp. water.
  3. Using cotton pads (or tampons), wipe the sheepskin coat with the resulting solution.
  4. Using a cloth moistened with clean water, remove the applied agent from the clothes surface.
  5. Dry the sheepskin coat indoors.

Proper fur cleaning

Proper fur cleaning

Methods that suggest how to clean the fur of a sheepskin coat at home are different from those used for top products. The inside of the clothes is brushed out with a natural bristle of medium hardness. Then rubbed with a tissue flap, which is moistened in a delicate soap solution.

Fur cuffs and collar shake out well, gently combed and washed. To restore the gloss of the material it is treated with this solution:

  • 1 liter of water (boiling water);
  • 100 g of fish oil;
  • 1 tsp. ammonia;
  • 12 g of soap.

To apply it cool down to 35 degrees, use a small brush.

There are many ways to clean a sheepskin coat at home. You should not invent something new, because unchecked actions can spoil the product. If you correctly identify the material of outerwear and choose the appropriate method of caring for her, you will be provided with a stylish look and warmth for several seasons.