How to choose an epilator

Warm outside. And this means that you can go on short skirts and frivolous dresses, because beautiful female legs are one of the main advantages of the weak half of humanity. Only in spring and summer they require special care. First of all, it concerns the process of hair removal. And in this matter, of course, can not do without a quality epilator. I would like to choose just such an epilator, which would remove unwanted hairs painlessly and permanently and at the same time would be very reasonable.

How to choose an epilator?

If we compare the epilator with a razor, then the first one provides the legs with perfect smoothness, which lasts not for two or three days, but for at least several weeks. This effect is due to the fact that with the help of rotating discs or special tweezers, the hairs are pulled out directly from the bulb, and the razor removes only the surface part of the hair.

How to choose a good epilator?

  1. First of all, pay attention tosafety and reliability. It is unlikely that someone will like to repair the epilator a few months after purchase, or even throw it away. The second important factor isquality of hair removal. It should be perfect and suit you one hundred percent, otherwise why such an epilator is needed. And, of course, you need to pay attention to hispainlessness removing unwanted hair should not turn into torture. The best epilator must combine all these qualities.
  2. Epilators have different speeds, pain relief systems, have various additional functions and design. Devices with the same speed, have a lower cost, but they can not cope with the removal of the finest hairs. Models with two speeds are more expensive., but they can provide better hair removal.
  3. The main anesthesia systems used in epilators are vibration and cooling. They do not completely eliminate pain, but make the process of getting rid of hair less painful. And various nozzles make it possible to remove hair not only on the legs, but also in the armpit, bikini and face areas.

How to choose an epilator?

How to choose an epilator?

How to choose the epilator?

  • When choosing an epilator, one should be guided not only by generally accepted parameters, but also take into account individual factors. If your skin is prone to irritation and redness, it is better to opt for a model for sensitive skin. These epilators are designed specifically for women with sensitive and delicate skin. They have special systems or devices that make the procedure less painful.
  • If you are just starting to use the epilator, it is better to choose a model for beginners. It has a special nozzle with a lightweight principle of action. The attachment makes it possible to remove much less hairs, so the epilation is not so painful.
  • Also on sale appeared a new type of device for hair removal, which combines removable shaving and epilator heads. So, one device can perform two actions at once - shaving and hair removal. Moreover, the shaving head has an ultra-fine mesh with a trimmer, and the epilator is equipped with a multi-forceps system. The first can be used to remove hair on the legs, and the second is suitable for depilation in more sensitive places.
  • You should pay attention to the number of tweezers in the device, which affect the quality and duration of the entire procedure of hair removal. All the latest models of epilators have a multi-pinset system in which there are 20 or more working discs. Such discs can make about 700 tweaks depending on the selected speed. Also, any model of epilator has two ways to capture tweezers. The first degree should be used to remove thin hair, and the second - for normal and thick.

How to choose an epilator for a bikini?

To select the best epilator for the bikini zone, you need to know some information about these devices. Epilators of well-known companies have a long warranty period, however, and their cost is higher. Experts recommend not to spare money on the epilator for the bikini area, since buying a low-quality model, you can injure sensitive skin in the area of ​​intimate places and bring an infection there.

How to choose an epilator for a bikini?

Choosing the best epilator for the bikini zone, you need to know the following rules:

  1. Equipment.The epilator for the bikini area should be equipped with a special nozzle for depilating intimate places.
  2. Duration of operation in wireless mode. A good device is able to work continuously for half an hour without contact with the mains. This is very convenient if the epilator needs to be applied in a building where there is no outlet.
  3. Use in the shower. Bathroom is a great place for depilation, especially bikini zones. Therefore, it is better to choose an electric epilator with the ability to use in the shower.

These tips will help you choose a high-quality, reliable and safe epilator that will become your magic wand at crucial moments!

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