How to choose the right jeans


It's no secret that jeans are firmly established in the fashionable life and settled in our wardrobe for a long time. The question arises, why do we like jeans so much, like to wear them always and everywhere? The answer to this question is simple: jeans are versatile clothing, today they will be relevant to almost any occasion. Certainly, jeans have won our hearts and legs, some of those who marry even prefer jeans to traditional wedding dresses, and both the newlyweds and their guests.

There are many types of different jeans, and the only right decision is to recognize the fact that jeans should be chosen carefully and deliberately according to some important criteria.

How to choose jeans by color?How to choose jeans by color?

Choosing jeans by color

So what should be the color of jeans? About fifteen years ago, it would be foolish to ask such questions, initially jeans had only the color "indigo" and were intended for people of the working class. Much time has passed since that moment and now the situation with jeans is somewhat different, especially with regard to the color of jeans.

Surprisingly, the most important distinctive feature of jeans is that when producing and dyeing jeans, the paint does not fall completely on the fabric, but only dyes the threads in a dark blue color - this is the classic version of jeans in dark blue, they are suitable for any everyday occasion.

How to choose jeans by color?How to choose jeans by color?

There are also multicolored jeans of all colors of the rainbow, orange, fuchsia, turquoise, lemon and ripe cherries, such jeans are suitable for both dating and going to the movies.

Beige, white, pastel-colored jeans are perfect not only for a romantic evening, but also for the office.

Choosing jeans on the figure

The figure of a woman is her most important treasure, which she will not allow anyone to spoil, even if it is the most beautiful jeans of her dreams. The main rule when choosing jeans - they should fit only under your figure.

There is such an important criterion when choosing jeans, as the growth. For tall women there is a certain style of jeans, they should not be shortened, and at a low waist, since such jeans will further lengthen the body of a woman, and give her at least a strange look.

How to choose jeans on the figure?

How to choose jeans on the figure?

  • High ladies will suit light or worn jeans, slightly expanding to the bottom.
  • In no case should women of low stature choose very light-colored jeans, jeans with rolled-up trousers, too narrowed jeans to the bottom; the listed jeans models will make a short woman even shorter and plumper. It is necessary to choose jeans of dark gray, black color and other dark shades.
  • Women with wide rounded hips, will have to give up jeans with a low waist, visually such jeans will make your hips even wider.

When choosing jeans for full ladies, it is necessary to fulfill the main condition - do not gather jeans in the folds, this is exactly what they can look like if jeans are bought one or two sizes larger. This is a huge misconception that in order to look thinner you need to choose jeans of a larger size, since the folds will increase your legs and buttocks by three times. It would be better if you give preference to dark jeans, which will be slightly narrowed to the bottom, and the main word here is slightly, not narrowed.

How to choose jeans on the figure?How to choose jeans on the figure?

If you have already picked up the jeans on the figure, you need to carefully check the jeans for high-quality seams, it should be smooth and clear, and from both inside and outside, high-quality seam is a guarantee of strength and durability of jeans.

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