How to choose the right bra


The bra becomes our companion as a teenager and for the whole life turns into one of the main items of clothing. Despite this, up to 70% of women manage to wear bras that do not fit them! How to choose this strategically important thing so that it gives moral satisfaction and physical comfort? Let's learn!

How to choose a bra?How to choose a bra?

Size matters!

The secret of beautiful breasts depends on the bra. If it is chosen successfully, then it will correct the figure flaws so well and emphasize the advantages that no plastic surgery or silicone will be needed!

Successful choice of bras starts with choosing the right size. If you know your parameters and features of the chest, then it is not necessary to bore yourself with endless fittings. You can even do without them. Therefore, we take up a centimeter tape and learn how to correctly determine the size of the bra. It should be done like this.

  1. The starting position is to stand up straight, hands to keep down. The body should be free from clothes or wear a bra that does not change the shape of the mammary glands.
  2. Measure the girth under the breast. Keep the centimeter as tight as possible to the body. It should be placed strictly horizontally.
  3. Measure chest circumference. To do this, wrap the tape around the body at the level of the most forward points of the mammary glands. This will be the size of the cup. Do not tighten the tape, but do not keep it at a distance to get more volume.

Measured? It's time to find your data in the size chart.

How to choose the right bra

To indicate the size of the bras used numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. Let us take as an example the product 70 V. Here 70 is the length of the tape, and B is the size of the cup. This is the difference between chest volume and girth under the bust.

What letter will indicate the size of the cup, it is easy to calculate yourself. To do this, from the volume of the most prominent points of the mammary glands (for example, it is equal to 90 cm) subtract the volume under the bust (suppose it is 75 cm). In other words, 90 - 75 = 15 cm. As can be seen from the table, this corresponds to the size B.

How to choose the right bra

Determine your bra size is easy. But he does not remain the same, because a woman can lose weight or get better, gives birth, feeds children, takes contraceptives. All this is reflected in the size of the breast and its shape. Therefore, if you decide to replenish the wardrobe with a new bra, do not be lazy to measure your size again.

How should a perfect bra sit?

Not only the sensations of a woman depend on correctly selected underwear. This intimate wardrobe item affects the health of the mammary glands and how the outerwear looks. Therefore, you should not buy a bra for a couple of sizes more, even if you have a small chest, or try to squeeze their feminine charms in a clearly small cups.

If the bra has sat so tightly that you cannot even stick a finger under it, or folds of skin have formed above the ribbon, these are sure signs that it is small. Some women make the opposite mistake. They love “freedom”, so they buy bras that are large under the bust (“not to press”). As a result, they are practically useless, as they cease to fulfill their purpose. The chest in this case falls out of the cups, the clasp crawls upward, and the straps slide down from the shoulders.

To avoid this, during the fitting process, pay attention to the following important points:

  • cups should fit snugly to the breast from each of its sides (no voids!), but not squeeze the mammary glands and not hang out;
  • The straps should be of such length that the bra lifts and holds the breast, and is not simply present on the body;
  • The bra should not obstruct breathing and restrict movement. Never choose underwear in the expectation that you lose weight! Focus on your current size (and if you can lose weight, it will be another pleasant reason to buy a new bra);
  • The bra should not create discomfort. We can not allow the bones to press on the body;
  • your chest does not need the "sauna effect". It is better if the fabric is hygroscopic;
  • additional items (for breast augmentation) should not be too "fat".

Models for all forms of breasts and occasions

The model range of bras includes many varieties. Therefore, you can always find a variant of underwear that will transform the figure or make it even more spectacular. To find "your" model, you should know what styles of bras are in general and how they differ. So, the most common types:

  • classic. In traditional bras closed soft cup. No stone is provided. Its upper and lower halves have the same height. Such underwear differs in a comfortable cut, but it is not suitable for wearing under things with a low neckline;
  • Angelica. Calyx with pits, wide shoulders. The highlight of this model is an open neckline area. It is possible to wear things with a triangular neck on such underwear;
  • Korbey. A distinctive feature of this model is a very open cup, that is, its lower part is much larger than the upper one. It almost does not fix the chest, but allows you to wear a neckline;
  • balconette Breast immersed in a bra only half. Cups are shaped like rounded balconies and “propped up” the mammary glands from below. Bones are provided. This model can be used for clothing with a large neckline, as it is equipped with wide-spaced straps;
  • brasiere Very sexy lingerie: bra barely covers the nipples;
  • push up. Strongly raises a breast and creates additional volume. Inside the cups are provided tabs made of silicone or foam rubber;

How to choose a bra with individual features?How to choose a bra?

  • bustier Option bra with bones and straps removable type. It is combined with a shortened corset of compacted material, has a minimum number of seams;
  • seamless bra. Made of elastic fabric. The shape exactly the contours of the breast. You can wear under a blouse or dress, sitting tight;
  • mini-maser Equipped with stones, round back and shoulder straps of sufficient width. Tight, perfectly supports even the breast maxi volume;
  • invizibla-bra Bra "Invisible". In fact, these are two silicone covers (sometimes they are covered with textiles). Without giving its presence, the bra qualitatively supports the breast, gives it beautiful outlines;
  • bras for nursing women. They make it possible to open the ore without removing the bra, as they consist of two layers;
  • sports bras. They are not inserted into the bones. Made of durable material. Hold the chest in the process of intense exercise.

How to choose a bra with individual features?

The range of bras today is huge. But you can easily find your own model in it if you use the following tips.

  • If you have small breasts and you are trying to increase it visually, then you can use the following models: push-up, bras with removable straps.
  • Your chest is tapered - choose models that have a horizontal seam.
  • Widely spaced mammary glands. Look for products with a narrow insert between the cups.
  • Narrow chest. To correct this shape, choose a model with vertically positioned seams;
  • Lowered chest and extra pounds. Get a bra-corset - bustier. This will make your bust flawless. You will also suit underwired models;
  • Big bust. The best option is a mini-maiser. Excellent support for heavy breasts, providing maximum comfort.

In the family of bras there are universal styles that are suitable for women with both impressive and small elegant breasts of any shape. This is a classic, seamless pattern and Angelica.

Some last tips

  • Buying a new bra costs a couple of weeks before the next menstruation, because on her eve the breasts begin to grow in size.
  • The color of the bra is a matter of taste, but the most impressive in the eyes of the stronger sex, according to statistics, are red and black bras.
  • Products made of artificial materials look very impressive, but they are best left for special occasions. In everyday life, cotton sewing models will bring more benefits.

Now that you know how to choose a bra, it's time to move on to the most enjoyable stage - shopping for a comfortable and beautiful underwear. You can find your model, which you will wear for a long time and with pleasure, for example, here: And let the new bra make you think again about how beautiful it is to be a woman!