How to choose the right sunglasses

What is a sunglasses for a modern woman who seeks to preserve health and beauty? This is not only a fashionable and beautiful accessory, it is also a means of protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays. Usually, it happens that we choose sunglasses like "like-not-like", but sunglasses are intended, first of all, to they protected our eyes.

Of course, I want something that is useful, it was also beautiful. How to choose beautiful and stylish glasses that will fit in size, style and quality?

Sunglasses Quality Indicators

Sunglasses have a different type of glasses, which is indicated in the certificate attached to the glasses: do not hesitate to ask him from the sales assistant. There is a certain gradation of darkness of glasses for sunglasses, from zero to four, the degree of darkness of glasses varies from lighter to darkest, a different level of darkness of glasses is used depending on the different nature of the weather.

N, P, F- letters, which indicate the characteristics of the glasses themselves, so when referring to the letter N, ordinary plastic glasses with an ultraviolet filter are meant, medium enough characteristics for sunglasses, but this does not mean that they will be worse to protect your eyes, This is only a category of glasses of a certain type.

The letter P designates glasses with a polarizing effect, the angle of refraction of such glasses should be at least 90 degrees, glasses with such a set of characteristics well protect the eyes of the sea in bright sun.

And finally, the letter F is photochromic glass, an excellent option for those who for various reasons cannot afford to have several types of sunglasses, because photochromic glasses tend to adapt to the brightness of the sun when there is almost no sun, the glass accepts almost transparent the view, the brighter sun makes such glasses on the contrary dark, and such glasses protect the lens of the eye from sudden changes in light.

The frame is an important detail, it is also quite different from the plastic to the frame of titanflex, the latter in turn easily restores the primary form of the frame after its random deformation. In any case, it should be understood, the more expensive the quality of the material for the rim, the higher the price of the glasses themselves.

Sunglasses cost

Good sunglasses, like watches, are luxury items, they must be of high quality and luxurious. Sunglasses prices range from $ 100 and above, of course, this price category is applicable for glasses with a brand name, which are carefully suited to the manufacture of glasses, applying such a ratio as "style - quality", and it is always expensive.

The most expensive and brand brands for the manufacture of sunglasses are Italian: "Bulgari", today one of the most expensive jewelry brands in the manufacture of sunglasses, conquers with its quality and reliability.

An important point when choosing a brand of sunglasses is knowing the countries in which they are made, a non-dedicated person can easily make a mistake when buying glasses that will be listed in the manufacturer’s country, for example, USA, since sunglasses are not produced in the United States of America. There are a number of countries that produce sunglasses - Italy, Germany, France, Austria, China, Malaysia.

But if you have already decided on the brand it is wonderful, but difficulties arise when choosing sunglasses exactly when we understand that they do not fit our face.

Selection of sunglasses depending on the shape of the face

  • If you are the owner of an oval-shaped face - you can use the shape of glasses in the form of cat's eyes, in the style of the fashion of the sixties. Of course, the glasses of this form - an amateur, but the oval shape of the face is most adaptable to the other types of glasses, so if you have an oval face, then you are very lucky. The oval shape of the face can be determined, therefore, if the distance from the hairline to the eyebrows and from the eyebrows to the chin is approximately the same.
  • If you have a square face shape, then you will fit round-shaped glasses, they will smooth out the angularities of the face and give it a more elegant look.
  • If you have a triangular face shape, then, of course, the aviators will be the ideal option, they will repeat the shape of your cheekbones and balance the lower part of your face.
  • If you have a round face, you will fit glasses with clear geometric angles.

However, choosing glasses, it should be understood that they must fit in with your style of clothing and colors of attire.

What is important to know about glasses?

  • Sunglasses can have different color glasses. Never chase the bright screaming colors of glasses in glasses, especially yellow and orange - this color of glasses can be extremely dangerous, as it irritates the retina and can lead to impaired vision.
  • The most calm and safe is the green color of the glass.
  • Remember that the hit of the season is not the points shown in the advertisement or purchased by one of your girlfriends, but ideally suited to your face.

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