How to choose an effective remedy for sweat


All people sweat, and this is normal - so the body reacts to a rise in temperature, an increase in physical activity or stressful situations. Due to perspiration, toxins, excess salts and hormones are released, and thermoregulation is normalized. But this process has to be controlled to avoid the unpleasant smell of sweat and marks on clothes.

Why do people sweat?

In the human body about 3 million sweat glands. They work around the clock, saving the body from overheating. In the summer, in hot weather, control of perspiration is the most common problem that causes discomfort and in every way hampers movement. After all, besides unattractive stains on clothes in the armpits, there is also an unpleasant smell!

And a person who cares about personal hygiene and his appearance, trying to solve this issue and uses a variety of means of sweat.

Sweating is a natural process. It can not be stopped or limited. But it is possible to significantly reduce unpleasant consequences: remove the smell or make it less harsh.

Anyone, male or female, is looking for an effective method of sweat. Everyone wants to find a tool that would suit him personally, taking into account his individual needs. And this means that one needs, for example, a hypoallergenic product, and others strive, first of all, to get rid of the increased secretion of sweat and tang.

So what causes excessive sweating? Causes: heavy physical exertion, increased nervousness, hysteria, oncological diseases, tuberculosis, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the endocrine and nervous system.

How to choose an effective remedy for sweat?

How to get rid of sweat: ways

To effectively deal with sweating, you need to cure the underlying disease.

For this purpose, there is a whole arsenal of various tools that help control sweating. We will look at some of the best remedies for excessive sweating and intense odor:

  • Personal hygiene. For a person who clearly follows the rules of personal hygiene, this problem will not be so acutely felt. Every day you need to take a shower (if possible, a contrast). Shoes and clothing should be chosen from natural materials. Clothing must be loose, not chilling movements.
  • Diet.Surprisingly, proper nutrition and compliance with a certain drinking regimen is an excellent remedy for sweat. From the diet, it is desirable to exclude fried, spicy, smoked and fatty foods. In the summer, in the heat, it is recommended to drink as much cool water as possible. It is necessary to abandon tea and coffee (caffeine stimulates sweating).
  • Antiperspirants or deodorants. Deodorants destroy bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor and disinfect the underarm area. Conceal the unpleasant smell of sweat with different perfume additives. Antiperspirants clog pores in problem areas and slightly reduce perspiration, and also mask the smell. Antiperspirants are divided into cosmetic and dermatological. Last available in the pharmacy and only on prescription.
  • Folk remedies. Most people try to get rid of excessive sweating with proven folk remedies.

How to choose an effective remedy for sweat?

When excessive sweating is recommended:

  1. Wipe problem areas with chamomile tincture (6 tablespoons of chamomile and 2 tsp. Of soda pour 2 liters of boiled water).
  2. An excellent remedy for heavy perspiration is oak bark (1 h. L. Of oak bark, pour 1 tbsp. Of boiled water and add squeezed lemon juice). The resulting solution to wipe problem areas.
  3. In case of emergency, when it is not possible to take a shower, sweat and unpleasant smell can be eliminated with the help of wet wipes and lemon: wipe the skin of the armpits with a napkin, then wipe with a lemon.
  4. With increased perspiration, you can drink the tincture of tea fungus, oak bark, mint leaves, sage, lemon balm or valerian.
  5. Drug treatment. For people with excessive sweating, doctors suggest to be treated with drugs. dysport and botox. These funds act directly on the transmission of nerve impulses to the sweat glands and temporarily block them.

Drydry sweat cleaner: features

Drydry is an effective remedy for long-term sweat and a powerful weapon in the struggle for cleanliness and attractiveness. Cosmetic for sweat armpits, palms and legs. It is applied 1-2 times a week or when the need arises.

Drydry sweat cleanser should be applied to clean and completely dry skin 1 hour before bedtime. After application, be sure to thoroughly dry the skin.

If the skin is dried out badly, there may be a burning sensation or irritation, which disappears after skin treatment with hydrocortisone cream.

How to choose an effective remedy for sweat?

The advantages of the tool:

  • For a long time eliminates not only the smell, but also the cause of sweating.
  • Economical to use.
  • The tool is universal because it is used for both the palms and axillary hollows and feet.
  • There are no restrictions on the duration of use.
  • The main thing is to use a remedy for sweat according to the instructions. Compliance with these rules provides 100% efficiency and comfort.

The remedy for the smell of sweat feet: an integrated approach

Most people face the acute problem of intense sweating of the feet and an unpleasant smell. Abundant sweating of the lower legs can be the result of various diseases (foot fungus, pathology of the central nervous system). It is necessary to find out the cause and fix the problem with your doctor.

In the fight against excessive sweating and unpleasant foot odor, it is necessary to use means of complex effect.

How to choose an effective remedy for sweat?

Applying different methods from the smell of sweat to the feet, it must be remembered that any remedy helps to improve one’s well-being, but does not guarantee complete recovery.

In the fight against the problem can not do without deodorant. Modern deodorants for the feet are products with a deodorizing, softening, caring and drying effect. Apply them every time after washing your feet.

Effective foot deodorants:

  • Spray Oriflame, "Odour Control Neutra-Activ 3 in 1", "Refreshing Reviving Foot", Scholl;
  • Crema: Concern Kalina, "DEOcontrol".
  • The remedy for the smell of the feet are internal use. They are appointed only by specialists in beauty salons, in medical clinics.
  • Recommendations for combating unpleasant foot odor:
  • Wash your feet with cold water and soap.
  • Every day it is necessary to dry and change the insoles of shoes, shoes.
  • Wear clean cotton socks.
  • Boric acid is pounded, and every morning sprinkle your feet with this powder, especially on the feet and between the toes.

If you follow these recommendations daily, you will forget about this problem in 2 weeks.

Original remedy for the smell of sweat under the arms

Underarms - a universal means of hygiene, in the form of thin liners. They are invisible, even if the person wears tight-fitting clothing. Gaskets are attached to any fabric and even on the self-adhesive surface. The form is designed to meet the anatomical features of the body. It is ergonomic and most convenient and comfortable.

How to choose an effective remedy for sweat?

Benefits of using axillary pads:

  1. The service life of clothes is extended.
  2. Helps to get rid of white and yellow stains on clothes once and for all.
  3. Eliminates clothes from the smell of sweat.
  4. When using axillary pads, a person feels confident, comfortable, and may not be afraid that others will see an unsightly wet spot as soon as he raises his hand. Axillary pads help maintain the attractiveness of your favorite things for a long time.

In order to control the problem of excessive sweating invented many ways. Each person chooses for himself more convenient, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body and aesthetic needs. If sweating and an unpleasant smell make life very difficult for you and cannot be eliminated by any of the proposed remedies, consult a doctor. Perhaps the reason lies in any health problems.