How to choose the shape of eyebrows


Every girl more than once wanted to make the look more attractive and expressive. To do this, just choose the right shape of the eyebrows. When creating an evening or daytime look, the shape of the eyebrows is no less important than a beautiful haircut or make-up as a whole. Only a few get the perfect shape of the eyebrows from nature. Therefore, modern women are seriously puzzled by the problem "How to choose the shape of eyebrows?".

In order to give a beautiful shape to your eyebrows you will not need a lot of effort, as it takes a very little time to adjust and care for your eyebrows. How to learn to keep eyebrows in order and choose the right shape for them?

How to choose the shape of eyebrows?

The most popular eyebrow shapes

  1. Horizontal shape It has a slight bend, the inner side and the outer side of the eyebrows should be located at the same level. Eyebrows of this shape can give your look extra severity, from this we can conclude that you should carefully monitor their thickness.
  2. Eyebrow shape- the most multifaceted. Eyebrows of this form will decorate owners with any type of face. They do not require special attention to themselves.
  3. While creating eyebrow shape the outer edge of the eyebrows should be slightly raised and positioned just above the inner edge. If you give preference to this form, you are guaranteed to give your look lively and expressive.
  4. Falling formIt is considered the perfect opposite of the ascending form, with its inner part of the brow should be above the outer. With a strong passion for this form, a person may have a sad expression, be careful.

The most popular eyebrow shapes

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows?

How to find out which shape of eyebrow is right for you? When choosing the shape of the eyebrows do not be equal to glossy magazines, but you need to find out what suits your face. To do this, you need to figure out what type your face belongs to.

Chubby more suitable for girls broken eyebrow shape.This eyebrow has a high lift and ends with a thin tip. Do not use the arched eyebrows, as your face will appear even rounder.

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows?

Owners oval face it is best to stay straight or slightly rounded eyebrows, located remotely from the nose. Forms "high arc" should also be avoided.

How to pluck eyebrows?

  • Pluck eyebrows spend only on the lower line of the eyebrows. Adjust the top of the very carefully and only if there is a great need. Stylists advise not to touch the upper part of the eyebrow at all, since, without having enough experience, you can spoil the whole form as a whole.
  • Eyebrow plucking is very painful. To avoid this, cosmetologists advise to apply a softening compress before plucking eyebrows. It is very simple to prepare it, you need to moisten cotton pads in warm water, then place it on your eyebrows.
  • After the eyebrow plucking procedure, cosmetologists advise treating the skin with alcohol-containing solutions, and then apply an anti-inflammatory compress from oak or chamomile bark decoction. A cotton pad dipped in cooked broth should be applied to the eyebrows for a period of 20 to 30 minutes.

The proposed tips will help to choose the desired shape of eyebrows for those who have not yet decided, as well as, perhaps, will force something to correct those who have long picked up the shape of eyebrows. In order to shape the eyebrows did not change, constantly use tweezers for eyebrows. After all, beautiful eyebrows - the basis of a successful make-up and a pledge of an effective image of a woman.