How to choose pants


Fashion each time dictates something new to us, something remains forever. For example, any woman has black classical trousers and no one will say, put them on, that she doesn’t look fashionable. Because they can be combined with your favorite fashion trends of the coming spring. Modern pants are different in length and style. But the main nuances are now high waist and shortened length of the pants.

Choosing pants according to your figure

  • Women with hourglass figure better to choose pants with high or normal waist. Well, if the pants will be a belt, he will emphasize the waist.

How to choose pants?How to choose pants?

  • It is undesirable to wear pants, tight calves and ankles. Because even with the ideal type of figure, they do not look so beautiful. If you still want to buy these pants, consider what shoes you should choose to them.
  • Women with figure "rectangle" it is important to choose pants with an unusual belt, conspicuous. Also fit pants with patch pockets. These models will highlight the waist.

How to choose pants?How to choose pants?

  • For those who narrow hips, need to choose classic pants, with arrows. Pants with large pockets and various decorations will also fit, but they should be in the waist area.
  • Owners tummy need to choose pants with a mid waistline or inflated. They will make the tummy flat.
  • Long straight leg pants. They are suitable for those who have plump hips.

How to choose pants?How to choose pants?

Choose pants according to style

First you need to decide where are you going to wear pants: to work, to parties, for outdoor recreation or for home. To work, you should choose trousers of classic cut, preferably dark colors. If you want to buy them for home and nature trips, the main criterion for selection should be convenience, as well as practicality. For parties, pants can be the most extravagant and reflect the most fashionable trends of this season.

How to choose pants?How to choose pants?

  • For office style choose straight ankle length pants. They look great in combination with jackets and jackets. Colors, as already mentioned, should be discreet and practical. Designers advise for the office as Capri and Bermuda.
  • If a capri wear with sneakers, they create a different style - casual.
  • For relaxation and partying in the best way jeans.
  • Tight-fit pants cigarettes They look very feminine and sexy, but only slim girls with a perfect figure can afford them.
  • Leggings with long tunics, blouses, dresses, shirts are suitable for plump with straight legs. Under them should be shod shoes with high heels, then your figure will seem slimmer.

How to choose pants?How to choose pants?

  • Are now fashionable and breeches in a cage, strip or bright pattern. Keep up the flared pants, sail pants or bananas.
  • Well hide figure flaws cropped trousers. They are very fashionable now.

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