How to choose haircuts for curly hair


The fact that many owners of curls are ready to turn this magnificence into smooth curls by hook or by crook has long been known. There is another problem. It lies in the fact that to choose a haircut for curly or simply wavy hair, so that it would decorate, and not look ridiculous, very difficult.

What is the difficulty of choosing haircuts for curly hair?

Haircuts for curly hair of medium length.

A master capable of competently working with curly hair is worthy of the title of professional. But, unfortunately, such a specialist is still required to find. For what it is necessary sometimes to bypass a dozen salons. And it's not about someone's inability to understand the desires of the client. And in a number of difficulties that are present when working with such blocks.

Curly hair is always quite fragile. They do not have smoothness on their own, have a porous structure, which often implies open scales, and wrinkle with ease. On the one hand, this is exactly what provides every hair pomp. But on the other - it does not give the opportunity to boast a dazzling brilliance, speaking about the healthy state of the hair. And even so, it is still a reason to urgently sign up for rectification.

3 key factors affecting the desired length of curly hair and shape are considered to be a general constitution, facial features. Many people unreasonably ignore the first point, suggesting that it does not play any role. And in vain. Especially in the case of hair that is far from straight in shape.

Haircuts for curly hair of medium length.

  • Miniature skinny girls look best with long curls. Since the strands are curly, the hairstyle is always quite voluminous. And such a "cap" of short hair with a particular physique is perceived somewhat comically, strongly highlighting the head. If there is a strong craving for a boyish image, the haircut should be ultrashort and asymmetrical with long front strands and very short rear ones.
  • Women of medium height, with a tightly knit figure, can stop at any variations where the ends of curly hair reach the shoulder or rise higher. But the long curls to the waist here are categorically not recommended due to the visual increase in proportions and the addition of excessive massiveness to the image.
  • As previously mentioned, we should not forget about the shape of the face, as well as its features, which a woman may want to emphasize or, on the contrary, disguise. Actively curly hair will always give a face volume, regardless of its features. Consequently, the degree of difficulty of choosing hairstyles increases many times for owners of a round face. They do not want to focus on short styling, to be able to remove the curls in her hair.

What are recommended haircuts for wavy hair?

Haircuts for curly hair of medium length.

Owners of light waves live easier than those whose curls curl small curls. They can easily pick their hair, without fear of excess volume in the head.

The problem is sometimes excessive thickness, with which wavy hair looks massive. In addition to the need for filigree ends, you can resort to a cascade. This haircut is universal because it helps to create the optimal volume.

A more classic version is baby. Ideally, it is complemented by straight and thick bangs. You will have to prepare for its daily installation. Otherwise, the waves beating in different directions will spoil the overall impression.

Miniature owners of wavy hair look amazing with long strands that have a light graduation. This haircut itself is a great hairstyle that does not need any extras. And the easy structuring of waves through mousse will create the most simple and elegant evening option.

By nature, curly locks, in fact - beautiful. A competent hairdresser can give an ideal cut to this diamond, and you will only have to support the created model. Remember that in most cases, only well-laid curly hair can complete your look for any event!