How to choose the right skirt


In the modern world they demand a lot from women. She must be able to survive among strong men, be fit to them or even surpass them in some way. The style of behavior, of course, dictates what needs to be worn. But becoming a business woman, a strong, equal to a man, we are often left alone, because men no longer see us as women. Work must always remain work, and it cannot be transferred to the rest of our lives.

Our mood, behavior, lifestyle and life itself depend on clothes. Native women were considered dresses, skirts, various beautiful trinkets that adorn us. In the same article, we propose to talk about how to choose a skirt to emphasize your femininity and attractiveness.

How to choose a skirt?How to choose a skirt?

We have already said that this spring is considered fashionable midi length (article "Fashion trends of this spring"). However, it is important to know that not all women can wear it. This length is good for slim legs, plumper women, it will be complete. Lush skirts, tailored under an oblique angle, will suit absolutely all the fair sex.

Choose a skirt on the type of figure

Despite fashion trends, designers still advise choosing a skirt, according to your type of figure.

  • For girls with an hourglass shape, straight skirts and a pencil skirt will do.
  • Girls with the figure "pear" need to wear skirts, tailored along an oblique line, at an angle.
  • For girls with a "rectangle" fit a straight pleated skirt.
  • Girls with the figure of "triangle" skirts should hide their knees, suitable skirt-trapeze (skirt A-shaped silhouette).
  • Girls with the figure of "apple" is better to wear skirts on the smell or skirts made wedges.

How to choose a skirt?How to choose a skirt?

Choose a skirt to correct flaws.

  • Women of small stature should not be worn. skirts with large patterns and skirts to the floor.
  • Women pyshechekam fit straight skirts just below the knee.
  • To narrow wide hips wear long skirts, fitted at the top and extended to the bottom.
  • To increase the hips, choose year skirts. If a woman is also high, then you need to wear a high waist.

Choose a skirt length

Choose a skirt length

Choose a skirt length

The ideal length of the skirt for yourself can be determined by the narrowest point in the knee area. For all women, it is individual.

Above the knee skirt It looks playful and seductive, this length will suit young girls with perfect legs. Knee length looks businesslike. Floor skirts - elegant and feminine. Length to calf It looks solid, feminine, seductive, this length will suit young girls with perfect legs.

Choose a skirt by colorChoose a skirt length

Choose a skirt for color and compatibility

The classic colors of clothing for many, many years remain White gray and the black. Black skirt is appropriate in any situation and is combined with almost all items of your wardrobe. This color is slimming. White skirt can be safely worn to owners of the perfect figure. But taking into account the flaws in the figure, you can wear white skirts of certain styles. The red color of the skirt looks defiant, you need to be able to properly combine with other items of clothing.

Tips for choosing a skirtTips for choosing a skirt

It is also important to choose a skirt according to your style in clothes, since an inappropriate skirt will not be able to approach one of your things.

Tips for choosing a skirt

Before choosing a skirt, think about which of your things it can match. It is better to immediately put on what you think of wearing it. If you need a belt for the skirt, be sure to pick it up in the store, not the fact that you have the right one at home.

Tips for choosing a skirtTips for choosing a skirt

In order to correctly choose the size of the skirt - place your hand between your body and clothes, it should pass freely, otherwise the skirt will be small to you. Squat, move in the dressing room, you should be comfortable in a skirt.

Do not buy a skirt, and any thing, spontaneously. It may be unnecessary in your wardrobe or disappoint you when you come home with your purchase.

Wear feminine clothes and be attractive to the opposite sex!