How to choose the best shampoo for hair loss for men and


About the importance of well-groomed hair for a woman, said more than once. Each one tries to keep them as healthy as possible, even if it does not grow a long braid. But if the cut ends can be disguised, to give shine to indelible emulsions, and the color can be changed without any problems, then the question of hair loss is not so simple. Many believe that a special shampoo will cope with this problem.

How to choose a shampoo for hair loss?

The beauty industry is developing at a frantic pace. Therefore, for almost every problem, different solutions are invented. Often, the windows show jarred bottles and bottles that promise to solve the problem forever. It’s hard to say which hair loss shampoo is the best. Probably, there is no single tool for everyone that will never receive a negative comment in its direction. The perception of the human body is too difficult to predict all the claims. But on the basis of studying reviews of most shampoos that are in demand, you can determine their strengths and weaknesses.

For example, it is noted that pharmacy brands often produce a more lasting effect and a quality result than professional tools and mass-market products. However, this does not mean a 100% result.

Shampoo for hair loss Vichy: reviews

The basic principle of such shampoos - an annoying effect. That it allows you to activate any biological process in a particular area. Applied to the scalp, stimulates the awakening of the hair follicles. For this reason, when using most of the tools aimed at inhibiting the process of hair loss, discomfort is noticed. Among them are burning and itching of the scalp. They should withdraw after a while. But if this does not happen, the tool should be changed, or pick up having a different composition.

Components in the product should be given special attention. Moreover, not only for those that are present or absent, but also for their order. Few people know that a place in the list of ingredients matters. The element that is in front, has a larger dose than the next one. Therefore, when an abstract emulsion with argan oil attracts with its promises, you need to look at the composition. If this oil is somewhere at the end, while alcohol with silicones has settled on the first steps, there is no point in waiting for a long-lasting effect, especially a therapeutic one.

Shampoos based on decoctions or pomace of nettle and burdock have a softer effect. These herbs have long been used to preserve the density of the hair, so their effectiveness in this matter is beyond doubt. Aggressive, but at the same time qualitative effect is observed in shampoos containing pepper extract. They cause blood flow to the scalp. With high sensitivity, this tool will not work.

Although some women bought it on the advice of doctors, it was not always possible to avoid side effects. Vichy with Aminexil is not recommended for persons with cardiac problems. This drug, which is part of the product, has a hypotensive effect, and is also able to provoke tachycardia.

Hair loss shampoo for men: features of products

In fact, baldness does not depend on gender. It is associated with the fluctuations of one of the hormones - dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, those tools that are suitable for women can equally be used by men. Attention should only be paid to the composition.

It should not contain SLS. Among the necessary ingredients, doctors note thymus extract, cystine, cysteine, Nozitol, glycol distearate, methionine. But the two most important ingredients are finasteride and minoxidil. It is their role in the war for hair growth is the main. They are present only in pharmacies. True, not all products with their content can be freely purchased at any of the pharmacies.

I would like to emphasize that in an attempt to deal with a specific problem, the primary task is not to select a set of tools, but to determine the root cause. Often you can come across negative reviews of shampoos for hair loss, ampoules, oils and masks. Often the problem is actually not in the shampoo, but in the factors contributing to the activation of hair loss. And no matter how amazing and expensive the product is, it will not work on them. For example, if baldness is caused by severe stress. Here it is required to influence the nervous system, and not on the hair follicles, which is characteristic of cosmetic, even if therapeutic, means. Therefore, the first step is a visit to the doctor.

If the diagnosis did not reveal serious diseases that could be a prerequisite for hair loss, based on the information given in the article, you can choose a suitable tool for yourself. The main thing - to pay attention to the composition. In combination with a course of vitamins and massage, you will return a healthy and lively look to your locks.