How to choose shoes

Women are the weaker sex of humanity, but the tests are not entirely easy, for example uncomfortable shoes that make their lives hell.

Often, when we go shopping, we pay attention, and we get sick with the seen shoes that do not allow us to sleep at night, we run to the store headlong, hoping that nobody has bought them yet, spend the last money and buy the cherished dream shoes, after some time, it comes to the realization that the dream has turned into shackles, the desire to wear them is gone, and there is no more money ...

How to avoid such situations? To do this, choose the right shoes.

Comfort and convenience of shoes

How to choose shoes?How to choose shoes?

How to choose shoes?How to choose shoes?

The key to success in choosing shoes is their convenience.. In the store, shoes look great, sparkle and burn with novelty, but you need to understand what exactly they look like specifically for sale, so in order to choose the right shoes you will have to turn into a scrupulous bore and be guided by reason.

  • The heel is the most scrupulous part, delivering mostly maximum inconvenience, therefore it is important to know that the heel should be located clearly in the center of the heel, then the weight will be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the foot. However, the heel should not only be positioned correctly, but also sustainable.Sometimes, trying on shoes on the heel in the store, you feel that the foot in it literally walks, such shoes cannot be bought in any way, it can be very dangerous, since the heel reel will cause additional load on the spine, and its treatment can lead to costly, sometimes even unsuccessful, as the human skeleton, having at first glance a solid structure, is in fact subject to change, which will entail serious consequences.
  • Similarly serious concerns concern heel height, which should be no more than 7 centimeters, exactly 7 centimeters are the extreme point of the limit for our spine, each succeeding centimeter in excess is an additional load on the spine.

How to choose shoes?How to choose shoes?

  • Shoe and nose shoes is also important when choosing, the block should be comfortable and, if possible, repeat the curves of your foot, the nose of the shoes should not be narrow, as this will lead to a change in nail growth and deformation of the joints.
  • Rise - This is a very important point to consider if your lifting and lifting shoes do not match, if you can skip a finger between your foot in the middle and middle of the shoe, you should immediately refuse such shoes, you just cannot walk in such shoes, weight will be transferred to the front of the foot, you almost have to walk on your toes, which will lead to a curvature of the spine and such a serious disease as scoliosis.

So, if you have taken into account everything, and are ready to make a choice, it's time to move on to the most enjoyable part.

Aesthetics and style shoes

Shoes besides their convenience should also be relevant to the occasion. If you need to pick up business shoes, then they should be restrained, moderate in tones, on a relatively high heel without any extra trinkets.

If you have to choose casual shoes, You can safely pay attention to ballet flats, shoes with heels, sandals and wedge shoes, with any interesting print, and colors suitable to your outfit.

How to choose shoes?How to choose shoes?

How to choose shoes?How to choose shoes?

A separate category of shoes are evening options, which shines with abundance and a variety in an assortment row: evening satin shoes, varnish, with various bows, pastes and ornaments, various flowers.

When choosing shoes it is important to rely on the mind, and understand that very beautiful shoes are not always very comfortable, and uncomfortable shoes are an ugly and unhealthy back. Make the right choice.

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