How to clean a chain of silver

Silver is one of the most affordable precious metals, which is loved not only for its relatively low cost, but also for its cold radiance, refinement, simple elegance. Often it becomes the first adornment of a young girl, since it is assumed that silver is recommended at a young age, and gold in a more mature one. And as soon as a silver thing appears in the box, you should immediately attend to caring for it. How to clean the silver chain from the black one yourself, how to prevent it from strong pollution?

How to clean the silver chain when time is short?

How to clean the silver chain when time is short?

The most guaranteed and proven option is to use a special silver cleaner, which can be purchased directly from the jewelry store. Consultants often offer to immediately pick up a complete set for the care of jewelry. These can be preparations in the classical form of a gel or foam, which is applied for a few minutes and removed with a damp cloth - due to the active chemical composition, it acts almost instantly, destroying plaque. There are also napkins soaked in a special solution, however, they are often not the way to cope with strong blackness, since they are more focused on maintaining cleanliness.

  • Some experts advise in the absence of such a means to replace it with a conventional dishwashing liquid or even a means for cleaning glass ceramics. The recommendation is controversial, since it cannot be said for sure that the components of the composition of these products will not conflict with the metal.
  • If you can not get a tool for jewelry at all, you can use shampoo. Connect it with warm water (proportions 1:10) and add ammonia in a volume less than shampoo, 2 times. It is enough to hold the chain in the resulting solution for 5-7 minutes, with active blackness over a large area the time is increased to 15 minutes, and the product should not lie motionless: carefully rub the polluted areas with your hand.

After using special products, as well as after this recipe, the chain should be rinsed under running water and wiped dry with a soft cloth. It should be noted that this technology (with ammonia) may cause the chain to lose its luster - a tissue napkin or tooth powder, which is needed for 1-2 minutes, will help to return it. rub its surface.

Simple ways to cleanse silver with improvised means

Simple ways to cleanse silver with improvised means

If there is no ammonia at home, you can use more benign options, but they take a little longer. If the silver chain is heavily blackened, the procedure will probably last for 25-30 minutes, and in some cases, experts advise leaving the product under the cleaning mass or in the solution for 1.5-2 hours.

  • In case of contamination that has occupied a large area, it is recommended to mix lemon juice and vodka in equal amounts, add the same amount of soapy water to them, and then put silver in this liquid. The exposure time will be 6-8 hours, so the procedure should be carried out at night. Vodka can be replaced with ordinary alcohol.
  • To get rid of small dirt on the silver chain at home, you can resort to toothpaste, but it makes sense only the product with fluorine: it is this substance that is involved in the destruction of black metal on the metal. Take a piece of flannel, apply a little paste on it, and then run a cloth over the silver, gently rubbing the product into it. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  • Weak patches can be removed with olive oil, which is applied with a paper napkin, left for a few minutes and removed, rinsing the jewelry under running water. With severe pollution, such a measure will not work.
  • Not to mention the time-tested version with ordinary baking soda, which is able to clean everything. It is necessary to put the chain in foil, put soda on it, wrap the foil as tightly as possible (3-4 turns) and put in a bowl with soapy water. The container is put on the stove, waiting for boiling and left on the hot burner for 15 minutes. After this time, it is enough to wipe the chain with a napkin and rinse with cool water.
  • You can soak the silver in vinegar (it is better to take an apple) for several hours - the time depends on the degree of contamination. Once the black has dissolved, the product is removed from the liquid and rinsed in clean water.

Interestingly, carbonated drinks in this case can also be useful. Use for this purpose recommended light options that have a smaller proportion of dyes. Immerse the chain in the liquid, leave for 3-4 hours, rub with a cloth. Taking into account how aggressive the composition of these products is, it is not surprising that they easily clean up contaminants of any degree of severity.

Finally, it should be said that the best way to clean silver jewelry is to prevent them from darkening, so watch the jewelry from the date of purchase. Clean the surface monthly with soda or dental powder; after use, always clean with a soft cloth and avoid contact with other precious metals.

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